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Haul & Dress For Less: Hug

19 May

Do you know this brand? Coz I only see this at the nearest SM where I live…

Mullet Dress Php849

Crop Shirts have taken over fashion kingdom for the last….probably when the year started so no surprise that mullet skirt have been making it’s way to every girl’s closet nowadays ^_^. I originally planned getting a skirt but changed my mind when I saw this (gosh..I have been in to dresses lately, it scares me @.@). WARNING. I saw the exact same dress at St. Francis Square few days after I got this but to my was priced higher!…Php900+ (o.o). I did saw a cheaper one (Php600+) but it’s shorter and in the most unflattering shade of orange. So it was a relieve that I still got  a better deal eventhough it’s from the mall, hehe.

Crop Top Php249.95

Sister says it’s ugly. Bf says it’s OK. I say it’s the most freaking comfortable thing to wear this summer so I’ll probably keep on wearing this the rest of the season 😛

another Crop Top Php249.95

Florals and pastels are usually in during summer but for the none girly girls animal prints is still here to stay ^_^. This one’s longer and will look good with leggings with your hair slicked back to a ponytail. Now who say’s animal prints are always hot and can’t be ‘fresh’ enough for summer 😉

Belt Php199.95

Isn’t the Bow detail cute??^_^. I just bought a neutral colored one coz I’m afraid the red, teal… I saw there would be over the top but now I think it probably wouldn’t since this is so….”subtle”(?). But anyways, I love this ^_^

Dress For Less

I decided to squeeze in a Dress For Less in this post since I did it with the Mullet dress I got here.

The whole get up costs Php1798. I’m not gonna go thru the whole thing since the dress is above (obviously), the shoes I already did a post here and the belt will be the 3rd time you are seeing (yeah, it’s kinda embarassing already..will buy another one, promise :P). But I do like to show you the necklace I am wearing…

<there was a picture here but I removed it because the mirror was so dirty I can’t believe I posted it>

It’s from Jelly Bean and its Php599. I personally think it’s pricey but if your looking for a chunky necklace that doesn’t SCREAM! then I highly recommend you get this. I am so loving this right now ^_^

One last thing before I end this post… I saw The Dark Shadows

last week and don’t you think Johnny Depp looks hot even as a 200y/o uber pale vampire??

oh Barnabas you can bite my neck anytime….

No, but seriously guys, it’s funny. Better see it if you haven’t.

Plus you get to see a very pretty dalagita Chloe Moretz

almost didn’t recognize her. can you believe this is the same blood sucking vampire in Let Me In and foul mouthed ass kicking super girl in Kick Ass


Haul: Jellybean

4 May

I seldom buy clothes from the mall and if those rare “I-feel-like-shopping-for-clothes” feelings come to me. I make sure I check on Jellybean.

Heres what I got:

Sleeveless Top: Php699

cute ^_^

Dress: Php949

Purse: Php849

lovely ^_^

Earrings: Php249

Honestly, I’d rather shop at Jellybean for clothes instead in Forever21. They both have the same style only cheaper. Of course F21 offers WIDE range of clothes compared to Jellybean but I don’t think I’ll ever need that many choices since I don’t plan on buying that many at the first place, hehe.

Have you ever shopped at Jellybean??