Face Shop Face It Nail Polish in GR507 + April 2013 Cosmo Mag + Iron Man 3

27 Apr

I never liked nail polishes! You’ve probably noticed it in some of my pictures, I have ugly UGLY hands. I was born with a LOT, you can say abnormally LOTS of palm lines that are deep. The back of my hands — the joints of my fingers — are also filled with lots of lines that make my hands look all wrinkly 😦 I feel putting on nail polish actually draws attention to my hands instead of making them pretty 😦

but that was before 🙂 I did say in one of my post that I kind of want to experiment with nail polishes so today for the very first time.. I am doing a Nail Polish Review for you, guys ^^

It is the Face Shop Face It Nail Polish in GR507


still part of my Korean Mega Haul. Honestly, I have no idea how to review a nail polish since I rarely use them I have no idea what’s a good and bad nail polish so I decided to just do this….

here’s the picture right after I painted them on..

see, I'm trying so hard hiding my hand :(

see, I’m trying so hard hiding my hand 😦

please forgive the sloppy-ness of the application. I am on the process of getting a hang of it. Also, this is applied with NO base and top coat. nothing except the product itself. I thought of getting the proper “paraphernalia” first but then I just said ‘whatdaheck! I wanna do it!’ so there -.-‘

here’s what they looked like after a week…


umm looks like 20%-30% chipped off already. but then again, no other nail stuff whatsoever PLUS I do a lot of house chores…



did you know that dishwasher is not a popular appliance in the Philippines? 🙂 I don’t know a single person here who owns one. Not even the rich ones 😛



As you see in the pictures, I got it for 3000 krw..fairly cheap. Honestly, this is not the color I was hoping it to be. The lighting in the shop made it look lighter and that’s the kind of green I was going for but whatdaheck! I bought it so I will use it! I still think that nail polish draws unwanted attention to my hands but I DON’T CARE! colored nail in contrast to my black work keyboard looks a liiitttle less boring so I decided to just wear one if I feel like it =)

Oh BTW, what really made me want to do this post is this…


It’s Isabelle Daza on the cover of April 2013 Cosmopolitan Magazine =^.^= I think she is nothing but pure Filipina Gorg! I am totally girl crushing on her ^^. Too bad the magazine sucks though. It’s thin and there’s really nothing in there worth showing. Check out her nails. it’s green! When I bought it, it was like a sign that I should do this post, lol. Lame…

ironmanso who else haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet? whatdaheck are you doing?? get your ass off to cinema and catch it before everyone else spoil it for you! lols. But seriously, watch it! If you liked the first 2 installments you will like it for sure. At first, I thought I will not like it with so many suits in the trailer and the poster. but I really really enjoyed it ^^. There are more Tony Stark action this time which some did not like very much (aka my brother) but I’m sure all the girls out there are happy to see ^^ If you are familiar with the comic they did created a whole different Mandarin villain. I normally hate when a movie drifts soooo far away from the novel or comics but…I don’t know, I somehow forgive this movie for doing that 😛


WARNING – More Spoilers:

I am just not so cool with the following…

  • Why were the enemy able to control the Iron Patriot suit just like that? when it has the toughest Stark security? but then the hubby answered ‘maybe it was programmed a bit differently since the suit technically is owned by the government.
  • I am also not cool with him blowing up all the suits…he could have given one to the Philippines!!!!
  • Pepper falling into a fire pit and actually surviving is predictable…
  • something looks off when Killian took off the Iron Patriot mask inside the Airforce One…I can’t specifically point at it since I can’t find stills.
  • Pepper being bad ass is cool =^.^=
  • As expected, there is a mini clip after the credits..but it’s super corny and not worth the wait, I think.


I’ll stop now. Sorry there’s sooo much going on in this post 😛



2 Responses to “Face Shop Face It Nail Polish in GR507 + April 2013 Cosmo Mag + Iron Man 3”

  1. Rae May 4, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    I have the same observation with the iron man suits. They should not have been THAT easy to destroy.

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