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Clio Haul..Eyeliner Galore!

27 May

Sorry for the lack of post. Internet’s down and work has been sh*tty as ever. Even now I can barely manage posting something so I’ll just do another quicky haul for you guys. Yes, I know I haven’t even posted anything from my last haul..but I surely will..promise.

This is actually a collective haul. Got some stuff from Korea, some before and some after…



ok exaggeration lvl 999. But seriously I never bought this many eyeliners at the same (almost) time. I was super intrigued the first time I saw these. Probably because of Lee Hyori. While I never know any of her songs, I really really like her. Probably because she sports this very sexy “olive” skin. Haven’t seen her in person but if her color in the pictures are true to what she really have (which probably not — they always look much fairer in person) then I could say we have the same skintone…Mine not much on the sexy factor though, lol ^^ Let’s just say I somehow relate to her because generally in Asia, the fairer is always the better. As a matter of fact, she’s the only K-Pop star who has medium complexion. Plus I never saw her in the cutesie Asian girl bandwagon. She’s always fierce and edgy just like Clio makeup. Very much in contrast to most Korean makeup with cutie princessy packaging…just like it’s sister company Peripera. I think they really specializes on eyeliners because even the shop I visited in Myeongdong, I barely saw anything that is not eyelining but I saw in the net that they do carry face products. Here in the Philippines. It’s all eyeliner (plus some mascara and a BB cream)

So I got myself:

  • Liquid Liner (brush type) – from SM
  • Liquid Liner (felt tip type) – from SM
  • Mascara – from SM
  • Pencil Eyeliner set – from Myeongdong South Korea
  • Gel eyeliner – from SM

Again all will be reviewed individually..I promise

By the way in Korea I saw the model for Clio is transitioning from Hyori to Sandara. So she kind of graduated from Etude House which is just right because that little she-devil is getting edgier edgier. With the shaved side hairs and all, props to her for pulling that off.

– Rhen

Online Haul + Antonio’s Grill + Ramblings…

5 May

WTF brain?! I had sooo much freetime this weekend, had lots of good materials, took photos already and then NO post -.-. I don’t know I just didn’t feel like doing it. But NOW! it’s 1 am…I have work tomorrow, I suddenly felt the urge to blog! like my head is really blasting with words now so good job brain….good job -.-

so I just decided to go with a quickest post which is a haul. I do short haul posts now cause I want to review them separately so yeah…haul it is ^^



as much as I like to finish my previous haul reviews before ‘introducing’ another one, I am posting this now because I am soooo excited! the  items that I got here are actually items that I have been eye-ing for a loooong time. They are also quite popular so hopefully there is an item here you will look forward for me to review…specially if you are from the Phils…



HAPPY!! It’s like a ‘love package’ that I see Youtube beauty gurus do a lot…it’s just mine is bought by myself because I am “forever alone” like that…. lols’s what I got:

  • Wet n Wild Color Icon in Lust
  • Milani Liquid-Eye in Black
  • Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
  • EOS lipbalm in Lemon Drop
  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer
  • Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural
  • NYX MegaShine Lip Gloss set in Kiss The Stars

BTW if you want to know the online shop please comment below. I didn’t want to put it here because our transaction wasn’t that smooth(?) It’s not bad as well, I did commit some errors myself. I mean, at the end of the day I still got my items and that’s what’s important. However I have been buying online for so many years now I know an OK transaction vs. a SUPERB one. So yeah, just leave me a comment below and I will email you the seller. She have a LOT of items that is worth checking out.

so in the end this post is still kinda long and it doesn’t end here… I wanna leave you with a picture of what I had for lunch the other day…



It is sizzling bulalo from Antonio’s Grill in Tagaytay. Bulalo is basically a beef meat with bone marrow which we usually cook with soup. It is my first time trying it and I love it ^^. Went there with my family which made it more delightful. Our family is actually going thru some problems plus we haven’t went somewhere in a while so eating out even if it’s just for a while and not very far as Tagaytay. Means a lot to me ^^.

