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I’m Back!!! with my 2012 Faves

29 Jan

I’m finally back from hiatus!! woohoo!! We’re almost down a month with 2013 and everybody did this post already but watdaheck….

Fave Face Makeup


Revlon PhotoReady powder foundation

smooth and flawless and PORE-LESS cover. LOLs ^^

Fave Eye Makeup

image_2Clear Glitter Liner

No doubt ‘teary eye look’ was my 2012 signature look. Wore it everyday. The one in the picture is from Etude House but I used different brands over last year. This one is just what’s with me right now.

Fave Lip Makeup

image_3Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruti, Peach Parfait and Candy Apple

RLB should have the award for ‘Most Raved Lip Product’ of 2012 in the makeupsphere ๐Ÿ™‚ These 3 colors was definitely my ‘go to’ lippies last year and upto now. Tutti Fruttti when I want something fun and is my Summer Lipstick. Candy Apple when I’m wearing glasses and also very handy since bold lip colors are in now. Peach Parfait is my natural everyday lip color.

Fave Makeup Tool

image_4Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Before this I didn’t careless what eyelash curler I’m using. This totally made me believe that not every curler is the same, lols. This is the most comfortable I’ve used. Like my eye shape was modeled when they designed this, haha!

Fave Face Care



The Body Shop Seaweed Toner and Cream

I’ve raved so much about this last year which you cld read here

Fave Scent

image_1 (1)

Clinique Happy

Truly a scent of happiness โค It smells so fresh you can actually wear it everyday ^^

That’s it. Hope 2013 has been kind to everyone so far ^^. Next post will be products I hate 2012.

– Rhen

April 2012 Favorites

6 May

1. Mentholatum Sunplay Watery Cool

2. Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Trio in Walking on Eggshell

This summer I’ve been experimenting (finally) on colorful eyeshadows. I’ve been loving this e/s because I find the pink very subtle for newbies like me plus it comes with beautiful 2 neutral colors which are my comfort zone. I recommend this trio for makeup beginners. I own 3 of these trios now. I will do separate review on them ^_^

3. My Beauty Diary Mask in Black Pearl

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask

Another mask?!? ^_^ I have this one for a while now and I just love it more this season since it’s freaking hot and this mask is mint-y. Of course, tea tree is always good for troubled skin…

5. Vaseline Lip Therapy

I looove this lip balm. It’s cheap, non sticky and almost available everywhere. That’s not hard to believe, right? I bet your all time favorite petroleum jelly is Vaseline..correct??? ๐Ÿ™‚

Favorite Snack:

sorry for the crappy pic ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

MILK TEA!!!!<3 not just Chatime, Serenetea, Happy Lemon, Gong Cha, Bubble Tea….I’ve practically tried every milk tea in the metro and each I have a fave variant. You should try it if you haven’t ^_^

Favorite Show:



I only saw 1 movie last April (\m/AVENGERS\m/) so it didn’t feel right to do a “Favorite Movie” like I did last month. I started watching Gintama late last year. Didn’t like it the first 3-5?? episodes but after that. I was addicted!! It’s f!@#$% hilarious!! but they just aired their last episode for season 2 late this March and will be gone probably for another year (like they did the 1st season).

Random Favorite:

I am insomiac since forever. I’ve tried every possible remedies out there. Some wld work, some not, some would work for a while, some longer. Right now I’m trying this Badger Sleep Balm and it’s working SO FAR. The scent reminds me of a spa…in Tagaytay or somewhere far so I guess that’s the calming effect that helps me sleep ^_^


I don’t think I have a Jam Of The Month for April. I just got an iPod adaptor for my car so I haven’t been tuning in the radio last month. But I do like Rihanna in this video I just saw yesterday…

She’s gorgeous and I think this video is where she dances the most. She should do this more often, she’s amazing!

