Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse

5 Jun


rsz_sam_4503Got this on my last day at Seoul…few hours before we leave for the airport. It was early Sunday morning I was not expecting to find anything actually. The large establishments at the main road we’re quiet very far from the lively Seoul nights but to my surprise, Myeongdong is actually BAU! 🙂 So I went in Skin79. I only tried BB creams from this brand so I was actually hoping to get something else like a blush..yeah, shopped so much still no blush 😛 The SA approached me and was kind enough to ask for my hand for a swatch so I did. To our horror, my hand was flake-y with dryness because it was freezing that morning. I was sooo embarrassed but the SA just smiled and suggested another product instead. it was the Chiffon BB Mouse ^^

rsz_sam_4505What I Like:

  • Really moisturizing
  • super light weight! like your skin can breathe thru this
  • doesn’t feel sticky on the skin
  • nice packaging
  • affordable

What I Don’t Like:

  • not available in Skin79 counters here
  • leaves white cast if not blended well
  • like any mousse products, it’s kind of hard to control
  • not buildable
  • only 1 shade available



This is a light pump and is enough for the whole face. Kinda weird cause as you can see, it isn’t exactly of a mousse consistency. More of a bubble. They should’ve called it ‘Bubble BB Cream” instead. That could’ve been cooler and more unique. I like using a foundation brush for this.


True enough it was moisturizing not to mention it was on sale! Get this, OK…. I got 2 of this with a full size BB Cleanser for 32,000 KRW! How freakin’ awesome is that?! Not to mention even without buying anything yet they already give out loads of samples. I actually got 2 sets since they also gave hubby eventhough it’s pretty obvious he isn’t buying anything…he didn’t even came in the store! Super generous! Definitely The best bargain I had my whole trip. No picture for the cleanser because I am planning to do a separate review on it. That’s it for this review. If you happen to visit Seoul make sure you visit Skin79 for excellent bargains ^^



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