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Clio Gel Liner & Brows + NBA Finals 2013

4 Jun



As if I didn’t have enough eyeliners already, when I got back from Korea, first makeup I bought was the Clio Gel Liner & Brows. I actually had my eyes on this from the beginning since I both run out of brow powder and gel liner. Gel liners are my favorite by the way.


What I Like:

  • uber nice and slick packaging
  • for the price of Php695, I think it’s worth it since you get a gel liner and a brow powder. Not to mention it also comes with a dual end applicator which is not that bad as well
  • gel liner has good pigmentation
  • no smudging

What I Don’t Like:

  • staying power is not that great. It’s OK but I had better
  • brow powder is not very pigmented

I got this in brown by the way. Since it’s still summer when I bought this and I am still in to this brown liner looks.

rsz_sam_4445  so when you flipped the top, you will see the brow powder and it looks like this. It’s an ashy-dark brown color which is pretty universal. I have black hair and it looks fine. It also has this tiny mirror which is good too. better than nothing 🙂

so when you twist open the whole lid, you will see the gel liner..

rsz_sam_4446as you can see. It’s really brown. If you are looking for that obviously brown eyeliner then this is for you. It also have some shimmers on it. Honestly, while I’m happy on how brown this is, it turned out that this type of brown doesn’t look very good on me. Probably because I already have brown eyes. I don’t know..I’m just not loving how it looks. So what I do is I top this with a dark matte eyeshadow. It does look better like that but I’ll keep on using this until I run out FAST! so I cld go back with using black ones.

rsz_sam_4447so here is the brush. it has an angled end and a round pointy end. The bristles are not of best quality but the length of the brush is perfect…

rsz_sam_4448 1

and here’s the swatch. It looks a lot like the Dark Choco Gelpresso one. I swatched this using the brush that came with it.

So that’s my review. I’m not totally loving this so I won’t repurchase. Sorry if this review is kind of messed up. I am actually posting from the office and I’m really want to do this post before I jump off to another meeting..Arrgh!

And so it has come to San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat for 2013 NBA finals ^^

nba finals

They say Spurs is such a boring team but I’m actually looking forward to this match up. I just remembered the game last November when Heat defeated the Spurs by just 5 pts. Nothing surprising right? Wrong! because Spurs actually played using only their 2nd streamers^^ No Duncan, No Parker, No Ginobili…..NO STARTING LINEUP! Popovich got fined actually  but you get my point right? If Spurs could pull the same thing to this upcoming finals…are we seeing a possible sweep??

btw. I am No bandwagon of either team, ok? I’m just thinking here:P


Clio Gelpresso Mini

2 Jun

I was shopping for eyeliners at Clio counters in SM and as if I haven’t burning so much cash already, the SA was swatching me these retractable pencil liners called Gelpresso. I was super impressed with the quality and all. Although I am a true Neutral Girl, I trully find the electric purples and blues fascinating. I was asking if they have a set since I really can’t decide which colors to get but the SA told me they do not. So I just let it pass since the damned thing costs Php400+ anyways.

Fast forward a couple of weeks I am in Myeongdong Seoul one chilly night. Shopping my heart out. I glanced upon my newly discovered brand, Clio of course I checked it out right away ^^

I was actually looking for face products or some goodies on sale. Guess what? they don’t have either. I was about to leave the shop and right there on what looks like piles of randomness, this baby appears 🙂


It is a Clio Gelpresso Mini set @.@. Exactly what I was looking for and better cause it’s “mini”s. Let’s face it… I wouldn’t bother getting full size because I rarely use up my COLORED pencils.



So it comes in a tin can packaging and I got me, 5 lovely shades:

  • No.1 Beige Shine
  • No.2 Golden Khaki
  • No.3 Star Purple
  • No.4 Dark Choco
  • No.5 Golden Black

It didn’t have a blue one, but that’s OK 🙂 I’m still happy


You get this much product


What I Like:

  • doesn’t smudge
  • lovely colors and pigmentation
  • cute packaging
  • waterproof

What I Don’t Like:

  • not available locally
  • very expensive on it’s own
  • tough to remove. Just use an oil based makeup remover



Overall I am loving these pencils.  Got them for 16000 Krw which is not bad considering you get 5 pencils. My favorite is the beige one. Love lining my waterline with it.

swatches in order

swatches in order

Oh and it does remind me a lot of this cute Colored Pencils I got from Daiso loong time ago…



Clio Hitch Eye-King Mascara

1 Jun

Again Clio coming up with cool names ^^ So aside from eyeliners I decided to get a mascara as well. They had 2 kinds. 1 is lengthening which is in chrome blue color and I got the volumizing one ^^

What I Like:

  • Waterproof
  • No smudging
  • absolutely no clumping
  • it does volumize lashes

What I Don’t Like:

