Maybelline The Jewels by Colorsensational in 82 Refined Wine + The Croods

13 Apr



HOT HOT HOT SUMMER EVERYONE!!!! I’d like to take a quick break from my Korean Haul series and do a post on this awesome lip product ^^ It’s really funny actually.. My lipstick this week was a limited edition Colorsensational as well. So one hot (sorry, can’t stop stressing how ridiculously hot it is nowadays) night, I was randomly thinking “man, it wld be nice to collect all the limited edition Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks…too bad I will never get my hands on The Jewel one because the damn thing just won’t go on sale”. The next morning, I went to Watsons to get some makeup wipes and guess what,, this baby was on 50% off! let me say that again 50% FREAKIN OFF! BOOYAH!


According to the packaging/seal it has “Jewelescent Pigmentation and Honey Nectar” Whatever, Maybelline! the packaging is pretty! Just look at it, guys =) Too bad, there were only 3 shades that went on sale…Amethyst Ablaze (the most popular shade), Pink Quartz (?), and Refined Wine…

I got 82 Refined Wine because I remember coming across Michelle Phan’s Blog and I saw her do a post about wine colored lips and I just remember liking how she looks in the pictures. So it wasn’t hard choosing which shade to get.





What I Like:

  • very pigmented
  • nice packaging
  • no harsh smell
  • affordable since it was on sale
  • has tiny gold specs but not really obvious

What I don’t Like:

  • This is not very popular like “Pearl” and “Vivids” so I’m not sure if this is available in all countries
  • kind of hard to remove so use lip makeup remover… not just ordinary makeup remover
  • settle on lip crevices so make sure you have applied a good lip balm/conditioner first



This stays true to the Colorsensational qualities so if you like those I’m pretty sure this will never fail you. The original price is Php399



Yeah I am well aware that this is not a summer color but whatdaheck! Time flies so fast for me. before I know it, it’s “-ber” months once again! We don’t have “Fall Season” but when it comes to makeup, we like following the trend. This will definitely be my Fall 2013 lip color ^^



The Croods


I know everyone’s excited with the upcoming big movies, like Iron Man 2, Oblivion including myself. I was with my nieces this afternoon and there is nothing in the cinemas that is for kids except for this one. And boy I’m glad we saw it! It’s really hilarious and moving as well. No wonder it’s been out for a while now and yet the cinema was packed! I’ve never been in a cinema where everyone was loud with laughter in a long time. At first I thought it would be another “kid having her/his way” type of story again (yeah, most “children movies” have that plot! admit it!)…well, it was sort of like that but then its not really, I promise. It’s about family, relationship, taking risk, humility, LIVING…really there is so much for everybody…not just the kids…definitely EVERBODY to learn.

“…that’s not living…that’s just not dying…it’s different” – Eep

If you haven’t watched The Croods please please catch it on cinemas NOW, before it get’s replaced. I highly highly highly recommend it! 5 out of 5. I think this is the first time I’ve ever given a perfect rate to a movie. Well done, Dreamworks! thumbs up!



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