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Clio Gel Liner & Brows + NBA Finals 2013

4 Jun



As if I didn’t have enough eyeliners already, when I got back from Korea, first makeup I bought was the Clio Gel Liner & Brows. I actually had my eyes on this from the beginning since I both run out of brow powder and gel liner. Gel liners are my favorite by the way.


What I Like:

  • uber nice and slick packaging
  • for the price of Php695, I think it’s worth it since you get a gel liner and a brow powder. Not to mention it also comes with a dual end applicator which is not that bad as well
  • gel liner has good pigmentation
  • no smudging

What I Don’t Like:

  • staying power is not that great. It’s OK but I had better
  • brow powder is not very pigmented

I got this in brown by the way. Since it’s still summer when I bought this and I am still in to this brown liner looks.

rsz_sam_4445  so when you flipped the top, you will see the brow powder and it looks like this. It’s an ashy-dark brown color which is pretty universal. I have black hair and it looks fine. It also has this tiny mirror which is good too. better than nothing 🙂

so when you twist open the whole lid, you will see the gel liner..

rsz_sam_4446as you can see. It’s really brown. If you are looking for that obviously brown eyeliner then this is for you. It also have some shimmers on it. Honestly, while I’m happy on how brown this is, it turned out that this type of brown doesn’t look very good on me. Probably because I already have brown eyes. I don’t know..I’m just not loving how it looks. So what I do is I top this with a dark matte eyeshadow. It does look better like that but I’ll keep on using this until I run out FAST! so I cld go back with using black ones.

rsz_sam_4447so here is the brush. it has an angled end and a round pointy end. The bristles are not of best quality but the length of the brush is perfect…

rsz_sam_4448 1

and here’s the swatch. It looks a lot like the Dark Choco Gelpresso one. I swatched this using the brush that came with it.

So that’s my review. I’m not totally loving this so I won’t repurchase. Sorry if this review is kind of messed up. I am actually posting from the office and I’m really want to do this post before I jump off to another meeting..Arrgh!

And so it has come to San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat for 2013 NBA finals ^^

nba finals

They say Spurs is such a boring team but I’m actually looking forward to this match up. I just remembered the game last November when Heat defeated the Spurs by just 5 pts. Nothing surprising right? Wrong! because Spurs actually played using only their 2nd streamers^^ No Duncan, No Parker, No Ginobili…..NO STARTING LINEUP! Popovich got fined actually  but you get my point right? If Spurs could pull the same thing to this upcoming finals…are we seeing a possible sweep??

btw. I am No bandwagon of either team, ok? I’m just thinking here:P


Organix Moroccan Argan Oil + Sick day :(

8 May

I’m out sick today which sucks! I’m not gonna lie there are days I wish I am sick so just to skip office but today’s not that day. I have lot’s of deliverables so I’d rather be in the office right now (not really). ‘Well I’m blogging now why don’t I just work on those’ you might ask. well…I am not a fan of bringing work at home. I used to, when I was younger but I have been doing this for 7yrs now….people change. Priorities change…in that 7yrs I learned that some things are waaay more important than being “successful” at work. Like health and family for instance. so yeah, I refuse to work now….or maybe I will….bah! whatever.

Plus the hubby bugged me to go see a doctor. So I wasted 2 hours waiting in the clinic only to be prescribed pain killers and anti-allergies. Like I didn’t know that! duh! not to mention I shed some Php 400 on the consultation. 2 hrs and Php 400! I could’ve spent it on a spa that would probably make me whole lot better….probably.

**Organix Review starts here**


‘Moroccan Argan Oil ‘- kieme I’ve been hearing about it for a long time. Like it’s some revolutionary elixir for hair or something. I am quite happy with my hair routine so I didn’t bother trying this out since the ones available here before are quite expensive. Until my aunt from the States gifted me with the ‘Penetrating Oil’ but I never really had the chance to use it.

