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Clio Gel Liner & Brows + NBA Finals 2013

4 Jun



As if I didn’t have enough eyeliners already, when I got back from Korea, first makeup I bought was the Clio Gel Liner & Brows. I actually had my eyes on this from the beginning since I both run out of brow powder and gel liner. Gel liners are my favorite by the way.


What I Like:

  • uber nice and slick packaging
  • for the price of Php695, I think it’s worth it since you get a gel liner and a brow powder. Not to mention it also comes with a dual end applicator which is not that bad as well
  • gel liner has good pigmentation
  • no smudging

What I Don’t Like:

  • staying power is not that great. It’s OK but I had better
  • brow powder is not very pigmented

I got this in brown by the way. Since it’s still summer when I bought this and I am still in to this brown liner looks.

rsz_sam_4445  so when you flipped the top, you will see the brow powder and it looks like this. It’s an ashy-dark brown color which is pretty universal. I have black hair and it looks fine. It also has this tiny mirror which is good too. better than nothing 🙂

so when you twist open the whole lid, you will see the gel liner..

rsz_sam_4446as you can see. It’s really brown. If you are looking for that obviously brown eyeliner then this is for you. It also have some shimmers on it. Honestly, while I’m happy on how brown this is, it turned out that this type of brown doesn’t look very good on me. Probably because I already have brown eyes. I don’t know..I’m just not loving how it looks. So what I do is I top this with a dark matte eyeshadow. It does look better like that but I’ll keep on using this until I run out FAST! so I cld go back with using black ones.

rsz_sam_4447so here is the brush. it has an angled end and a round pointy end. The bristles are not of best quality but the length of the brush is perfect…

rsz_sam_4448 1

and here’s the swatch. It looks a lot like the Dark Choco Gelpresso one. I swatched this using the brush that came with it.

So that’s my review. I’m not totally loving this so I won’t repurchase. Sorry if this review is kind of messed up. I am actually posting from the office and I’m really want to do this post before I jump off to another meeting..Arrgh!

And so it has come to San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat for 2013 NBA finals ^^

nba finals

They say Spurs is such a boring team but I’m actually looking forward to this match up. I just remembered the game last November when Heat defeated the Spurs by just 5 pts. Nothing surprising right? Wrong! because Spurs actually played using only their 2nd streamers^^ No Duncan, No Parker, No Ginobili…..NO STARTING LINEUP! Popovich got fined actually  but you get my point right? If Spurs could pull the same thing to this upcoming finals…are we seeing a possible sweep??

btw. I am No bandwagon of either team, ok? I’m just thinking here:P