Clio Haul..Eyeliner Galore!

27 May

Sorry for the lack of post. Internet’s down and work has been sh*tty as ever. Even now I can barely manage posting something so I’ll just do another quicky haul for you guys. Yes, I know I haven’t even posted anything from my last haul..but I surely will..promise.

This is actually a collective haul. Got some stuff from Korea, some before and some after…



ok exaggeration lvl 999. But seriously I never bought this many eyeliners at the same (almost) time. I was super intrigued the first time I saw these. Probably because of Lee Hyori. While I never know any of her songs, I really really like her. Probably because she sports this very sexy “olive” skin. Haven’t seen her in person but if her color in the pictures are true to what she really have (which probably not — they always look much fairer in person) then I could say we have the same skintone…Mine not much on the sexy factor though, lol ^^ Let’s just say I somehow relate to her because generally in Asia, the fairer is always the better. As a matter of fact, she’s the only K-Pop star who has medium complexion. Plus I never saw her in the cutesie Asian girl bandwagon. She’s always fierce and edgy just like Clio makeup. Very much in contrast to most Korean makeup with cutie princessy packaging…just like it’s sister company Peripera. I think they really specializes on eyeliners because even the shop I visited in Myeongdong, I barely saw anything that is not eyelining but I saw in the net that they do carry face products. Here in the Philippines. It’s all eyeliner (plus some mascara and a BB cream)

So I got myself:

  • Liquid Liner (brush type) – from SM
  • Liquid Liner (felt tip type) – from SM
  • Mascara – from SM
  • Pencil Eyeliner set – from Myeongdong South Korea
  • Gel eyeliner – from SM

Again all will be reviewed individually..I promise

By the way in Korea I saw the model for Clio is transitioning from Hyori to Sandara. So she kind of graduated from Etude House which is just right because that little she-devil is getting edgier edgier. With the shaved side hairs and all, props to her for pulling that off.

– Rhen


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