Hope you guys, had a wonderful weekend,


Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul :P

19 Mar


Not online this time… I’VE BEEN TO SOUTH KOREA last last week!! crazy!!! It’s one of the most awesome-st week of my life! I love SEOUL to bits! so convenient and progressive. Made me sad how far behind the Phils have fallen. To think it’s only 4hrs flight away 😦  So I don’t want to go on and on about the trip. But I might start to do some Travel Post about it. I just did our itinerary and in 5 days we we’re there, we’ve been ALL over the place ^^ Please comment if you’d like that. Please do…..:P


Back to shopping. I believe I have quite expressed my love for Asian cosmetics in this blog. But recently I kinda had a break with Asian makeup and went for Western brand from one to another…highend to drugstore. So when I was in Myeongdong (which is quite a popular shopping district, if you didn’t know) I was like reminded how in love I was with Korean cosmetics and went from one store to another like a mad woman! But there’s still some sanity left cause I made sure to only get 1 item from each shop and only get items on sale. Yes! I was also lucky enough to be there when Seoul was having this crazy sale on everything!! Plus when I realized I had way too much face products I kind of restrained myself from getting 3 more from 3 different store. But now I’m totally regretting because I can’t find them online:(

I won’t go thru all of the stuff I got because I want to make a separate review of them all. Sorry if I made you go thru all my babblings. So basically this is just a preview of what’s in store in this blog in the coming days. but I guess I can tell you which brands I got all these stash from…

Surprisingly I didn’t get anything from Etude House and Lioele and Skinfood. Etude House and Skinfood because they’re everywhere here in the Phils while I didn’t find Lioele shop in Myeongdong 😦

So yeah, I hope you’ll stick around for my reviews 🙂

– rhen

Haul: Just G

17 Jun

I was in SM Megamall 2wks ago as I need to buy new clothes for something-I-need-not-to-discuss. I initially checked out Forever21 but AGAIN I never found anything there I like or at least I feel worth it’s price. I was looking for Jellybean but the stupid girl in the concierge told me they do not have Jellybean there. I went back to F21 again thinking maybe this time I’ll be more open minded…or open pocket-ed rather but really…I JUST COULDN’T it’s beginning to weird me out. So now I was in a dilemma since I don’t have the time to browe the whole freakin mall that day. Then suddenly I remembered a dress from Tricia Gosingtian that I really liked but never had a chance to get probably because I’m broke that time (no, that’s not even a probability…I’m always broke! haha!). I tried looking for that post in her lookbook but it was taking me forever coz she like got a gazillion posts…I just remembered that it was from Just Just G I went….

1. Polo Blouse Php679.75

“Polo Blouse” that kinda sound old school dontchathink?:P I could’ve just said “top” but I wanted to be bit more specific=) So it’s a short sleeved loose fitting (size 3) “polo blouse” with no colar. I don’t own a lot of blues so I’m glad I got this:) it’s made of really light material but not sheer. It’s darn comfy!! AYLAVET!

Sleeveless Cropped Top Php629.75

This one is really light and since it’s white it is kinda sheer as well. I got a size 2 because it kinda make me look big actually even size 2 make me look fat  but I bought it anyways so I got to make it work somehow. What I liked about this is the lace details around the shoulders and color bones area that goes all the way down to the sides. I think it’s pretty. Here’s a close up..

Denim Shorts Php899.75

Since I was out of time I just went ahead and checked out everything I liked without checking the price so when I got home I was like HOLY$#!^!! Php900 for just denim shorts is just too much for me personally T_T. I still liked it though. It’s nice on the skin, the wash is just right and I think the jagged ends would look better after some time. It comes with this rope belt thingy that I probably wouldn’t use.

Blouse Php1,199.75

This is my favorite from all the stuff I got so eventhough it’s a little expensive I still got it. Plus it does look expensive on. AYLAVET!

Dress  Php1,199.75

Also the kind that I wouldn’t pick normally but I really wanted to get a dress that day =) it comes with a braided belt and it’s really nice if I wear the blue polo on top ^_^ It would be nice if it we’re cheaper though…

Cropped Shirt Php499.75

I almost forgot about this one…it’s just a simple cropped shirt but just look how cute it is!!!! =^.^=

So that’s it for the haul.. actually the main point of this haul is that all must look good with the topsider shoes I got as well. I forgot to take picture though so maybe I’ll share it some other time.