Last month I finally ran out of hairmask then I remember seeing from a magazine that Organix one is a “Cosmo Awardee” so it was decided that this will be my next hairmask. I finally got it few weeks ago then I remembered I have the Oil so I took it out and used it as well

What I Liked:

  • soft nice gentle smell
  • it is very light to wear
  • makes hair soft and smooth
  • the Oil is very light it doesn’t weigh my hair down although it’s an oil. the texture is somewhat more liquid-y than serum but not too liquid-y like oil. It is similar to the “Human Nature” one but I super hate that stuff.
  • the hairmask is light it didn’t give me hairfall


What I Don’t Like:

  • for the price (Php450–hairmask) and the hype it didn’t do much for my hair. It’s OK but I have tried better.
  • For the oil, the packaging could be a bit messy

That’s it! If you have a good Moroccan Oil recommendation, please comment below ^^

– Rhen

Face Shop Face It Nail Polish in GR507 + April 2013 Cosmo Mag + Iron Man 3

27 Apr

I never liked nail polishes! You’ve probably noticed it in some of my pictures, I have ugly UGLY hands. I was born with a LOT, you can say abnormally LOTS of palm lines that are deep. The back of my hands — the joints of my fingers — are also filled with lots of lines that make my hands look all wrinkly 😦 I feel putting on nail polish actually draws attention to my hands instead of making them pretty 😦

but that was before 🙂 I did say in one of my post that I kind of want to experiment with nail polishes so today for the very first time.. I am doing a Nail Polish Review for you, guys ^^

It is the Face Shop Face It Nail Polish in GR507


still part of my Korean Mega Haul. Honestly, I have no idea how to review a nail polish since I rarely use them I have no idea what’s a good and bad nail polish so I decided to just do this….

here’s the picture right after I painted them on..

see, I'm trying so hard hiding my hand :(

see, I’m trying so hard hiding my hand 😦

please forgive the sloppy-ness of the application. I am on the process of getting a hang of it. Also, this is applied with NO base and top coat. nothing except the product itself. I thought of getting the proper “paraphernalia” first but then I just said ‘whatdaheck! I wanna do it!’ so there -.-‘

here’s what they looked like after a week…


umm looks like 20%-30% chipped off already. but then again, no other nail stuff whatsoever PLUS I do a lot of house chores…



did you know that dishwasher is not a popular appliance in the Philippines? 🙂 I don’t know a single person here who owns one. Not even the rich ones 😛



As you see in the pictures, I got it for 3000 krw..fairly cheap. Honestly, this is not the color I was hoping it to be. The lighting in the shop made it look lighter and that’s the kind of green I was going for but whatdaheck! I bought it so I will use it! I still think that nail polish draws unwanted attention to my hands but I DON’T CARE! colored nail in contrast to my black work keyboard looks a liiitttle less boring so I decided to just wear one if I feel like it =)

Oh BTW, what really made me want to do this post is this…


It’s Isabelle Daza on the cover of April 2013 Cosmopolitan Magazine =^.^= I think she is nothing but pure Filipina Gorg! I am totally girl crushing on her ^^. Too bad the magazine sucks though. It’s thin and there’s really nothing in there worth showing. Check out her nails. it’s green! When I bought it, it was like a sign that I should do this post, lol. Lame…

ironmanso who else haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet? whatdaheck are you doing?? get your ass off to cinema and catch it before everyone else spoil it for you! lols. But seriously, watch it! If you liked the first 2 installments you will like it for sure. At first, I thought I will not like it with so many suits in the trailer and the poster. but I really really enjoyed it ^^. There are more Tony Stark action this time which some did not like very much (aka my brother) but I’m sure all the girls out there are happy to see ^^ If you are familiar with the comic they did created a whole different Mandarin villain. I normally hate when a movie drifts soooo far away from the novel or comics but…I don’t know, I somehow forgive this movie for doing that 😛


WARNING – More Spoilers:

I am just not so cool with the following…

  • Why were the enemy able to control the Iron Patriot suit just like that? when it has the toughest Stark security? but then the hubby answered ‘maybe it was programmed a bit differently since the suit technically is owned by the government.
  • I am also not cool with him blowing up all the suits…he could have given one to the Philippines!!!!
  • Pepper falling into a fire pit and actually surviving is predictable…
  • something looks off when Killian took off the Iron Patriot mask inside the Airforce One…I can’t specifically point at it since I can’t find stills.
  • Pepper being bad ass is cool =^.^=
  • As expected, there is a mini clip after the credits..but it’s super corny and not worth the wait, I think.


I’ll stop now. Sorry there’s sooo much going on in this post 😛


Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask with Collagen + Public Proposal?

