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April 2012 Favorites

6 May

1. Mentholatum Sunplay Watery Cool

2. Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Trio in Walking on Eggshell

This summer I’ve been experimenting (finally) on colorful eyeshadows. I’ve been loving this e/s because I find the pink very subtle for newbies like me plus it comes with beautiful 2 neutral colors which are my comfort zone. I recommend this trio for makeup beginners. I own 3 of these trios now. I will do separate review on them ^_^

3. My Beauty Diary Mask in Black Pearl

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask

Another mask?!? ^_^ I have this one for a while now and I just love it more this season since it’s freaking hot and this mask is mint-y. Of course, tea tree is always good for troubled skin…

5. Vaseline Lip Therapy

I looove this lip balm. It’s cheap, non sticky and almost available everywhere. That’s not hard to believe, right? I bet your all time favorite petroleum jelly is Vaseline..correct??? πŸ™‚

Favorite Snack:

sorry for the crappy pic 😦

MILK TEA!!!!<3 not just Chatime, Serenetea, Happy Lemon, Gong Cha, Bubble Tea….I’ve practically tried every milk tea in the metro and each I have a fave variant. You should try it if you haven’t ^_^

Favorite Show:



I only saw 1 movie last April (\m/AVENGERS\m/) so it didn’t feel right to do a “Favorite Movie” like I did last month. I started watching Gintama late last year. Didn’t like it the first 3-5?? episodes but after that. I was addicted!! It’s f!@#$% hilarious!! but they just aired their last episode for season 2 late this March and will be gone probably for another year (like they did the 1st season).

Random Favorite:

I am insomiac since forever. I’ve tried every possible remedies out there. Some wld work, some not, some would work for a while, some longer. Right now I’m trying this Badger Sleep Balm and it’s working SO FAR. The scent reminds me of a spa…in Tagaytay or somewhere far so I guess that’s the calming effect that helps me sleep ^_^


I don’t think I have a Jam Of The Month for April. I just got an iPod adaptor for my car so I haven’t been tuning in the radio last month. But I do like Rihanna in this video I just saw yesterday…

She’s gorgeous and I think this video is where she dances the most. She should do this more often, she’s amazing!

Favorite Blogger:

Christine Mielke of http://www.temptalia.com/. Honestly, I don’t even visit her blog on a regular basis however I did mention that I’m experimenting with colors last month. There’s a lot looks from other beauty bloggers that I wanted to try but the makeup they are using are highend so I did refer to her dupe list a lot of times. It’s super helpful, you guys, you should check it out.


And that’s my favotites for April 2012.


Review: MBD Black Pearl Mask

22 Apr

My Beauty Diary – Black Pearl Mask


  • Currently the best fit to my face shape
  • makes skin smooth and bright after usage
  • cute packaging
  • very affordable, you get 10 masks for $9.6

only 4pcs left now ^_^


  • not available locally. Got this one from SASA
  • no English wordings except for the ingredients so i guess that’s not too bad πŸ™‚

Overall I am loving this mask πŸ™‚ I use it once a week. Each mask SOAKS with essence, I use some on my neck:) Actually, it does not differ much from my Beauty Buffet mask. It even have the same plastic thingy that holds the actual mask but because of the packaging and the better fit on my face..I got to say that I like this better. I will repurchase this ^_^

what individual packs look like

with this, I’ve concluded the review of all the stuff from my SASA haul (https://beautyanon.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/haul-my-first-ever-sasa-com-haul/), hehe ^_^

– Rhen

Haul: My First Ever SASA.com Haul!!!!!!!

3 Feb

ok for those who don’t know SASA is an HK based online shop (they also have boutiques in HK) that sells beauty products.

so last December they had this Christmas special treat….

And that, my friend, is my queue to checkout…

here's a look at my shopping cart ^_^

Β and finally…it arrived!!!!……………ok I picked it up actually..

unboxing :P…..


Here’s a breakdown of what I got..

My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask ($12.7)

…from their Natural Key Line..10 sheet mask inside… I told in my Review: Beauty Buffet FacialΒ Masks that I was going to get this, didn’t I πŸ˜›

Essential Rich Premier: Ultra Honey Hair Mask (200g) ($9.6)

this was always out of stock!

Kiss Me HEROINE MAKE Mascara Remover (6ml) ($106)

you’ll see in the next items why I bought this πŸ˜›

K-PALETTE Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof (9g) ($14.1)

I’ll finally see for myself what the rave is all about, hehe πŸ˜›

FAIRY DROPS Volume Burst Mascara Waterproof (black) ($12.6)

ok so the rave with this is like around 2010..but, hey, better late than never, right? πŸ˜€

That’s all πŸ™‚ I’ll definite do a review of each product.

so how was my first shopping at SASA ??


  • Very VAST range of items to choose from. Finally I was able to have the items I’ve been longing for such a long time .
  • Very reasonable price unlike other online shops…(yes, I’m talking to you YESSTYLE.com)
  • I got my orders dispatched the next day ^_^
  • have Paypal
  • have lot’s of promo


  • takes a while to restock items

Overall shopping experience. EXCELLENT! I’ll definitely come back for more HAHA!!!

so why did it take a month before I got my items?? — that would be answered on my next post! MAKE SURE YOU STAND BY FOR THAT ONE….REALLY..