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Muji Acrylic Drawer dupe?!?!?

4 Mar

I watch a lot of “makeup collections”, “makeup organization” videos on youtube. I like seeing how girls organize their makeups and I got to admit, those type of videos made me get into these whole “makeup trying” thing. I have a small “collection” (err..I don’t know if mine qualify as “collection” since I don’t really “collect”) and organizing them AND seeing them organized has been one of my favorite stress reliever. If you are a guy or just someone NOT vain DON’T even try to understand…just leave me be, key???

One thing I see a lot in these videos are the MUJI drawers such as this:

Those girls who have this would always talk how they have SAVED so much because it’s a dupe of another acrylic drawers that was popularized by the infamous Kardashian sisters (which I’m NOT and will never be a fan of in anyways..no offense meant if you are).

But here in the Phils this MUJI drawers cost around Php1200 and that is still too much for makeup storage…at least for cheap people like me HAHA!.

But this weekend I found THIS!

This my friend cost me………..NOTHING as in 0.What is it??




wait for it….





2 empty Ferrero container stacked together hehe ^_^ OK so you may not really spend “0” since a box of this would cost around Php1000 but HEY, you like get, what..48pcs of yummy chocolates plus both of these were gifted to me so I really did spend 0 on this.

Since this container is not meant to be stacked on each other they kinda get detached easily so arranging the items in the bottom container can be a challenge. For me, I just put stuff that I don’t reach for all the time like samples, backups and travel stuff.

Not as pretty as the MUJI one, pero puede di ba??? ~.^

Hope you liked it,