Favorite Blogger:

Christine Mielke of Honestly, I don’t even visit her blog on a regular basis however I did mention that I’m experimenting with colors last month. There’s a lot looks from other beauty bloggers that I wanted to try but the makeup they are using are highend so I did refer to her dupe list a lot of times. It’s super helpful, you guys, you should check it out.


And that’s my favotites for April 2012.


Monthly Report: March 2012 Favorites

1 Apr

ok so I’d like to try doing this “monthly favorites” thing which I’m sure you’ve seen already from other bloggers. Wala lang, I just think it’s fun and it’s a way to do mini-reviews of products that are worth mentioning but I can’t with a full post. though I’m still not sure if I can really keep this up since most of the time I use a product until I run out of it but, let’s give it a shot, ‘kay?:)

Beauty Favorites:

1. Maybelline Mineral Power Blush:

forgot to watermark again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I have the Gentle Pink and Original Rose. They have the most natural finish. I wear them everyday. I switch up the 2 from time to time. The only thing I didn’t like about this (with mineral makeups in general actually) is when I get more than enough product because I feel it’s unhygenic to return the excess to the jar so I just throw it away…that’s waste:(

2. Bath & Body Works body Cream in Orange Sapphire

I just love that it’s in a tube so it’s really handy for travel. I brought this with me when I went to Cebu last January ^_^.ย  It has quite strong tang-y smell so you may not like it if your not into that scent but I like it and so is my friends ^_^

3. K-Palette Real Lasting EyeLiner

If you read my review you know that I didn’t like this that much but a reader suggested to shake it pointing downwards before using so I did and it worked ^_^.But I still feel it cannot do without a primer though.

4. Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finish

It’s a matte type finish so it’s perfect specially now that summer has officially arrived the Philippine shores ๐Ÿ˜›

5. The Body Shop Seaweed Toner

I also love the daycream but it’s just that I love the toner better ๐Ÿ˜› full review here.

Favorite Snack:

Philippines has been Magnum crazy for a while now and yes, I am infected as well and I’m not even the type to follow trends! It’s really good. I even go for the classic one and that is something since I usually don’t like vanilla ice cream that much (chocolate is the best!). Though I try to limit myself to 1 bar a wk, coz like I mentioned, it’s summer here already and who wld like to see a breathing lard in a bikini???

Favorite Movie:

No surprise because I loved the Percy Jackson books and I do remember liking greek methology when I was little (heck, that’s why I read the Percy Jackson books in the first place^_^) I also saw John Carter, Lorax and Hunger Games. John Carter, it was OK…entertaining. Lorax I highly recommend, for the kids and not kids..great lesson. Hunger Games.. gosh! who didn’t like Hunger Games?? ME! I mean it’s nicely done, I just don’t like the idea of kids killing each other…thats…sad:(

Random Favorite:

my Monster High Doll – Operatta ^_^. I originally like the Draculaura one but it’s not available but it turned out I like Operatta even better since I myself loves music like her. Plus she got this nasty tats and markings on her arm and face. Plus, if I got Draculaura, I’m sure I’ll buy her coffin as well so somehow it saved me money HAHA! you see, I have a tiny collection of creepy dolls so I find her really lovely. I have Begoth and Living Dead dolls as well ^_^

Jam of the Month:

actually I’ve been listening to a lot of Phoenix songs this month. This song I find “too pop” of them but I like it. Chill.

Favorite Blogger:

click this now!

Nikki Tiu ofย She’s amazing! she features drugstore products as much as she feature highend ones. Her blog is always entertaining and informative…very far from mine HAHA! she features great makeup and crazy nail tutorials. she also gives nice restaurant suggestions. It’s just sad that for some’s difficult for me to comment on her posts..dunno why. Nikki, if once in your life you’ll stumble upon this humble blog I just want you to know that YOU ROCK!!! I super โค you =^.^=

whew..long post. sorry. My next post will be part 2 of my monthly report for March which will feature my DISLIKES and also my “empties”. I hope you’ll check that out ^_^