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Battle: Lip Balms EOS x Carmex x Burt’s Bees

10 Jun


ALOHA! haven’t done this in while..and I missed it! sorry it may seem such a boring item to compare to but lip balms are just my favorite! and I don’t think I need to stress why cause everybody uses these…even the non-beauty junkies who just want a smooth non-chapped lips. I have a lot of lip balms but I picked these 3 first because I think they are the most popular globally, agree?? so without further a do here’s my super lame table…

EOS Carmex Burt’s Bees
conditioning 1 3 2
scent 1 3 2
taste 1 3 2
price Php250 Php 50 Php300
availability 3 1 2
greasy-ness 2 3 1
staying power 3 1 2
variants 2 1 3


Conditioning: I give this to EOS. I like that it’s really moisturizing and it’s not just a “moisture” that just sits on top of your lips to temporarily cover the dryness. It’s a tough call actually between EOS and Burt’s Bees on most categories.

Scent: specially this Summer Fruit one..smells tutti fruity BUT I know others prefer unscented ones so you might prefer the other 2 but me…I like the fruity scent ^^

Taste: so the smell actually goes with the smell. It’s really sweet. My hubby tasted it when he kissed me one time while I have this on (..-.-..) –*blush probably too much info– and I did (slightly) mentioned this in one of my post.

Price: Ok, these are estimates because I had these for a while. The EOS one is more accurate though because I just purchased a new one (Yay!)

Availability: Definitely Carmex! I’m sure you can find this at ANY lip balm rack in ANY drugstore here in the Philippines. Burt’s Bees you can find at Beauty Bar but I got mine on Ebay.

Greasy-ness: Carmex 😦 it’s like just a little more solid than petroleum jelly. On lips it feels almost the same. Burt’s Bees absolutely dominated (possitively) in this category. You really don’t feel anything and yet you feel your lips moisturized. And that’s the reason why Burt’s Bees is my favorite out of the 3 eventhough from the chart it looks like EOS had one most categories.

Staying Power: EOS just know I applied it around 11pm and it is almost 3am now and I can still feel it on my lips

Variants: I tried googling the exact number but I’m in the office and the access is pretty limited. Plus, eventhough you can find these here I’m pretty sure they do not sell ALL the variants but I’m sure that’s the ranking. I know Burt’s Bees even have tinted ones plus there was a Burt’s Bees boutique in Korea and I saw there’s A LOT of different Burt’s Bees variants and products there.

My personal pick is still Burt’s Bees and I did give that away already in the “Greasy-ness” category. Not to mention it is pretty handy than EOS ones and it has this slight minty-ness on it. Carmex in minty too but it can be too much for some (not me, I love minty lip products ^^) but the Burt’s Bees one is just right.

That’s it! hope this helps you in choosing your next lip balm! In the US, EOS seems to be more popular and I knew that because I saw a couple of celebrity pics using this….here are some..

this guy from Gossip Girl

this guy from Gossip Girl

and of course…

Mrs. Kanye West lol...

Mrs. Kanye West lol…


What’s in my Makeup Bag

26 Feb

I tend to switch up items from my makeup bag  regularly. Am not the type to stock up lipgloss upon lipgloss.Basically, I just bring whatever it is I’m wearing that day. And here’s what I have for today..

still got space in there...

First of my makeup bag…

I got this from the SM Department store almost 2yrs now for just Php100+. The character’s name is Kuromi, the antagonist from Sanrio’s My Melody. I just love that it’s black and the colorful skulls plus it looks like she’s giving the finger HAHA! I think it’s really cool and cute. I love love my makeup bag ❤ ❤

Now let’s see what’s inside..


And now for my “touch up routine” which I do after lunch or before dinner..

1. Kleenex – Blotting  sheets which is THE best blotting sheet ever.

2. EOS lipbalm in Summer Fruit

3. Marinaud Retractable Brush – which I highly recommend every makeup bag should have. It’s more hygenic than sponges or the regular brush that don’t have covers that lies in your makeup bag for hours collecting bacteria 😛

4. Skin 79 BB pact – which I did a review here.

5. Maybelline Mineral Blush in Rose

6. Elf bronzer

7. Elf Shimmer Facial whip in Lilac Petal

8. Careline Lipgloss in 01

9. Lioele Metome Eraser Pen – usually for eyeliner smears.

That’s it. Please respond with what’s inside your makeup bag. I’d like to see them ^_^