CC Cream…ready to take over BB Creams???

29 Mar

Review on Nature Republic’s CC Cream.

rsz_sam_4288 1

Yey for the 1st installment of my Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul Reviews =) I specifically chose this first as the SA told me, it’s the hot item in S. Korea right now, plus I’m not quite sure if this had hit Phil shores already. (Told you I haven’t been visiting Korean shops recently). I know the Juice brand found in Beauty Bars has it and I’ve been meaning to try it out but since I already got this one from NR, I think I can pass that 🙂

What is CC Cream?? – CC stands for Color Control so basically, its supposed to even out your complexion. This also, apparently is an IMPROVED version of BB Cream.

Thankfully, blotchy skin is not that much of my problem but acne scar is….

I’ve been using this the whole week and here’s what I think about it..


What I Like:

  • super light on the skin
  • no harsh smell
  • packaging is simple but hygenic
  • has SPF 30

What I Don’t Like:

  • may be a bit pricey. Got this one for 14000 krw but it was on 40% off…do the math
  • may feel a bit oily on the skin
half pump

half pump

This product is called Color Change…see how white that cream is?!?

no worries it blends out nice and perfect I think to most skin tone ^^


It has light to medium coverage….

ok, so the very first day I used this, I was super disappointed how oily my skin turned out. I know it’s summer now but I stay mostly indoors with AC. I wanted to write a review write then and there to bash on this product. But then again, sense came in…it’s just 1 day after all. With hesitation I still continued using this thinking maybe if I switched setting powder it will be OK. The second surprise came the next day. Without changing setting powder or anything else in my makeup and skin care routine, it looked OK. I thought maybe I’m just seeing things but then I got to admit it DID FEEL better on the skin than the 1st day. So I kept the same face routine the whole week. I wouldn’t believe this is actually a great product until a friend actually commented “What’s with you? Your skin looks blooming!”. Yey! finally! a product perfect for a “no makeup makeup look”!

Will this be the dawn of CC Creams? I honestly don’t know. This is just 1 CC cream after all. Even I can not say for sure that I will replace my BB Creams with this. I love this but I’m still tad bit uncomfortable with the lightness of the coverage — yes, I’m one insecure girl..sorry.

I hope this review was helpful somehow and will want you to try out CC Cream ^^

– Rhen


3 Responses to “CC Cream…ready to take over BB Creams???”

  1. Sherly Stephanie April 3, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    ah after reading your review on this CC cream i want to buy it T^T i’m trying real hard to save but internet is not a good friend when it comes to saving LOL does cc cream really match to your skin tone? i have quite dark skin tone, and i’m afraid it will make me look like i’m wearing a white mask T^T

    • beautyanon April 10, 2013 at 5:58 am #

      no not at all. The coverage is very light. It comes out white at first but blend it really well and it’s good ^^


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