Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Make-up Eraser

28 Apr

Last Thursday my brain had hit it’s all time low. I was retouching makeup when I noticed there’s a piece of used tissue in my makeup bag. Then it hit me! After I used my Lioele makeup remover pen I actually threw it in the garbage and kept the tissue instead! MAJOR WTF BRAIN?! MOMENT! too bad I was not even able to do a review on it 😦 so now my Tony Moly made it’s pre-mature debut! hehe 😛


Still part of my Korean Mega Haul. Honestly I just bought it cause I think it’s really funny! Panda’s Dream is to remove his dark circles haha! Plus who doesn’t love pandas? right??? 🙂

Its kind of like lip balm and you get this much product for 7000krw.


I actually shot some ‘demo’ pic of this. It did ok when I did it on the swatch on the back of my hand. However it’s not really working in actual mascara smears so I just decided to not put those pictures up. So yeah in the end, I am not really liking this product but I’ll keep using it though since I bought it plus you can really make this work by really rubbing it in. Which is kind of tough since the tip is rounded.


The packaging is really excessive too. But that’s ok since it’s really really cute ^^

That’s it, my head is really all over place now, had a veeerrry long day….I really should go to bed. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend =^.^=



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