Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul :P

19 Mar


Not online this time… I’VE BEEN TO SOUTH KOREA last last week!! crazy!!! It’s one of the most awesome-st week of my life! I love SEOUL to bits! so convenient and progressive. Made me sad how far behind the Phils have fallen. To think it’s only 4hrs flight away 😦  So I don’t want to go on and on about the trip. But I might start to do some Travel Post about it. I just did our itinerary and in 5 days we we’re there, we’ve been ALL over the place ^^ Please comment if you’d like that. Please do…..:P


Back to shopping. I believe I have quite expressed my love for Asian cosmetics in this blog. But recently I kinda had a break with Asian makeup and went for Western brand from one to another…highend to drugstore. So when I was in Myeongdong (which is quite a popular shopping district, if you didn’t know) I was like reminded how in love I was with Korean cosmetics and went from one store to another like a mad woman! But there’s still some sanity left cause I made sure to only get 1 item from each shop and only get items on sale. Yes! I was also lucky enough to be there when Seoul was having this crazy sale on everything!! Plus when I realized I had way too much face products I kind of restrained myself from getting 3 more from 3 different store. But now I’m totally regretting because I can’t find them online:(

I won’t go thru all of the stuff I got because I want to make a separate review of them all. Sorry if I made you go thru all my babblings. So basically this is just a preview of what’s in store in this blog in the coming days. but I guess I can tell you which brands I got all these stash from…

Surprisingly I didn’t get anything from Etude House and Lioele and Skinfood. Etude House and Skinfood because they’re everywhere here in the Phils while I didn’t find Lioele shop in Myeongdong 😦

So yeah, I hope you’ll stick around for my reviews 🙂

– rhen


6 Responses to “Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul :P”

  1. WithLoveShmon March 19, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    Ah! you got so many! reviews please on your favourites!

    • beautyanon March 27, 2013 at 3:49 am #

      hi =) yes I will…I’m just giving them a couple of days to see how it really works =) thanks for dropping by ^^


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