Organix Moroccan Argan Oil + Sick day :(

8 May

I’m out sick today which sucks! I’m not gonna lie there are days I wish I am sick so just to skip office but today’s not that day. I have lot’s of deliverables so I’d rather be in the office right now (not really). ‘Well I’m blogging now why don’t I just work on those’ you might ask. well…I am not a fan of bringing work at home. I used to, when I was younger but I have been doing this for 7yrs now….people change. Priorities change…in that 7yrs I learned that some things are waaay more important than being “successful” at work. Like health and family for instance. so yeah, I refuse to work now….or maybe I will….bah! whatever.

Plus the hubby bugged me to go see a doctor. So I wasted 2 hours waiting in the clinic only to be prescribed pain killers and anti-allergies. Like I didn’t know that! duh! not to mention I shed some Php 400 on the consultation. 2 hrs and Php 400! I could’ve spent it on a spa that would probably make me whole lot better….probably.

**Organix Review starts here**


‘Moroccan Argan Oil ‘- kieme I’ve been hearing about it for a long time. Like it’s some revolutionary elixir for hair or something. I am quite happy with my hair routine so I didn’t bother trying this out since the ones available here before are quite expensive. Until my aunt from the States gifted me with the ‘Penetrating Oil’ but I never really had the chance to use it.

Last month I finally ran out of hairmask then I remember seeing from a magazine that Organix one is a “Cosmo Awardee” so it was decided that this will be my next hairmask. I finally got it few weeks ago then I remembered I have the Oil so I took it out and used it as well

What I Liked:

  • soft nice gentle smell
  • it is very light to wear
  • makes hair soft and smooth
  • the Oil is very light it doesn’t weigh my hair down although it’s an oil. the texture is somewhat more liquid-y than serum but not too liquid-y like oil. It is similar to the “Human Nature” one but I super hate that stuff.
  • the hairmask is light it didn’t give me hairfall


What I Don’t Like:

  • for the price (Php450–hairmask) and the hype it didn’t do much for my hair. It’s OK but I have tried better.
  • For the oil, the packaging could be a bit messy

That’s it! If you have a good Moroccan Oil recommendation, please comment below ^^

– Rhen


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