Maybelline Color Tattoos + Happy Labor Day <3

1 May

I have them for a while now but for some reason it is only recently that I have been in to them. I just keep on reaching out for them for easy 1 color eyeshadow looks.


I only have 3 and they are 25 Bad As Bronze, 30 Pomegranate Punk and 40 Tenacious Teal. First of, can I just say HOW COOL ARE THE NAMES?!? I just can’t get over ‘Tenacious Teal’ ^^. Embarassingly, the names are my deciding factor f which shades to get 😛 like I’ve ever used a teal eyeshadow in my life..:P


wow.I am quite surprised how good some of the pictures turned out. these we’re taken in my room with 0 natural lighting ^^

What I Like:

  • very pigmented
  • really blendable
  • buildable
  • can be worn as base or on it’s own
  • nice creamy texture. Not too oily or greasy

What I don’t Like:

  • not available locally
  • although it’s cream shadow I don’t like using it as an eyeshadow primer

so here’s what they look like….


as you can see Bad as Bronze and Pomegranate Punk is cracking up on the sides but that’s ok. As I said, I have them for a while now and the quality didn’t change at all.

here’s some swatches..

Pomegranate Punk - Bad as Bronze - Tenacious Teal

Pomegranate Punk – Bad as Bronze – Tenacious Teal

I totally see what’s with the hype. These are good GOOD good eyeshadows. I am totally in love with them specially Bad as Bronze. It’s a lovely neutral color that is great for everyday. I like that I can use this with out primer and brush so it really cuts a lot of time. It is a great eyeshadow to use specially in this kind of hot weather where my eyelids tend to be oilier than usual. So I really need something that adheres.

I’m pretty sure you have a couple of these in your collection too. Comment below…I’d like to see what other shades are great out there…


oooh!!!! I almost forgot…HAPPY LABOR DAY!!! I actually published this already when I remembered so I had to edit cause I just have to greet you guys! I hope your day was awesome…had some serious ME time…spent in a salon, got your hair and nails did, or had some serious relaxation in the spa…yeah, those are some stuff I wish I did but didn’t 😛 I just spent the day chilling out at my parent’s home in the computer because I got no life..lols!’s actually equally relaxing, I just love being here without office stress is my kind of ‘Labor Day’. So again, happy Labor Day Philippines! and also if you are in a country celebrating Labor Day today as well ^^


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