Like if you want OOTD with these ^_^


Haul & Dress For Less: Hug

19 May

Do you know this brand? Coz I only see this at the nearest SM where I live…

Mullet Dress Php849

Crop Shirts have taken over fashion kingdom for the last….probably when the year started so no surprise that mullet skirt have been making it’s way to every girl’s closet nowadays ^_^. I originally planned getting a skirt but changed my mind when I saw this (gosh..I have been in to dresses lately, it scares me @.@). WARNING. I saw the exact same dress at St. Francis Square few days after I got this but to my was priced higher!…Php900+ (o.o). I did saw a cheaper one (Php600+) but it’s shorter and in the most unflattering shade of orange. So it was a relieve that I still got  a better deal eventhough it’s from the mall, hehe.

Crop Top Php249.95

Sister says it’s ugly. Bf says it’s OK. I say it’s the most freaking comfortable thing to wear this summer so I’ll probably keep on wearing this the rest of the season 😛

another Crop Top Php249.95

Florals and pastels are usually in during summer but for the none girly girls animal prints is still here to stay ^_^. This one’s longer and will look good with leggings with your hair slicked back to a ponytail. Now who say’s animal prints are always hot and can’t be ‘fresh’ enough for summer 😉

Belt Php199.95

Isn’t the Bow detail cute??^_^. I just bought a neutral colored one coz I’m afraid the red, teal… I saw there would be over the top but now I think it probably wouldn’t since this is so….”subtle”(?). But anyways, I love this ^_^

Dress For Less

I decided to squeeze in a Dress For Less in this post since I did it with the Mullet dress I got here.

The whole get up costs Php1798. I’m not gonna go thru the whole thing since the dress is above (obviously), the shoes I already did a post here and the belt will be the 3rd time you are seeing (yeah, it’s kinda embarassing already..will buy another one, promise :P). But I do like to show you the necklace I am wearing…

<there was a picture here but I removed it because the mirror was so dirty I can’t believe I posted it>

It’s from Jelly Bean and its Php599. I personally think it’s pricey but if your looking for a chunky necklace that doesn’t SCREAM! then I highly recommend you get this. I am so loving this right now ^_^

One last thing before I end this post… I saw The Dark Shadows

last week and don’t you think Johnny Depp looks hot even as a 200y/o uber pale vampire??

oh Barnabas you can bite my neck anytime….

No, but seriously guys, it’s funny. Better see it if you haven’t.

Plus you get to see a very pretty dalagita Chloe Moretz

almost didn’t recognize her. can you believe this is the same blood sucking vampire in Let Me In and foul mouthed ass kicking super girl in Kick Ass


Haul: Jellybean

4 May

I seldom buy clothes from the mall and if those rare “I-feel-like-shopping-for-clothes” feelings come to me. I make sure I check on Jellybean.

Heres what I got:

Sleeveless Top: Php699

cute ^_^

Dress: Php949

Purse: Php849

lovely ^_^

Earrings: Php249

Honestly, I’d rather shop at Jellybean for clothes instead in Forever21. They both have the same style only cheaper. Of course F21 offers WIDE range of clothes compared to Jellybean but I don’t think I’ll ever need that many choices since I don’t plan on buying that many at the first place, hehe.

Have you ever shopped at Jellybean??


Haul: Elf Studio

21 Apr

Picked up a couple of items from ELF’s stuio line from EBAY….

1. HD Powder (Php360)

remember how I always tend to buy makeup (specifically BB creams) that is too light for my skin?? so I got myself a translucent powder. I’ve read a lot of rave about this product. Haven’t used this yet though..

2. Daily Brush Cleaner (Php220)

I hate this. It smells aweful and the previous brush I used (HD Makeup Quick Drying Professional Brush Cleaner) whick worked SO SO MUCH BETTER than this.

3. Eyebrow Treat & Tame – Medium (Php220)

I’m planning to finally color my hair probably on September so I got a pretty light one 🙂 But I saw a beauty guru use this and she had black hair and it still looked nice so I might use this sooner I guess 🙂

4. Lip Stain and Gloss in Birthday Suit

OK, this one I did’t get on Ebay. Bought this from an Elf counter few days before I got the others. I got to say this is the best pale pink lip color I ever owned ^_^ The only downside to this is the packaging. Give a little harder twist when closing and this is what you’ll get..


that’s all. the sellers ebay name is **koko**. Our transaction went smoothly. She was able to ship my order immediately after I confirmed my payment. Check her store here.


