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Etude House AC Clinic

16 Feb

Hi Everyone!

I’m doing a review of my current Anti Acne kit from Etude House. Actually I’m finished with the toner and about to run out of cleanser. So before I change to a new kit I made sure I do this post first 🙂


The AC Clinic line actually has a lot of products. So I just copied my previous kits and got the Cleanser – Toner – Moisturizer Combo.

Cream Cleanser

Cream Cleanser

Nice lather and really cleanses face


Toner Php548 (150ml)

Gentle on face. Runs out way earlier than the other 2 products


Moisturizer Php548 (150ml)

It is a gel lotion so the formula is really lite and runny unlike moisturizer in cream form which are usually heavy. This baby is taking me a while to finish. It’s like when I hit 1/8 product left it became a flask of never ending oil just like the widow in the Bible only I have gel lotion instead of oil. Oh how happy would I be if similar thing happens with my debit card HAH!

What I Like:

  • Gentle on skin. No harsh skin reaction even the first time I used them
  • Nice packaging. Toner & Moisturizer are in glass bottle. Glass bottle is always neat, right =^.^=
  • Price is pretty decent
  • Like I said, the line has lots of products. Different cleansers from cream to foam, moisturizers from cream to lotions. and then there’s serum, emulsion etc. Really, there is a product for everyone’s skin needs.

What I don’t Like:

  • I still got breakouts once in a while. BUT it wasn’t as harsh as without using any product so I guess that could still be considered a “pro”
  • The product is generally minty…smell and feel, but not too drastic. So this can only be a con if you hate mints.

Will I get it again? – Yes, but the other products. I may try the foam cleanser and the serum next.

I also recently got the Pink Powder


I got this because I think it can be a dupe for Mario Budesco which I’ve been wanting try. It does dry up pimple faster but I don’t know if it will be on par with the MB’s overnight cure that everyone’s been raving about. It is 50% or 40% cheaper though. Not to mention you get a smaller bottle for travel (as if the actual bottle isn’t small enough) and some q-tips so I’m still really glad I got this. I’ll do a separate review on this.



Do you like kits like this? or prefer to use different products from different brands?

– rhen

**My past  Anti-Acne kits



I’m Back!!! with my 2012 Faves

29 Jan

I’m finally back from hiatus!! woohoo!! We’re almost down a month with 2013 and everybody did this post already but watdaheck….

Fave Face Makeup


Revlon PhotoReady powder foundation

smooth and flawless and PORE-LESS cover. LOLs ^^

Fave Eye Makeup

image_2Clear Glitter Liner

No doubt ‘teary eye look’ was my 2012 signature look. Wore it everyday. The one in the picture is from Etude House but I used different brands over last year. This one is just what’s with me right now.

Fave Lip Makeup

image_3Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruti, Peach Parfait and Candy Apple

RLB should have the award for ‘Most Raved Lip Product’ of 2012 in the makeupsphere 🙂 These 3 colors was definitely my ‘go to’ lippies last year and upto now. Tutti Fruttti when I want something fun and is my Summer Lipstick. Candy Apple when I’m wearing glasses and also very handy since bold lip colors are in now. Peach Parfait is my natural everyday lip color.

Fave Makeup Tool

image_4Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Before this I didn’t careless what eyelash curler I’m using. This totally made me believe that not every curler is the same, lols. This is the most comfortable I’ve used. Like my eye shape was modeled when they designed this, haha!

Fave Face Care


The Body Shop Seaweed Toner and Cream

I’ve raved so much about this last year which you cld read here

Fave Scent

image_1 (1)

Clinique Happy

Truly a scent of happiness ❤ It smells so fresh you can actually wear it everyday ^^

That’s it. Hope 2013 has been kind to everyone so far ^^. Next post will be products I hate 2012.

– Rhen

How I Remove My Make Up

28 Apr

1. I start by removing my eye makeup first since it’s the toughest and kinda smudges all over. I use a Q-tip and any oil based eye makeup remover. I’m applying it the same way I put on my eye makeup (eye liner and mascara). Oil based makeup remover is most effective for removing waterproof eye makeup. Right now, I am using Etude House One Shot Clean (not really) Mascara Remover.

2. This is optional, if I happen to wear heavy eyeshadow that day I will use the same makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe my lids clean

about this much should do for both eyes

3. Now on the face. I start by blotting not just to remove oil in my face but also the left over oil from the eye makeup remover. I usually use the cheapest blotting sheet in the drugstore. I am using this brand called Fitness

4. And finally I apply  the classic Pond’s Cold Cream all over my face with clean hands then wipe away using a makeup removing sheet. Right now, I’m using Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissues. I looove Purederm makeup  cleansing sheets.

How do you remove your makeup??