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Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Make-up Eraser

28 Apr

Last Thursday my brain had hit it’s all time low. I was retouching makeup when I noticed there’s a piece of used tissue in my makeup bag. Then it hit me! After I used my Lioele makeup remover pen I actually threw it in the garbage and kept the tissue instead! MAJOR WTF BRAIN?! MOMENT! too bad I was not even able to do a review on it 😦 so now my Tony Moly made it’s pre-mature debut! hehe 😛


Still part of my Korean Mega Haul. Honestly I just bought it cause I think it’s really funny! Panda’s Dream is to remove his dark circles haha! Plus who doesn’t love pandas? right??? 🙂

Its kind of like lip balm and you get this much product for 7000krw.


I actually shot some ‘demo’ pic of this. It did ok when I did it on the swatch on the back of my hand. However it’s not really working in actual mascara smears so I just decided to not put those pictures up. So yeah in the end, I am not really liking this product but I’ll keep using it though since I bought it plus you can really make this work by really rubbing it in. Which is kind of tough since the tip is rounded.


The packaging is really excessive too. But that’s ok since it’s really really cute ^^

That’s it, my head is really all over place now, had a veeerrry long day….I really should go to bed. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend =^.^=


Battle: BB Creams (Missha x Skin79 x Liole)

17 Mar

Here’s the 2nd episode of my “Battle” post. If you’re like “WTF?”, you may want to check my first one here.  Today, I decided to do 3 of the most popular BB Cream brands today. They are:

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm and

Liole Beyond the Solution

1 = highest

**OK, I am sorry for having my own MSOffice. Did this “chart” in Google Docs which I cannot copy paste here so I just used snipping tool T_T

So which one’s my fave?? I would very much like to answer the MISSHA one since it’s my very first BB Cream and probably one of my first makeups — Getting emotional over makeups, eh??? watta loser 😛 — But I got to give it to SKIN79 (*imaginary applause from the SKIN79 manafacturers, staff, owners — another loser moment for me, noh? :P) although the coverage is not that much, infact it’s quite sheer actually. The lightness is perfect for everyday use. I use concealer anyway so it’s fine. LIOLE has the best coverage but the shade is, again, too light for me so I have to use very very little of it, hence it’s coverage is not that utilized for me but the big turn off is that IT HAS NO SPF! Now I have to include sunscreen in my morning routine (yes, I didn’t before.i did mention in one of my blogs that I rarely get in to the sun). MISSHA has the best sun protection..a whopping SPF42 PA+++, but that one oxidizes so bad I end up always muddy after like 4hrs. I love it’s smell though:) smells like baby powder but I know most girls prefer scentless products so that would be another win for SKIN79. I did a more detailed review of SKIN79 here. Let me know if you want me to review MISSHA and LIOLE. Meanwhile, heres some swatches.

Missha - Skin79 - Lioele

Missha - Skin79 - Lioele

oh, btw. If you look out the Skin79(middle) It’s kinda rouined now. It suddenly became very oily I don’t know why. That’s also the reason I am using Liole now. Would you know why it’s like that??

killer headache @.@


What’s in my Makeup Bag

26 Feb

I tend to switch up items from my makeup bag  regularly. Am not the type to stock up lipgloss upon lipgloss.Basically, I just bring whatever it is I’m wearing that day. And here’s what I have for today..

still got space in there...

First of my makeup bag…

I got this from the SM Department store almost 2yrs now for just Php100+. The character’s name is Kuromi, the antagonist from Sanrio’s My Melody. I just love that it’s black and the colorful skulls plus it looks like she’s giving the finger HAHA! I think it’s really cool and cute. I love love my makeup bag ❤ ❤

Now let’s see what’s inside..


And now for my “touch up routine” which I do after lunch or before dinner..

1. Kleenex – Blotting  sheets which is THE best blotting sheet ever.

2. EOS lipbalm in Summer Fruit

3. Marinaud Retractable Brush – which I highly recommend every makeup bag should have. It’s more hygenic than sponges or the regular brush that don’t have covers that lies in your makeup bag for hours collecting bacteria 😛

4. Skin 79 BB pact – which I did a review here.

5. Maybelline Mineral Blush in Rose

6. Elf bronzer

7. Elf Shimmer Facial whip in Lilac Petal

8. Careline Lipgloss in 01

9. Lioele Metome Eraser Pen – usually for eyeliner smears.

That’s it. Please respond with what’s inside your makeup bag. I’d like to see them ^_^


Haul: Various Asian Products

23 Feb

just a quick post before I go to bed…

Here’s my collective haul from The Face Shop, TonyMoly and Ebay.

From The Face Shop

1. Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser (Php795)

2. Acne Solution Concealer (Php395)

then I got various freebies because my purchase went over Php1000

From TonyMoly

I just got 1..the Floria Youth Energy Sleeping Pack which was on sale so I got this for Php500+ from previous price of Php800. Then I got this trial pack of their Honey-Bee BB Cream

Then lastly from Ebay

I’m excited to review them all..I hope you standby for that ^_^