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Most Hated Product of 2012

30 Jan

So I took a break from blogging last year but I didn’t stop trying out stuff from highend to drugstore. Generally, I liked all my purchase but some of them sucks….

Most Hated Face Makeup

covergirlCovergirl Pressed Powder

Broke me out. I haven’t been breaking out recently til I tried this TT.TT. From all my hated products last year, this has got to be on top. It’s just that bad 😦

Most Hated Eye Makeup

image_3 (1)Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon

I love the black one and is crazy popular with makeup enthusiasts so when looking for a new brown pencil I decided to try this one. It showed up well when I swatched it in the back of my hands but for some reason you can’t just see it when actually applied on eyes 😦

Most Hated Face Care

image_1 (2)L’Oreal White Perfect eye brightener

The product itself is OK but the vibrator — yes, I said it but what else am I supposed to call that vibrating thing– broke after using it twice or thrice. I did return it to the L’Oreal counter to be repaired which they did but it broke again after using it a couple of times. So now I just don’t bother myself and use the product like normal creams without that vibrating end — there, sounds better?? πŸ˜›

Most Hated Scent

image_5 (1)Bath and Body Works body splash in Moonlight Path

Too powdery smelling for my liking. Kinda smell sour overtime. I included this on the list because I love how the lotion version smells so it’s kinda disappointing how this one does.

Yay! only 4. So I don’t have one for Tools and Lip Product. Sure I have stuff that I’m not mad inlove with but not that bad to be my “Most Hated Product” and I don’t want to include them just for the sake of completing the list.


April 2012 Dislikes

11 May

1. Watson’s Foot Lotion

The product is OK but it’s freakin’ hard to squeeze out!

2. ELF Daily Brush Cleaner

it smells aweful. Doesn’t dry right away and makes my brush stiff.

3. Nanny Rose Hand and Elbow Salve

from foot to hand lotion. Salve my @$$! it’s just a little better than the Watson Grape Bella . The moisturizing effect lasts only for a few minutes. On the contrary to the foot lotion though, this one dispenses too nicely. I barely have to squeeze the product out.

4. Hengfang Beauty Angel EyeShadow Palettes

not pigmented. It has for 4 variants but really, the colors are all the same. If you want a full review with swatches. Please comment below ^_^

5. Pantene Night Miracle Serum

It’s not that bad. It’s just I’m comparing it to the L’Oreal ones which works better than this. Traces of the product stays till the morning unlike L’Oreal which dries after a couple of minutes.

Wow. I got 5 last month. Hope it get’s fewer this May.


Monthly Report: March 2012 Dislikes and Empties

5 Apr


1. Hanskin Classic a+1 Lotion

2. St. Ives Fresh Skin Make-up Remover & Facial Cleanser

barely removes makeup. I understand eyemakeup but concealers!! at least it should be able to remove that right??

Those are the only “Dislikes” I have for this month and I doubt I’ll be able to produce say more than 5 in the next months. You see I give a lot of thoughts to the stuff that I buy that’s why I always (almost) end up liking them=)


1. Olay Total Effects

It took me a while to finish this since I’ve been trying a lot of skin care stuff lately but this is definitely my holy grail skin care product. One of my first and I’ve done bottles and bottles of this. I love this so much.

2. TonyMoly Mini Bunny Hand Cream

Very handy and very moisturizing. I noticed bf plays with my hands more after I just applied this. I kinda don’t like the smell though.

3. Angel Fit Foundation

OK, I know there’s still a lot more product in there but I had this for soooo long I probably wldn’t use it again..but there’s a “pan” just look closely πŸ˜›

4. Hair Treats Hair Spa in Lavander

This is an OK product. I don’t exactly love it but it’s so cheap (Php75) I really can’t say anything bad about it πŸ˜›

5. Monea Hair Serum

Does it’s job and has a really good smell. I just hate the packaging. so messy…

That’s it for now. This is a discipline that I should finish the products I have now before buying a new one:)