Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask with Collagen + Public Proposal?

22 Apr

I use sheet masks once a week as part of my skin care routine and right now I am currently using Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask with Collagen. I am 29y/o, not very young and it’s beginning to show in my skin. That’s why I’m a fan of anything collagen. Last night I found that I am finally down to 1 sheet then I remembered I have stock photos of this mask in my computer. I was supposed to do a review on it before but was not able to for who knows what reason. Actually, I have a lot of those so my goal this year is to post them all, little by little, finally. So today I am starting with this Kose sheet mask…


What I Like:

  • no harsh smell
  • not irritating on the skin
  • does an OK job moisturizing the skin

What I Don’t Like:

  • not a good fit to my big full moon face TT.TT
  • not available locally
  • compared to other sheet mask I previously owned (link below) this comes awefully short when it comes to being soaked with essence
  • no English translation


It has the same packaging as wet wipes unlike the other sheet masks which are packed individually. I like it! I think that’s really smart and economical. The downside is you cannot bring one or couple when you’re traveling.


Sorry I had this for a while, I can’t remember which Multiply seller I bought this from and also for how much. I’d like to say Php700-ish.  That’s perfectly fine considering this contains 20+ sheet masks!

So this is how the sheet looks like. The material is thicker than my previous sheet masks.


That’s it for my review. Next time I will continue with my Korean Mega Haul reviews. I hope you are not getting tired of them because I am definitely not! Hehe.

My Past Sheet Masks:



Public Wedding Proposal?

While seeing men drop on their knees inside the octagon is normal in UFC, last Saturday’s fight is quite different since Henderson, after successfully defending his title popped THE question to his girlfriend right there and then on national TV…


Err..I don’t know but somehow I didn’t feel kilig for some reason. I don’t know if it’s the venue, since I’m not sure if the high testosterone level in the atmosphere appreciate that kind of cheesiness or maybe I thought it could’ve been more awesome if he won via KO (meanie me)… basta parang papampam lang e 😛 I’m not being a cold hearted b*tch here OK!?? I do love proposals. You know the series where a production crew helps out and films wedding proposals? I used to watch that a lot and probably cried on every single episode. My hubby’s proposal is nothing like those and you could probably say it’s the basic-over dinner-proposal..no kneeling, no long speech whatsoever. I’m not being bitter… sure it would be nice if he did a bit more but I am also cool that he didn’t because that’s him J Plus I myself would probably feel way too embarrassed if he did a public proposal like that.

So girls, open question here: Would you like to be proposed to on public?



2 Responses to “Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask with Collagen + Public Proposal?”

  1. jenn f May 1, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    these look slightly better than those whitening ones but i’m such a fan of MBD masks i’ll probably never get around to trying these. thanks for the link to your post!
    – abeautifulzen

    • beautyanon May 1, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

      yeah…i love MBD too. and I’ll probably wont purchase this again…

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