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Banilla Co. Eyedol Mascara in Lucy

4 Jun


At first I thought “what an odd name…why not “Eyedoll” then just now it sinked…Eyedol as in Idol..heh, pretty clever. Anyways I did say on my post here that I just recently used up my then mascara. so now I am using this for roughly a week. When I was at the Banilla Co. store I was actually looking at the volumizing one but the SA suggested I get this lengthening one so I did ^^


i just love this kind of pop art…


What I Like:

  • doesn’t clump
  • very nice packaging
  • no distinguishable scent
  • does lengthen lashes a BIT…nothing dramatic
  • the applicator is great for lower lash as well

What I Don’t Like

  • smudges a little
  • really poor job in holding curls
  • not available locally
  • a bit pricey, 12000 krw. I know this was on sale I just can’t remember if that’s the orig or sale price…i do hope its the former ^^


overall I’m not crazy about this mascara. I really hate that it does a poor job holding my curls. Like after a couple of hours I could feel my outer end lashes sticking to my lower lashes…really irritating. I will not repurchase this.