(Mini)Haul: Pure Gold – Duty Free

6 Apr

**first, I apologize the pictures are dark 😦

I was at  Sunset Shore Beach in Bataan this Holy Week with my cousins and boy, I had fun ^_^ I have the coolest cousins, aunts, niece and nephews ever ^_^. On our way to the beach, we stopped by Pure Gold – Duty Free in Subic to get some stuff. For those who don’t know, Duty Free sells US products TAX FREE! That’s why I was excited to check out their beauty counters. There’s nothing much there actually just very few Maybelline and L’Oreal stuff (then some perfumes) but I did manage to buy a couple of items 🙂

1. Maybelline Falsies Mascara ($8)

my current mascara is “due” next month but since this is like Php200 less (actually, everything there was like Php200 less that mall price) plus my cousin got one so I was like, what the heck and got myself also ^_^.

2. L’Oreal Rebitalift Double Lifting Eye cream ($18)

I’ve been meaning to have this eversince I saw my pictures in my Tiffany Tutorial. I hate how my eyes looks saggy and old so I’ve been in the search for a good eye cream and I have a good feeling about this ^_^

3. Revlon French Manicure Kit ($12)

Actually, I got this for my sister because I don’t do manicures and she is crazy about them so I’m pretty excited to give this to her ^_^

The price tags are in US $ so since I’m horrible at math I constantly have to ask the sales lady for the peso conversion of everything T_T

That’s it, I told you it’s “mini” but I’m good. There’s nothing more there that I need. It would be nice if they have more brands and products but that’s OK since I RARELY go there ^_^ But to end this post let me show you a pic I took of the beach from the balcony of the villa we rented ^_^

and also my cousin’s gf’s cute doggie Zion 🙂


Haul: Various Asian Products

23 Feb

just a quick post before I go to bed…

Here’s my collective haul from The Face Shop, TonyMoly and Ebay.

From The Face Shop

1. Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser (Php795)

2. Acne Solution Concealer (Php395)

then I got various freebies because my purchase went over Php1000

From TonyMoly

I just got 1..the Floria Youth Energy Sleeping Pack which was on sale so I got this for Php500+ from previous price of Php800. Then I got this trial pack of their Honey-Bee BB Cream

Then lastly from Ebay

I’m excited to review them all..I hope you standby for that ^_^



Haul: My First Ever Haul!!!!!!!

3 Feb

ok for those who don’t know SASA is an HK based online shop (they also have boutiques in HK) that sells beauty products.

so last December they had this Christmas special treat….

And that, my friend, is my queue to checkout…

here's a look at my shopping cart ^_^

 and finally…it arrived!!!!……………ok I picked it up actually..

unboxing :P…..


Here’s a breakdown of what I got..

My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask ($12.7)

…from their Natural Key Line..10 sheet mask inside… I told in my Review: Beauty Buffet Facial Masks that I was going to get this, didn’t I 😛

Essential Rich Premier: Ultra Honey Hair Mask (200g) ($9.6)

this was always out of stock!

Kiss Me HEROINE MAKE Mascara Remover (6ml) ($106)

you’ll see in the next items why I bought this 😛

K-PALETTE Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof (9g) ($14.1)

I’ll finally see for myself what the rave is all about, hehe 😛

FAIRY DROPS Volume Burst Mascara Waterproof (black) ($12.6)

ok so the rave with this is like around 2010..but, hey, better late than never, right? 😀

That’s all 🙂 I’ll definite do a review of each product.

so how was my first shopping at SASA ??


  • Very VAST range of items to choose from. Finally I was able to have the items I’ve been longing for such a long time .
  • Very reasonable price unlike other online shops…(yes, I’m talking to you
  • I got my orders dispatched the next day ^_^
  • have Paypal
  • have lot’s of promo


  • takes a while to restock items

Overall shopping experience. EXCELLENT! I’ll definitely come back for more HAHA!!!

so why did it take a month before I got my items?? — that would be answered on my next post! MAKE SURE YOU STAND BY FOR THAT ONE….REALLY..