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22 Jun

Counterfeit Urban Decay Primer Potion…it’s everywhere!! Got mine at some random bazaar. I got curious since I have the original one so I thought it’s going to be a great  post to write a comparison of some sort. so read on if you want to know what I think about this faker ^^



This is in EDEN. They only have this plus I heard this is the closest one to the original…compared to SIN that is.


unfortunately, I haven’t owned one in this packaging. I only have the original one which as far as I know has no counterfeit version yet. So packaging wise I can not give an accurate comparison. So I just took another picture (back) so comment below for “irregularities” in this type of packaging..


all I can say is that the inscriptions are spot on…word for word..complete with trademarks and all. So now we go to the actual product…


 I did not find any difference. Performance, formulation it didn’t irritate me in any way. Honestly, I was happy and was even convinced that this would actually work and that I would definitely repurchase in short, I was satisfied. Well at least for the first 2 months cause after that it just changed formulation for i-dont-know-what-reason! It became runny and liquid-y all of a sudden (which you can actually notice in the pic above). I didn’t left it out in a hot place. It was just where it has always been. well not anymore because I have long tossed it in the garbage.

So there, unfortunately this ended up not so informative afterall because I really can’t offer any useful tips spotting a fake one. You can tell the difference a couple of months after using it. I got this around Php300  so rather than getting this, I highly advise you get the Etude House one or the ELF one. Those are Php200+ and Php 100+. I also have both and they are awesome I tell you.

Please let me know if you want me to do more of these ^^



World War Z! one word…EXHAUSTING… in a good way 🙂 loads of action and suspense that I actually find the movie too ‘fast phased’ like a lot of stuff needs to be further explained. So right after the movie…on to the nearest bookstore I went and grabbed the book ^^


First time ever I bought the book after seeing the movie cause it’s usually the other way around for me. Or I just don’t buy the book at all because reading is actually a luxury for me. It’s something I love doing but just cannot find time for it. But this looks Ok…not too thick and not too short as well. Plus I just started reading and with the way Max Brooks wrote this, I think I’ll finish this in no time ^^ let me know if you want a book review.

I wouldn’t dwell so much on the movie since it’s pretty late and I really should be hitting the bed. Just go see WWZ if you haven’t ^^


Battle: Lip Balms EOS x Carmex x Burt’s Bees

10 Jun


ALOHA! haven’t done this in while..and I missed it! sorry it may seem such a boring item to compare to but lip balms are just my favorite! and I don’t think I need to stress why cause everybody uses these…even the non-beauty junkies who just want a smooth non-chapped lips. I have a lot of lip balms but I picked these 3 first because I think they are the most popular globally, agree?? so without further a do here’s my super lame table…

EOS Carmex Burt’s Bees
conditioning 1 3 2
scent 1 3 2
taste 1 3 2
price Php250 Php 50 Php300
availability 3 1 2
greasy-ness 2 3 1
staying power 3 1 2
variants 2 1 3


Conditioning: I give this to EOS. I like that it’s really moisturizing and it’s not just a “moisture” that just sits on top of your lips to temporarily cover the dryness. It’s a tough call actually between EOS and Burt’s Bees on most categories.

Scent: specially this Summer Fruit one..smells tutti fruity BUT I know others prefer unscented ones so you might prefer the other 2 but me…I like the fruity scent ^^

Taste: so the smell actually goes with the smell. It’s really sweet. My hubby tasted it when he kissed me one time while I have this on (..-.-..) –*blush probably too much info– and I did (slightly) mentioned this in one of my post.

Price: Ok, these are estimates because I had these for a while. The EOS one is more accurate though because I just purchased a new one (Yay!)

Availability: Definitely Carmex! I’m sure you can find this at ANY lip balm rack in ANY drugstore here in the Philippines. Burt’s Bees you can find at Beauty Bar but I got mine on Ebay.

Greasy-ness: Carmex 😦 it’s like just a little more solid than petroleum jelly. On lips it feels almost the same. Burt’s Bees absolutely dominated (possitively) in this category. You really don’t feel anything and yet you feel your lips moisturized. And that’s the reason why Burt’s Bees is my favorite out of the 3 eventhough from the chart it looks like EOS had one most categories.

