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22 Jun

Counterfeit Urban Decay Primer Potion…it’s everywhere!! Got mine at some random bazaar. I got curious since I have the original one so I thought it’s going to be a great  post to write a comparison of some sort. so read on if you want to know what I think about this faker ^^



This is in EDEN. They only have this plus I heard this is the closest one to the original…compared to SIN that is.


unfortunately, I haven’t owned one in this packaging. I only have the original one which as far as I know has no counterfeit version yet. So packaging wise I can not give an accurate comparison. So I just took another picture (back) so comment below for “irregularities” in this type of packaging..


all I can say is that the inscriptions are spot on…word for word..complete with trademarks and all. So now we go to the actual product…


 I did not find any difference. Performance, formulation it didn’t irritate me in any way. Honestly, I was happy and was even convinced that this would actually work and that I would definitely repurchase in short, I was satisfied. Well at least for the first 2 months cause after that it just changed formulation for i-dont-know-what-reason! It became runny and liquid-y all of a sudden (which you can actually notice in the pic above). I didn’t left it out in a hot place. It was just where it has always been. well not anymore because I have long tossed it in the garbage.

So there, unfortunately this ended up not so informative afterall because I really can’t offer any useful tips spotting a fake one. You can tell the difference a couple of months after using it. I got this around Php300  so rather than getting this, I highly advise you get the Etude House one or the ELF one. Those are Php200+ and Php 100+. I also have both and they are awesome I tell you.

Please let me know if you want me to do more of these ^^



World War Z! one word…EXHAUSTING… in a good way 🙂 loads of action and suspense that I actually find the movie too ‘fast phased’ like a lot of stuff needs to be further explained. So right after the movie…on to the nearest bookstore I went and grabbed the book ^^


First time ever I bought the book after seeing the movie cause it’s usually the other way around for me. Or I just don’t buy the book at all because reading is actually a luxury for me. It’s something I love doing but just cannot find time for it. But this looks Ok…not too thick and not too short as well. Plus I just started reading and with the way Max Brooks wrote this, I think I’ll finish this in no time ^^ let me know if you want a book review.

I wouldn’t dwell so much on the movie since it’s pretty late and I really should be hitting the bed. Just go see WWZ if you haven’t ^^