Dearberry Flirt Lipstick + Beyond Save Us Lipstick

30 Mar


Hi Guys! today I’ll be doing a review of a lipstick that I also got from my recent South Korea trip. It is from a brand called Dearberry and it is their Flirt lipstick in 06 Million Dollar Orange. Honestly, I got this one on impulse. I was actually looking for their “lip pen” ..the one that looks like a crayon. I just saw that this was on sale so there…. The sad part is, I misunderstood the sale. I thought it’s a 1 + 1 so I was expecting to get 2 for a single price of 7000 something krw. I was asking for my freebie upon checking out only then I understood that the promo is actually ‘buy 2 and get a free makeup remover’. I don’t feel like getting another one so in the end I got a product I don’t really like for a regular price =(  Lesson learned: NEVER LOSE IT just because there’s sale everywhere… study what you’re gonna buy just like you do when there’s no sale. *sigh**

Even the color is ‘unintentional’. You know I looove orange lipsticks so I have a couple of them already. Even before I went to Korea, I made this mental note to stop getting orange lip colors already as this color is seasonal and not much of an everyday wear. But the SA there really recommended this saying it’s matches me well. so yeah…..

Anyway….enough of the super wordy intro and let’s get on with the review ^^

you get about this much of product

you get about this much of product

What I Like:

  • unscented
  • has red undertones so it’s not really BAM! orange. also it’s not the type of orange that makes your teeth look yellow.
  • not dry on the lips…but not that moisturizing as well
  • has an OK staying power. Probably 3 to 4 hours…

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not available locally
  • The packaging! although I’m a ‘black with hotpink’ fan, I just think this looks cheap.
  • It maybe a bit pricey given there’s nothing really that astounding about it. It’s just like any other lipstick.


Overall I am not super loving this but I don’t hate it as well. This could very well be my go to orange lipstick if I am wearing glasses since it’s so pigmented. But with so much innovations around lip products nowadays I don’t feel like recommending this to you guys since it is just a plain lipstick.

I am also squeezing in this post my Beyond Save Us lipstick because it is one of those makeup product that I admittedly bought because of the packaging…..Just look!

kawaii ^^

kawaii ^^ sorry I can’t rotate the pic for some reason

How cute is that?! It reminds me of the Paul n Joe cat lipsticks. So yeah I don’t think I will ever do a review on this. Can’t bring myself to swatch it more so, use it. It is 8000 krw plus the shade looks pretty TT.TT. The SA was not able to explain to me but I learned in the internet that a portion of the proceeds of this lipstick goes to an animal organization of some sort so that’s another good thing. Please don’t judge for buying something I’m not going to use, ever 😛

– Rhen


2 Responses to “Dearberry Flirt Lipstick + Beyond Save Us Lipstick”

  1. Sherly Stephanie April 3, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    ohhhh the orange looks pretty ^^ but I don’t think that’s an everyday colour for me 😦 the Paul n Joe is so pretty! I will never ever use it too if I were you.

    • beautyanon April 10, 2013 at 5:56 am #

      Hi. well it’s summer here now so I’m kind of staying away to bold lipsticks 🙂 IKR…too pretty :P. thanks for stopping by ^^

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