A’PIEU Sparkling Jewel Shadow in 07 & 08

31 Mar

Hello! Hello! Guess what? I’m on item #4 from my South Korea haul ^^. Today I am doing a review on these lovely eyeshadows from A’PIEU which is 1 of my fave items in my haul ^^.


I’m kind of giddy right now because A’PIEU is the last brand I had in mind. I’ve been seeing this brand in eBay but I never really bought anything from them before plus the image model of the brand are some kpop BOY band….actually a lot of makeups there have boy models…WTF is that??  So here are what they looked like unboxed….

You can see, the packaging is really nice. The lid has this cute floral details..I hope you can see that. It’s also in a dome shape which is common since these are actually baked shadows. Now here’s the review…


What I Like:

  • Very pigmented. 
  • kind of creamy texture
  • applies and blends well
  • nice, clear packaging.

What I Don’t Like:

  • not available locally
  • not much of staying power. I recommend you apply a very good primer first. This stayed 3hrs without primer PLUS, again…the very humid and hot Philippine summer.
  • a tad bit chalky so again, use a primer






The brown color here is a bit darker…the shimmers might have reflected on the camera and dulled down the color somehow.

The best part about this shadows are they are on a buy 1 take 1 promo. so I actually got both for 7800 krw ^^. The 0.8 immediately caught my eyes and when I asked the SA for the popular shades, 0.7 stood out from all the shades she pointed at. You see that coppery champagne color? It’s a trendy color in Asia nowadays ^^. What I love most about this shadows is that they had the best shimmers..not too chunky..it’s just perfect ^^ I’m not an eyeshadow fan but I am enjoying and excited to create looks with these. I’m really in love with these shadows. Make sure you get one (or get all, if you can) if you happen to pass by A’PIEU =^.^=



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