Staying Power: EOS just know I applied it around 11pm and it is almost 3am now and I can still feel it on my lips

Variants: I tried googling the exact number but I’m in the office and the access is pretty limited. Plus, eventhough you can find these here I’m pretty sure they do not sell ALL the variants but I’m sure that’s the ranking. I know Burt’s Bees even have tinted ones plus there was a Burt’s Bees boutique in Korea and I saw there’s A LOT of different Burt’s Bees variants and products there.

My personal pick is still Burt’s Bees and I did give that away already in the “Greasy-ness” category. Not to mention it is pretty handy than EOS ones and it has this slight minty-ness on it. Carmex in minty too but it can be too much for some (not me, I love minty lip products ^^) but the Burt’s Bees one is just right.

That’s it! hope this helps you in choosing your next lip balm! In the US, EOS seems to be more popular and I knew that because I saw a couple of celebrity pics using this….here are some..

this guy from Gossip Girl

this guy from Gossip Girl

and of course…

Mrs. Kanye West lol...

Mrs. Kanye West lol…


Clio Gel Liner & Brows + NBA Finals 2013

4 Jun



As if I didn’t have enough eyeliners already, when I got back from Korea, first makeup I bought was the Clio Gel Liner & Brows. I actually had my eyes on this from the beginning since I both run out of brow powder and gel liner. Gel liners are my favorite by the way.


What I Like:

  • uber nice and slick packaging
  • for the price of Php695, I think it’s worth it since you get a gel liner and a brow powder. Not to mention it also comes with a dual end applicator which is not that bad as well
  • gel liner has good pigmentation
  • no smudging

What I Don’t Like:

  • staying power is not that great. It’s OK but I had better
  • brow powder is not very pigmented

I got this in brown by the way. Since it’s still summer when I bought this and I am still in to this brown liner looks.

rsz_sam_4445  so when you flipped the top, you will see the brow powder and it looks like this. It’s an ashy-dark brown color which is pretty universal. I have black hair and it looks fine. It also has this tiny mirror which is good too. better than nothing 🙂

so when you twist open the whole lid, you will see the gel liner..

rsz_sam_4446as you can see. It’s really brown. If you are looking for that obviously brown eyeliner then this is for you. It also have some shimmers on it. Honestly, while I’m happy on how brown this is, it turned out that this type of brown doesn’t look very good on me. Probably because I already have brown eyes. I don’t know..I’m just not loving how it looks. So what I do is I top this with a dark matte eyeshadow. It does look better like that but I’ll keep on using this until I run out FAST! so I cld go back with using black ones.

rsz_sam_4447so here is the brush. it has an angled end and a round pointy end. The bristles are not of best quality but the length of the brush is perfect…

rsz_sam_4448 1

and here’s the swatch. It looks a lot like the Dark Choco Gelpresso one. I swatched this using the brush that came with it.

So that’s my review. I’m not totally loving this so I won’t repurchase. Sorry if this review is kind of messed up. I am actually posting from the office and I’m really want to do this post before I jump off to another meeting..Arrgh!

And so it has come to San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat for 2013 NBA finals ^^

nba finals

They say Spurs is such a boring team but I’m actually looking forward to this match up. I just remembered the game last November when Heat defeated the Spurs by just 5 pts. Nothing surprising right? Wrong! because Spurs actually played using only their 2nd streamers^^ No Duncan, No Parker, No Ginobili…..NO STARTING LINEUP! Popovich got fined actually  but you get my point right? If Spurs could pull the same thing to this upcoming finals…are we seeing a possible sweep??

btw. I am No bandwagon of either team, ok? I’m just thinking here:P


What’s In My Makeup Bag 2013

29 Apr

I did one last year so it’s just about time I make an updated one. But first let me tell you about this lovely makeup bag…. It is from Baviphat which I got from my trip to Seoul so yes, this is still part of the Korean Mega Haul (Arrrgh I just want to get this done already!!!!)


I bring a backpack to work. It is a laptop bag so it’s not actually spacious. A flat makeup bag like this is really ideal.

so here’s what’s inside..



Nothing has changed from my touch-up routine from last year. I just have different products this time, obviously. So I’ll just go thru them very quickly. For my touchup routine please check my previous ‘What’s In My Makeup Bag’ post here.

