Missha Signature Glam Triple Lips in TVL 01

10 Apr

FINALLY! well this was supposed to be posted earlier. I tested this out whole week last week but my camera charger decided to walkout on me. finally found it yesterday but I had to wait til this morning to take pictures to get some nice natural lighting ^^

this is the MISSHA SIGNATURE GLAM TRIPLE LIPS in TVL 01. Yes this is still part of my Korean Mega Haul series. It was Missha’s latest product from their signature line — which is like their “highend line” — and I knew that because it was heavily advertised on tv when I was in Seoul last month.. plus of course, it was on sale ^^.


I had to research why it is called ‘triple lips’ since looking at it, it seems like a normal gloss to me. So from what I learn it is the Korean take of the now ever popular ‘lip stain – gloss’. Triple lips because apparently, you get an effect of lip stain with the 1st application, lipstick on the 2nd and lipstick with gloss on the 3rd. So for me it’s just their glorified way of saying that the product is BUILD-ABLE :P. This is also said to be the dupe of the YSL Glossy Stains which sadly I don’t have BUT the closest thing I have to that is…..yep…the L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Caresse. So we will be using that as comparison for this review ^^


What I Like:

  • Nice pigmentation
  • smooth and easy application.
  • oh so glam packaging
  • not dry on the lips
  • staying power is 3 to 4 hrs but again…blame it on the oh so hot Phil summah!
  • fades evenly

What I Don’t Like:

  • just 1…THE SMELL! gosh! oh no no…it doesn’t smell BAD at all in fact it smells good…TOO GOOD! that’s the problem! imagine a powdery eu de toilette perfume your mom usually likes…that’s how it smells. Too damn strong it’s irritating! Some would like it though but for me, no! If you have been reading here you know that I don’t really mind scented makeups and sometimes I would even mention in the “Like” that a product has a nice smell on it…so this is not over reacting here.


Yes it is comparable to the L’Oreal ones it’s just the latter is a bit more pigmented, more richer, and has longer staying power. I’m pretty sure I picked up one of the boldest color in the bunch but maybe there’s one that can be on par or even better than L’Oreal when it comes to pigmentation. Plus I know there are also colors from L’Oreal that are not so pigmented. That swatch from the pic below did not leave any stain when I wiped it off with tissue like the L’Oreal one does. I also prefer this being not so rich since it feels lighter on the lips. I also do not like building this up. I’m kind of happy how just 1 application looks ^^


I got this for 17,600 KRW sorry I can’t remember if that’s the orig or the discounted price. I will try to look for the receipt and see if I can tell from there. I’ll update this after.

That’s it. I hope you like this review. Is there any other lip products similar to this you could recommend? Please comment below ^^

– Rhen


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