22 Apr

I use sheet masks once a week as part of my skin care routine and right now I am currently using Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask with Collagen. I am 29y/o, not very young and it’s beginning to show in my skin. That’s why I’m a fan of anything collagen. Last night I found that I am finally down to 1 sheet then I remembered I have stock photos of this mask in my computer. I was supposed to do a review on it before but was not able to for who knows what reason. Actually, I have a lot of those so my goal this year is to post them all, little by little, finally. So today I am starting with this Kose sheet mask…


What I Like:

  • no harsh smell
  • not irritating on the skin
  • does an OK job moisturizing the skin

What I Don’t Like:

  • not a good fit to my big full moon face TT.TT
  • not available locally
  • compared to other sheet mask I previously owned (link below) this comes awefully short when it comes to being soaked with essence
  • no English translation


It has the same packaging as wet wipes unlike the other sheet masks which are packed individually. I like it! I think that’s really smart and economical. The downside is you cannot bring one or couple when you’re traveling.


Sorry I had this for a while, I can’t remember which Multiply seller I bought this from and also for how much. I’d like to say Php700-ish.  That’s perfectly fine considering this contains 20+ sheet masks!

So this is how the sheet looks like. The material is thicker than my previous sheet masks.


That’s it for my review. Next time I will continue with my Korean Mega Haul reviews. I hope you are not getting tired of them because I am definitely not! Hehe.

My Past Sheet Masks:

Public Wedding Proposal?

While seeing men drop on their knees inside the octagon is normal in UFC, last Saturday’s fight is quite different since Henderson, after successfully defending his title popped THE question to his girlfriend right there and then on national TV…


Err..I don’t know but somehow I didn’t feel kilig for some reason. I don’t know if it’s the venue, since I’m not sure if the high testosterone level in the atmosphere appreciate that kind of cheesiness or maybe I thought it could’ve been more awesome if he won via KO (meanie me)… basta parang papampam lang e 😛 I’m not being a cold hearted b*tch here OK!?? I do love proposals. You know the series where a production crew helps out and films wedding proposals? I used to watch that a lot and probably cried on every single episode. My hubby’s proposal is nothing like those and you could probably say it’s the basic-over kneeling, no long speech whatsoever. I’m not being bitter… sure it would be nice if he did a bit more but I am also cool that he didn’t because that’s him J Plus I myself would probably feel way too embarrassed if he did a public proposal like that.

So girls, open question here: Would you like to be proposed to on public?


It’s Skin Green Tea Calming Lip & Eye Cleansing Pad

19 Apr

Hi Guys! I’m back with my Korean Mega Haul series review and now I’m doing a review on a makeup removing pad from It’s Skin. I haven’t heard of this brand before so very timely because I just brought regular makeup remover pads with me in Seoul so I got to use this right away and here’s what I thought of it…


What I Like:

  • removes eye and lip makeup effectively
  • each pads are really soaked with makeup removing agents
  • gentle on skin and eyes
  • no strong scent
  • affordable. 3000 krw




so here are swatches of various eye makeup I use. A primed e/s, cream e/s, waterproof mascara, liquid & pen eyeliner. I forgot to include lipstick but that’s OK since I mainly use this for the eyes.

and here’s what happened after 1 swipe…



almost completely gone. I still see a tiny eyeliner left which could be because of the positioning of the swipe. Simply went back with another swipe and that’s it ^^


just 1 pad ^^

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not available locally
  • The pad is too thin so it’s kind of hard to maneuver
  • packaging is not travel friendly
  • The container was like 60% or 70% full

I’ve used just about 5 pads

makeup removing pads are great for travelling. saves you from bringing liquids. I used to own something like this from ELF but I didn’t like that one. I haven’t heard It’s Skin before but I did see a lot of great stuff from their store. Too bad this is the only one on sale but now I’m kinda bummed out I didn’t get more items from them.


It’s really sad how a completely safe and ‘innocent’ event would turn out like this. Where is safe?! clearly not here on earth. Makes me look up and forward to heaven more.My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the victims. The survivors whose lives will never be the same again.

– Rhen

Maybelline The Jewels by Colorsensational in 82 Refined Wine + The Croods

13 Apr



HOT HOT HOT SUMMER EVERYONE!!!! I’d like to take a quick break from my Korean Haul series and do a post on this awesome lip product ^^ It’s really funny actually.. My lipstick this week was a limited edition Colorsensational as well. So one hot (sorry, can’t stop stressing how ridiculously hot it is nowadays) night, I was randomly thinking “man, it wld be nice to collect all the limited edition Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks…too bad I will never get my hands on The Jewel one because the damn thing just won’t go on sale”. The next morning, I went to Watsons to get some makeup wipes and guess what,, this baby was on 50% off! let me say that again 50% FREAKIN OFF! BOOYAH!