Face Stuff:


  • Nature Republic Blotting Sheets which I got for free when I bought my CC Cream
  • The Balm Pressed Powder in Sexy Mama
  • The Balm blush in Hot Mama
  • The Balm bronzer in Bahama Mama

**can you tell I have been The Balm crazy for months now! Luvs them <3**

Lip Stuff:


  • Burt’s Bees lip balm
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait
  • L’Occitane lip gloss

Miscellaneous Stuff:


That’s it! It’s not as fun as other makeup bags but this is really all I need ^^. I bring a full size body splash with me so there is no perfume whatsoever in my bag.

so what’s in your makeup bag today?? =^.^=



Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Make-up Eraser

28 Apr

Last Thursday my brain had hit it’s all time low. I was retouching makeup when I noticed there’s a piece of used tissue in my makeup bag. Then it hit me! After I used my Lioele makeup remover pen I actually threw it in the garbage and kept the tissue instead! MAJOR WTF BRAIN?! MOMENT! too bad I was not even able to do a review on it 😦 so now my Tony Moly made it’s pre-mature debut! hehe 😛


Still part of my Korean Mega Haul. Honestly I just bought it cause I think it’s really funny! Panda’s Dream is to remove his dark circles haha! Plus who doesn’t love pandas? right??? 🙂

Its kind of like lip balm and you get this much product for 7000krw.


I actually shot some ‘demo’ pic of this. It did ok when I did it on the swatch on the back of my hand. However it’s not really working in actual mascara smears so I just decided to not put those pictures up. So yeah in the end, I am not really liking this product but I’ll keep using it though since I bought it plus you can really make this work by really rubbing it in. Which is kind of tough since the tip is rounded.


The packaging is really excessive too. But that’s ok since it’s really really cute ^^

That’s it, my head is really all over place now, had a veeerrry long day….I really should go to bed. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend =^.^=


Maybelline The Jewels by Colorsensational in 82 Refined Wine + The Croods

13 Apr



HOT HOT HOT SUMMER EVERYONE!!!! I’d like to take a quick break from my Korean Haul series and do a post on this awesome lip product ^^ It’s really funny actually.. My lipstick this week was a limited edition Colorsensational as well. So one hot (sorry, can’t stop stressing how ridiculously hot it is nowadays) night, I was randomly thinking “man, it wld be nice to collect all the limited edition Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks…too bad I will never get my hands on The Jewel one because the damn thing just won’t go on sale”. The next morning, I went to Watsons to get some makeup wipes and guess what,, this baby was on 50% off! let me say that again 50% FREAKIN OFF! BOOYAH!


According to the packaging/seal it has “Jewelescent Pigmentation and Honey Nectar” Whatever, Maybelline! the packaging is pretty! Just look at it, guys =) Too bad, there were only 3 shades that went on sale…Amethyst Ablaze (the most popular shade), Pink Quartz (?), and Refined Wine…

I got 82 Refined Wine because I remember coming across Michelle Phan’s Blog and I saw her do a post about wine colored lips and I just remember liking how she looks in the pictures. So it wasn’t hard choosing which shade to get.





What I Like:

  • very pigmented
  • nice packaging
  • no harsh smell
  • affordable since it was on sale
  • has tiny gold specs but not really obvious

What I don’t Like:

  • This is not very popular like “Pearl” and “Vivids” so I’m not sure if this is available in all countries
  • kind of hard to remove so use lip makeup remover… not just ordinary makeup remover
  • settle on lip crevices so make sure you have applied a good lip balm/conditioner first



This stays true to the Colorsensational qualities so if you like those I’m pretty sure this will never fail you. The original price is Php399



Yeah I am well aware that this is not a summer color but whatdaheck! Time flies so fast for me. before I know it, it’s “-ber” months once again! We don’t have “Fall Season” but when it comes to makeup, we like following the trend. This will definitely be my Fall 2013 lip color ^^



The Croods


I know everyone’s excited with the upcoming big movies, like Iron Man 2, Oblivion including myself. I was with my nieces this afternoon and there is nothing in the cinemas that is for kids except for this one. And boy I’m glad we saw it! It’s really hilarious and moving as well. No wonder it’s been out for a while now and yet the cinema was packed! I’ve never been in a cinema where everyone was loud with laughter in a long time. At first I thought it would be another “kid having her/his way” type of story again (yeah, most “children movies” have that plot! admit it!)…well, it was sort of like that but then its not really, I promise. It’s about family, relationship, taking risk, humility, LIVING…really there is so much for everybody…not just the kids…definitely EVERBODY to learn.

