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Most Hated Product of 2012

30 Jan

So I took a break from blogging last year but I didn’t stop trying out stuff from highend to drugstore. Generally, I liked all my purchase but some of them sucks….

Most Hated Face Makeup

covergirlCovergirl Pressed Powder

Broke me out. I haven’t been breaking out recently til I tried this TT.TT. From all my hated products last year, this has got to be on top. It’s just that bad 😦

Most Hated Eye Makeup

image_3 (1)Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon

I love the black one and is crazy popular with makeup enthusiasts so when looking for a new brown pencil I decided to try this one. It showed up well when I swatched it in the back of my hands but for some reason you can’t just see it when actually applied on eyes 😦

Most Hated Face Care

image_1 (2)L’Oreal White Perfect eye brightener

The product itself is OK but the vibrator — yes, I said it but what else am I supposed to call that vibrating thing– broke after using it twice or thrice. I did return it to the L’Oreal counter to be repaired which they did but it broke again after using it a couple of times. So now I just don’t bother myself and use the product like normal creams without that vibrating end — there, sounds better?? 😛

Most Hated Scent

image_5 (1)Bath and Body Works body splash in Moonlight Path

Too powdery smelling for my liking. Kinda smell sour overtime. I included this on the list because I love how the lotion version smells so it’s kinda disappointing how this one does.

Yay! only 4. So I don’t have one for Tools and Lip Product. Sure I have stuff that I’m not mad inlove with but not that bad to be my “Most Hated Product” and I don’t want to include them just for the sake of completing the list.


April 2012 Empties

11 May

1. Purederm and SkinLite Eyemasks

Love Purederm, Skinlite….well….not too much. I knew it wld somehow be similar as my Purederm Gingko one.

2. Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion

Didn’t work for my uber dry skin (shouldn’t gotten Jergens which usually works for me). I did like the smell. It kinda makes me think it’s a “happy smell” but my sister says it smells SOUR so I guess it’s not a really good scent generally 😛

3. Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

4. Pure Beauty Pomegranate Eye Serum

5. Watson’s Grape Bella Showe Gel and Scrub

6.  Victoria’s Secret Body Splash in Amber Romance

I don’t usually finish up body splashes because I collect them but this is so good I used up to the last drop…or spray.

That’s a little more than last month I hope I can keep this up ^_^


Lippies for Glasses O-O

15 Nov

Do you wear glasses?? not those big nerdy ones that has become a fad for “jejes”…but the simple dark framed ones like this….

L-3.75/R-3.50 O-O

NERDY I know…but  you could transform this look from nerdy to sexy…HOW?? by wearing the right lip color ^_^

Here are some color suggestion you might like..

raspberry, rouge, red

1. Rouge Color

For work, I like Clinique’s 214 in Rouge Flamboyant which is a coppery brown color. This color makes you look really confident 🙂

2. Raspberry Color

Here I have Covergirl in 924 which is a raspberry with silver shimmers. I think this gives you a flirty and playful look but not too much. I think it’s perfect for school

3. Deep Red

For more dramatic and sexy look. Deep reds are perfect. Here I have Wet n Wild in 514A which also has a plum-y undertones to it.

Here are the swatches..

raspberry, rouge, red

ok…this pic is kinda fail because the raspberry looks like baby pink and the red looks like hot pink..nevertheless, here’s some celebrities to prove my point:P

emmy rossum, scarlett johansson, zoe saldana

hope you like this post,


Battle: Mascara

26 Oct

Another thing I’ll be doing a lot in this blog are the “Battles” ^_^ This is where you see popular (or not) products battle it out to see which one is better than the other 😀 I think its good to give you an overall view comparison of stuff instead of reviewing them individually. So for  our first battle we are doing Mascaras…

Covergirl LashBlast, Maybelline Volume Express and L’Oreal Telescopic Clean. All in color black and under Php500..Cause we don’t need spending much on mascaras since we are supposed to change every 3 months.

LashBlast, Volum Express, Telescopic Clean

* 1 is the highest

LashBlast Volum Express Telescopic Clean
non-clumping 1 3 2
holds curl 3 1 2
smudge proof 2 1 3
waterproof no yes no
blackest 3 2 1
scent 3 1 2
lengthening 3 1 2
volumizing 3 2 1

Last Note:
LashBlast – non-clumping and non dramatic perfect for everyday use
Volum Express – REALLY lengthening. I love the comb like applicator <3…I wish they would make more mascara wands like this
Telescopic clean – the short bristles and thin wand makes it perfect for lower lashes.

I hope this helps you choosing your next mascara. If you have more questions feel free to comment below ^_^