According to the packaging/seal it has “Jewelescent Pigmentation and Honey Nectar” Whatever, Maybelline! the packaging is pretty! Just look at it, guys =) Too bad, there were only 3 shades that went on sale…Amethyst Ablaze (the most popular shade), Pink Quartz (?), and Refined Wine…

I got 82 Refined Wine because I remember coming across Michelle Phan’s Blog and I saw her do a post about wine colored lips and I just remember liking how she looks in the pictures. So it wasn’t hard choosing which shade to get.





What I Like:

  • very pigmented
  • nice packaging
  • no harsh smell
  • affordable since it was on sale
  • has tiny gold specs but not really obvious

What I don’t Like:

  • This is not very popular like “Pearl” and “Vivids” so I’m not sure if this is available in all countries
  • kind of hard to remove so use lip makeup remover… not just ordinary makeup remover
  • settle on lip crevices so make sure you have applied a good lip balm/conditioner first



This stays true to the Colorsensational qualities so if you like those I’m pretty sure this will never fail you. The original price is Php399



Yeah I am well aware that this is not a summer color but whatdaheck! Time flies so fast for me. before I know it, it’s “-ber” months once again! We don’t have “Fall Season” but when it comes to makeup, we like following the trend. This will definitely be my Fall 2013 lip color ^^



The Croods


I know everyone’s excited with the upcoming big movies, like Iron Man 2, Oblivion including myself. I was with my nieces this afternoon and there is nothing in the cinemas that is for kids except for this one. And boy I’m glad we saw it! It’s really hilarious and moving as well. No wonder it’s been out for a while now and yet the cinema was packed! I’ve never been in a cinema where everyone was loud with laughter in a long time. At first I thought it would be another “kid having her/his way” type of story again (yeah, most “children movies” have that plot! admit it!)…well, it was sort of like that but then its not really, I promise. It’s about family, relationship, taking risk, humility, LIVING…really there is so much for everybody…not just the kids…definitely EVERBODY to learn.

“…that’s not living…that’s just not dying…it’s different” – Eep

If you haven’t watched The Croods please please catch it on cinemas NOW, before it get’s replaced. I highly highly highly recommend it! 5 out of 5. I think this is the first time I’ve ever given a perfect rate to a movie. Well done, Dreamworks! thumbs up!


Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul :P

19 Mar


Not online this time… I’VE BEEN TO SOUTH KOREA last last week!! crazy!!! It’s one of the most awesome-st week of my life! I love SEOUL to bits! so convenient and progressive. Made me sad how far behind the Phils have fallen. To think it’s only 4hrs flight away 😦  So I don’t want to go on and on about the trip. But I might start to do some Travel Post about it. I just did our itinerary and in 5 days we we’re there, we’ve been ALL over the place ^^ Please comment if you’d like that. Please do…..:P


Back to shopping. I believe I have quite expressed my love for Asian cosmetics in this blog. But recently I kinda had a break with Asian makeup and went for Western brand from one to another…highend to drugstore. So when I was in Myeongdong (which is quite a popular shopping district, if you didn’t know) I was like reminded how in love I was with Korean cosmetics and went from one store to another like a mad woman! But there’s still some sanity left cause I made sure to only get 1 item from each shop and only get items on sale. Yes! I was also lucky enough to be there when Seoul was having this crazy sale on everything!! Plus when I realized I had way too much face products I kind of restrained myself from getting 3 more from 3 different store. But now I’m totally regretting because I can’t find them online:(

I won’t go thru all of the stuff I got because I want to make a separate review of them all. Sorry if I made you go thru all my babblings. So basically this is just a preview of what’s in store in this blog in the coming days. but I guess I can tell you which brands I got all these stash from…

Surprisingly I didn’t get anything from Etude House and Lioele and Skinfood. Etude House and Skinfood because they’re everywhere here in the Phils while I didn’t find Lioele shop in Myeongdong 😦

So yeah, I hope you’ll stick around for my reviews 🙂

– rhen

Summer Ready? ^_^

23 Feb

Woohoo! 3 post in a day! somebody’s been blog crayzay!! 😛 While I know people accross the globe are probably now enjoying spring, us here in the Phils are about to hit summer 😀