“…that’s not living…that’s just not dying…it’s different” – Eep

If you haven’t watched The Croods please please catch it on cinemas NOW, before it get’s replaced. I highly highly highly recommend it! 5 out of 5. I think this is the first time I’ve ever given a perfect rate to a movie. Well done, Dreamworks! thumbs up!


Missha Signature Glam Triple Lips in TVL 01

10 Apr

FINALLY! well this was supposed to be posted earlier. I tested this out whole week last week but my camera charger decided to walkout on me. finally found it yesterday but I had to wait til this morning to take pictures to get some nice natural lighting ^^

this is the MISSHA SIGNATURE GLAM TRIPLE LIPS in TVL 01. Yes this is still part of my Korean Mega Haul series. It was Missha’s latest product from their signature line — which is like their “highend line” — and I knew that because it was heavily advertised on tv when I was in Seoul last month.. plus of course, it was on sale ^^.


I had to research why it is called ‘triple lips’ since looking at it, it seems like a normal gloss to me. So from what I learn it is the Korean take of the now ever popular ‘lip stain – gloss’. Triple lips because apparently, you get an effect of lip stain with the 1st application, lipstick on the 2nd and lipstick with gloss on the 3rd. So for me it’s just their glorified way of saying that the product is BUILD-ABLE :P. This is also said to be the dupe of the YSL Glossy Stains which sadly I don’t have BUT the closest thing I have to that is…..yep…the L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Caresse. So we will be using that as comparison for this review ^^


What I Like:

  • Nice pigmentation
  • smooth and easy application.
  • oh so glam packaging
  • not dry on the lips
  • staying power is 3 to 4 hrs but again…blame it on the oh so hot Phil summah!
  • fades evenly

What I Don’t Like:

  • just 1…THE SMELL! gosh! oh no no…it doesn’t smell BAD at all in fact it smells good…TOO GOOD! that’s the problem! imagine a powdery eu de toilette perfume your mom usually likes…that’s how it smells. Too damn strong it’s irritating! Some would like it though but for me, no! If you have been reading here you know that I don’t really mind scented makeups and sometimes I would even mention in the “Like” that a product has a nice smell on it…so this is not over reacting here.


Yes it is comparable to the L’Oreal ones it’s just the latter is a bit more pigmented, more richer, and has longer staying power. I’m pretty sure I picked up one of the boldest color in the bunch but maybe there’s one that can be on par or even better than L’Oreal when it comes to pigmentation. Plus I know there are also colors from L’Oreal that are not so pigmented. That swatch from the pic below did not leave any stain when I wiped it off with tissue like the L’Oreal one does. I also prefer this being not so rich since it feels lighter on the lips. I also do not like building this up. I’m kind of happy how just 1 application looks ^^


I got this for 17,600 KRW sorry I can’t remember if that’s the orig or the discounted price. I will try to look for the receipt and see if I can tell from there. I’ll update this after.

That’s it. I hope you like this review. Is there any other lip products similar to this you could recommend? Please comment below ^^

– Rhen

A’PIEU Sparkling Jewel Shadow in 07 & 08

31 Mar

Hello! Hello! Guess what? I’m on item #4 from my South Korea haul ^^. Today I am doing a review on these lovely eyeshadows from A’PIEU which is 1 of my fave items in my haul ^^.


I’m kind of giddy right now because A’PIEU is the last brand I had in mind. I’ve been seeing this brand in eBay but I never really bought anything from them before plus the image model of the brand are some kpop BOY band….actually a lot of makeups there have boy models…WTF is that??  So here are what they looked like unboxed….

You can see, the packaging is really nice. The lid has this cute floral details..I hope you can see that. It’s also in a dome shape which is common since these are actually baked shadows. Now here’s the review…


What I Like:

  • Very pigmented. 
  • kind of creamy texture
  • applies and blends well
  • nice, clear packaging.

What I Don’t Like:

  • not available locally
  • not much of staying power. I recommend you apply a very good primer first. This stayed 3hrs without primer PLUS, again…the very humid and hot Philippine summer.
  • a tad bit chalky so again, use a primer






The brown color here is a bit darker…the shimmers might have reflected on the camera and dulled down the color somehow.

