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Clio Gelpresso Mini

2 Jun

I was shopping for eyeliners at Clio counters in SM and as if I haven’t burning so much cash already, the SA was swatching me these retractable pencil liners called Gelpresso. I was super impressed with the quality and all. Although I am a true Neutral Girl, I trully find the electric purples and blues fascinating. I was asking if they have a set since I really can’t decide which colors to get but the SA told me they do not. So I just let it pass since the damned thing costs Php400+ anyways.

Fast forward a couple of weeks I am in Myeongdong Seoul one chilly night. Shopping my heart out. I glanced upon my newly discovered brand, Clio of course I checked it out right away ^^

I was actually looking for face products or some goodies on sale. Guess what? they don’t have either. I was about to leave the shop and right there on what looks like piles of randomness, this baby appears 🙂


It is a Clio Gelpresso Mini set @.@. Exactly what I was looking for and better cause it’s “mini”s. Let’s face it… I wouldn’t bother getting full size because I rarely use up my COLORED pencils.



So it comes in a tin can packaging and I got me, 5 lovely shades:

  • No.1 Beige Shine
  • No.2 Golden Khaki
  • No.3 Star Purple
  • No.4 Dark Choco
  • No.5 Golden Black

It didn’t have a blue one, but that’s OK 🙂 I’m still happy


You get this much product


What I Like:

  • doesn’t smudge
  • lovely colors and pigmentation
  • cute packaging
  • waterproof

What I Don’t Like:

  • not available locally
  • very expensive on it’s own
  • tough to remove. Just use an oil based makeup remover



Overall I am loving these pencils.  Got them for 16000 Krw which is not bad considering you get 5 pencils. My favorite is the beige one. Love lining my waterline with it.

swatches in order

swatches in order

Oh and it does remind me a lot of this cute Colored Pencils I got from Daiso loong time ago…