Hard Candy Glamoflauge

26 Jun


It’s been around since forever. Like every “Makeup Collection” videos I’ve seen has this. It says it’s a “heavy duty concealer” and boy, do I need that! have a lot of acne spots to cover. Plus this is said to be a dupe for Kat Von D. I wouldn’t know never had it. But real deal maker here is the name 😀 GLAMOFLAUGE… how cute and clever ^^



What I Like:

  • Nice packaging
  • Excellent coverage
  • Little goes a long way…this tube wld probably last me a loooooooooooooong time

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not available locally
  • has a funky smell…like rust (??)
  • has gray undertone


So I wanted this for a long time but unfortunately I’m not loving this as much as I thought I would be. I mean it’s OK I’m just not liking the grey undertone. Actually I never understood gray undertones. Why? What’s it for? Who would like gray undertones?? If you know, please comment below ^^ Some say this can be too thick but when I first got this, it’s not thick at all. On the contrary it was quite oily so I thought then that this product is pooh! but somehow after a month of using this, the formulation seems to get better ^^ I also find this most effective when I pat on it instead of rubbing. I know you should be patting your concealer  specially under the eye but I’m just too lazy. It’s more time consuming…rubbing is faster 😛

Ain-t-Nobody-Got-Time-Fo-Dat-sweet-brown meme oh jesus it's a fire

It also comes with this mini…as in mini concealer pencil which I do like. I just don’t know where can I use it since it’s so tiny 😛



Do you have this in your makeup stash?? please let me know what you think about it ^^


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