We only have 2 seasons here. The “WET” and “DRY” season. Both extreme, no in between. Which kinda sucks (not much clothing options). But nevertheless we enjoy our summers because of the beach and long holidays. While I haven’t booked any trips to the beach yet I’d like to share some products I suggest you include in your stash for summer 🙂



1. Bright Nails. Hot Pink, Yellow, Mint Green. some colors I’d like to paint my nails this summer. Right now, I only got this hot pink one from OPI. But this is a pretty common shade that I’m sure you can find anywhere. I used to own one from Face Shop

2. Fun Lips: Last year, orange was my summer lip color. It was so fun that I think I’m going to do it again this year ^_^.

3. Hot Mama: OK, this one I will be specific with the brand. The Balm Hot Mama‘s peachy pink and loads of gold shimmer is perfect if you want to go for bronze-y look this summer.

4. Fresh Scent: This summer  you may want ditch the Eu de Toilette to body splashes 🙂 A fresh fruity scent like Victoria’s Secret Pink in Cucumber & Water Lily will be a perfect match for this summers hot and humid weather.

5. Brown Eyes: Finally you may want to swap your black and bold eyeliners to brown ones. Summer is the time to swap dramatic to bright and light looks. My only brown liquid liner now is from Majolica Majorca 🙂


Any items you have in mind just for this summer???


Review: Hayan Korea Anti-Aging Emulsion

6 Feb

I was recently on the hunt for a cheap anti-aging serum/emulsion/cream/whatever for backup but it seems like I can’t find one in the drugstore. The cheapest one I think, was 700php from Olay. I was about to go for that since I’ve used that and actually like it. Luckily I stepped out the drugstore and come across this newly opened booth called Hayan Korea.


What I Like:

  • dirt cheap. Php 203
  • No strong scent
  • Nice and hygienic packaging

What I don’t Like:

  • does nothing for my skin
  • it would be nice if 1 pump will give out more product
here's 1 pump

here’s 1 pump

OK. I know reviewing skin products, specially the ‘preventive’ ones are kinda hard to do since the effect usually takes a long time so I can not really say if this indeed prevents wrinkles or not. However, I am used to feeling “something” after using. It may be a brighter complexion or my skin feels smooth to touch. With this, there’s just no reaction whatsoever. If you like trying out 1 product after another like me, you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s what Hayan Korea says in their website:


the price in the site is 2x higher than my purchase. Maybe because I got it on introductory price (Yay!) I even got this toner for free. Haven’t tried it though.


Will I repurchase? Maybe. I also would like to try their serum ^.^.

Check out Hayan Korea here.


Last weekend was pretty epic in the entertainment world


Great movies (I saw Hansel & Gretel and Chinese Zodiac), UFC 156 and of course Beyonce’s SuperBowl Halftime concert :p


Most Hated Product of 2012

30 Jan

So I took a break from blogging last year but I didn’t stop trying out stuff from highend to drugstore. Generally, I liked all my purchase but some of them sucks….

Most Hated Face Makeup

covergirlCovergirl Pressed Powder

Broke me out. I haven’t been breaking out recently til I tried this TT.TT. From all my hated products last year, this has got to be on top. It’s just that bad 😦

Most Hated Eye Makeup

image_3 (1)Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon

I love the black one and is crazy popular with makeup enthusiasts so when looking for a new brown pencil I decided to try this one. It showed up well when I swatched it in the back of my hands but for some reason you can’t just see it when actually applied on eyes 😦

Most Hated Face Care

image_1 (2)L’Oreal White Perfect eye brightener

The product itself is OK but the vibrator — yes, I said it but what else am I supposed to call that vibrating thing– broke after using it twice or thrice. I did return it to the L’Oreal counter to be repaired which they did but it broke again after using it a couple of times. So now I just don’t bother myself and use the product like normal creams without that vibrating end — there, sounds better?? 😛

Most Hated Scent

image_5 (1)Bath and Body Works body splash in Moonlight Path

Too powdery smelling for my liking. Kinda smell sour overtime. I included this on the list because I love how the lotion version smells so it’s kinda disappointing how this one does.

Yay! only 4. So I don’t have one for Tools and Lip Product. Sure I have stuff that I’m not mad inlove with but not that bad to be my “Most Hated Product” and I don’t want to include them just for the sake of completing the list.