The best part about this shadows are they are on a buy 1 take 1 promo. so I actually got both for 7800 krw ^^. The 0.8 immediately caught my eyes and when I asked the SA for the popular shades, 0.7 stood out from all the shades she pointed at. You see that coppery champagne color? It’s a trendy color in Asia nowadays ^^. What I love most about this shadows is that they had the best shimmers..not too’s just perfect ^^ I’m not an eyeshadow fan but I am enjoying and excited to create looks with these. I’m really in love with these shadows. Make sure you get one (or get all, if you can) if you happen to pass by A’PIEU =^.^=


CC Cream…ready to take over BB Creams???

29 Mar

Review on Nature Republic’s CC Cream.

rsz_sam_4288 1

Yey for the 1st installment of my Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul Reviews =) I specifically chose this first as the SA told me, it’s the hot item in S. Korea right now, plus I’m not quite sure if this had hit Phil shores already. (Told you I haven’t been visiting Korean shops recently). I know the Juice brand found in Beauty Bars has it and I’ve been meaning to try it out but since I already got this one from NR, I think I can pass that 🙂

What is CC Cream?? – CC stands for Color Control so basically, its supposed to even out your complexion. This also, apparently is an IMPROVED version of BB Cream.

Thankfully, blotchy skin is not that much of my problem but acne scar is….

I’ve been using this the whole week and here’s what I think about it..


What I Like:

  • super light on the skin
  • no harsh smell
  • packaging is simple but hygenic
  • has SPF 30

What I Don’t Like:

  • may be a bit pricey. Got this one for 14000 krw but it was on 40% off…do the math
  • may feel a bit oily on the skin
half pump

half pump

This product is called Color Change…see how white that cream is?!?

no worries it blends out nice and perfect I think to most skin tone ^^


It has light to medium coverage….

ok, so the very first day I used this, I was super disappointed how oily my skin turned out. I know it’s summer now but I stay mostly indoors with AC. I wanted to write a review write then and there to bash on this product. But then again, sense came in…it’s just 1 day after all. With hesitation I still continued using this thinking maybe if I switched setting powder it will be OK. The second surprise came the next day. Without changing setting powder or anything else in my makeup and skin care routine, it looked OK. I thought maybe I’m just seeing things but then I got to admit it DID FEEL better on the skin than the 1st day. So I kept the same face routine the whole week. I wouldn’t believe this is actually a great product until a friend actually commented “What’s with you? Your skin looks blooming!”. Yey! finally! a product perfect for a “no makeup makeup look”!

Will this be the dawn of CC Creams? I honestly don’t know. This is just 1 CC cream after all. Even I can not say for sure that I will replace my BB Creams with this. I love this but I’m still tad bit uncomfortable with the lightness of the coverage — yes, I’m one insecure girl..sorry.

I hope this review was helpful somehow and will want you to try out CC Cream ^^

– Rhen

Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul :P

19 Mar


Not online this time… I’VE BEEN TO SOUTH KOREA last last week!! crazy!!! It’s one of the most awesome-st week of my life! I love SEOUL to bits! so convenient and progressive. Made me sad how far behind the Phils have fallen. To think it’s only 4hrs flight away 😦  So I don’t want to go on and on about the trip. But I might start to do some Travel Post about it. I just did our itinerary and in 5 days we we’re there, we’ve been ALL over the place ^^ Please comment if you’d like that. Please do…..:P


Back to shopping. I believe I have quite expressed my love for Asian cosmetics in this blog. But recently I kinda had a break with Asian makeup and went for Western brand from one to another…highend to drugstore. So when I was in Myeongdong (which is quite a popular shopping district, if you didn’t know) I was like reminded how in love I was with Korean cosmetics and went from one store to another like a mad woman! But there’s still some sanity left cause I made sure to only get 1 item from each shop and only get items on sale. Yes! I was also lucky enough to be there when Seoul was having this crazy sale on everything!! Plus when I realized I had way too much face products I kind of restrained myself from getting 3 more from 3 different store. But now I’m totally regretting because I can’t find them online:(

I won’t go thru all of the stuff I got because I want to make a separate review of them all. Sorry if I made you go thru all my babblings. So basically this is just a preview of what’s in store in this blog in the coming days. but I guess I can tell you which brands I got all these stash from…

Surprisingly I didn’t get anything from Etude House and Lioele and Skinfood. Etude House and Skinfood because they’re everywhere here in the Phils while I didn’t find Lioele shop in Myeongdong 😦

So yeah, I hope you’ll stick around for my reviews 🙂

– rhen