  • Pricey. Php695
  • It has the rubbery smell but it’s not that strong so I guess that’s not too bad
  • It’s not very black. It looks like a dark charcoal gray but it doesn’t really matter when applied
  • like any other waterproof mascara, this is tough to remove



By the time I am posting this, it just hit it’s 3mos shelf life but the formulation is still the same and is good as new ^^ Although it does have a lot of ‘con’ I am enjoying this mascara. I wouldn’t repurchase it though because it is expensive. If you are looking for a good waterproof mascara I suggest you check it out and I’m sure you’ll like this 🙂


Clio Brush Eyeliner in Kill Brown

30 May


From felt tip to brush tip ^^ Actually I have been wearing both alternatively. It’s still summer so I’m still into brown liners. I got this in Kill Brown. And I gotta say, I am loving this “Kill” names, hehe.


This also came with a mini mascara. I brought it with me when I went to Korea last March.


What I Like:

  • makes super thin, precise line
  • for Php695, it’s well worth it since I also get a mascara
  • no irritating smell
  • has nice packaging
  • waterproof

What I don’t Like:

  • staying power is good but not great
  • the mascara didn’t do much for me either. Doesn’t lengthen and volumize.


I don’t own any other brown liquid eyeliners to compare this too so I’m not really sure how it actually does when it comes to pigmentation. I am not super crazy about this but it’s not bad either so overall it’s an OK product. Sorry that’s all I got to say.

Update: Arrgh! how cld I forgot…. I do have a brown liquid liner from Majolica Majorca and they are comparable. Same staying power although I got to say the Clio one is tad bit darker. Let me know if you want me to review the MM Automatic pen Liners. I also have it in black and I know they we’re crazy popular 🙂

– Rhen

Clio Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner in Kill Black

28 May


I love liquid eyeliners. Doesn’t smudge as much as pencil does. And the pen type just makes it much better. It’s more handy and easier to use than the conventional ones where you have to dip the actual applicator. Today I’m doing a short review of Clio’s Felt Tip eyeliner in Kill Black


What I Like:

  • No smudging
  • excellent staying power
  • easy to use
  • no irritating smell
  • waterproof

What I Don’t Like:

  • I don’t think a lot of malls carry Clio. I only see them at SM Makati
  • A little pricey. Php575 
here's what the tip looks like

here’s what the tip looks like

Overall. I am loving this eyeliner. I’ve been using this since late Feb this year and it’s still good as new ^^. I may repurchase. I still have my eyes set on the Dollywink one though hehe ^^



That’s it… short and sweet. Oh! before I end this… I just saw Fast and Furious 6 today! It’s awesome!!! It still has all those unrealistic super car chases but what the hell!!! I love ALL F&F movies! but this one is probably one of my faves…probably because there’s a lot of Michelle Rodriguez & Gina Carano fight scenes!!!! woot woot!! arrgh…fan girl moment!!!!! sorry for the mini spoiler there. Anyways here’s the trailer from Youtube. Enjoy:

Clio Haul..Eyeliner Galore!

27 May

Sorry for the lack of post. Internet’s down and work has been sh*tty as ever. Even now I can barely manage posting something so I’ll just do another quicky haul for you guys. Yes, I know I haven’t even posted anything from my last haul..but I surely will..promise.

This is actually a collective haul. Got some stuff from Korea, some before and some after…



ok exaggeration lvl 999. But seriously I never bought this many eyeliners at the same (almost) time. I was super intrigued the first time I saw these. Probably because of Lee Hyori. While I never know any of her songs, I really really like her. Probably because she sports this very sexy “olive” skin. Haven’t seen her in person but if her color in the pictures are true to what she really have (which probably not — they always look much fairer in person) then I could say we have the same skintone…Mine not much on the sexy factor though, lol ^^ Let’s just say I somehow relate to her because generally in Asia, the fairer is always the better. As a matter of fact, she’s the only K-Pop star who has medium complexion. Plus I never saw her in the cutesie Asian girl bandwagon. She’s always fierce and edgy just like Clio makeup. Very much in contrast to most Korean makeup with cutie princessy packaging…just like it’s sister company Peripera. I think they really specializes on eyeliners because even the shop I visited in Myeongdong, I barely saw anything that is not eyelining but I saw in the net that they do carry face products. Here in the Philippines. It’s all eyeliner (plus some mascara and a BB cream)

So I got myself:

  • Liquid Liner (brush type) – from SM
  • Liquid Liner (felt tip type) – from SM
  • Mascara – from SM
  • Pencil Eyeliner set – from Myeongdong South Korea
  • Gel eyeliner – from SM

Again all will be reviewed individually..I promise

By the way in Korea I saw the model for Clio is transitioning from Hyori to Sandara. So she kind of graduated from Etude House which is just right because that little she-devil is getting edgier edgier. With the shaved side hairs and all, props to her for pulling that off.

– Rhen