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A’PIEU Sparkling Jewel Shadow in 07 & 08

31 Mar

Hello! Hello! Guess what? I’m on item #4 from my South Korea haul ^^. Today I am doing a review on these lovely eyeshadows from A’PIEU which is 1 of my fave items in my haul ^^.


I’m kind of giddy right now because A’PIEU is the last brand I had in mind. I’ve been seeing this brand in eBay but I never really bought anything from them before plus the image model of the brand are some kpop BOY band….actually a lot of makeups there have boy models…WTF is that??  So here are what they looked like unboxed….

You can see, the packaging is really nice. The lid has this cute floral details..I hope you can see that. It’s also in a dome shape which is common since these are actually baked shadows. Now here’s the review…


What I Like:

  • Very pigmented. 
  • kind of creamy texture
  • applies and blends well
  • nice, clear packaging.

What I Don’t Like:

  • not available locally
  • not much of staying power. I recommend you apply a very good primer first. This stayed 3hrs without primer PLUS, again…the very humid and hot Philippine summer.
  • a tad bit chalky so again, use a primer






The brown color here is a bit darker…the shimmers might have reflected on the camera and dulled down the color somehow.

The best part about this shadows are they are on a buy 1 take 1 promo. so I actually got both for 7800 krw ^^. The 0.8 immediately caught my eyes and when I asked the SA for the popular shades, 0.7 stood out from all the shades she pointed at. You see that coppery champagne color? It’s a trendy color in Asia nowadays ^^. What I love most about this shadows is that they had the best shimmers..not too’s just perfect ^^ I’m not an eyeshadow fan but I am enjoying and excited to create looks with these. I’m really in love with these shadows. Make sure you get one (or get all, if you can) if you happen to pass by A’PIEU =^.^=


Dearberry Flirt Lipstick + Beyond Save Us Lipstick

30 Mar


Hi Guys! today I’ll be doing a review of a lipstick that I also got from my recent South Korea trip. It is from a brand called Dearberry and it is their Flirt lipstick in 06 Million Dollar Orange. Honestly, I got this one on impulse. I was actually looking for their “lip pen” ..the one that looks like a crayon. I just saw that this was on sale so there…. The sad part is, I misunderstood the sale. I thought it’s a 1 + 1 so I was expecting to get 2 for a single price of 7000 something krw. I was asking for my freebie upon checking out only then I understood that the promo is actually ‘buy 2 and get a free makeup remover’. I don’t feel like getting another one so in the end I got a product I don’t really like for a regular price =(  Lesson learned: NEVER LOSE IT just because there’s sale everywhere… study what you’re gonna buy just like you do when there’s no sale. *sigh**

Even the color is ‘unintentional’. You know I looove orange lipsticks so I have a couple of them already. Even before I went to Korea, I made this mental note to stop getting orange lip colors already as this color is seasonal and not much of an everyday wear. But the SA there really recommended this saying it’s matches me well. so yeah…..

Anyway….enough of the super wordy intro and let’s get on with the review ^^

you get about this much of product

you get about this much of product

What I Like:

  • unscented
  • has red undertones so it’s not really BAM! orange. also it’s not the type of orange that makes your teeth look yellow.
  • not dry on the lips…but not that moisturizing as well
  • has an OK staying power. Probably 3 to 4 hours…

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not available locally
  • The packaging! although I’m a ‘black with hotpink’ fan, I just think this looks cheap.
  • It maybe a bit pricey given there’s nothing really that astounding about it. It’s just like any other lipstick.


Overall I am not super loving this but I don’t hate it as well. This could very well be my go to orange lipstick if I am wearing glasses since it’s so pigmented. But with so much innovations around lip products nowadays I don’t feel like recommending this to you guys since it is just a plain lipstick.

I am also squeezing in this post my Beyond Save Us lipstick because it is one of those makeup product that I admittedly bought because of the packaging…..Just look!

kawaii ^^

kawaii ^^ sorry I can’t rotate the pic for some reason

How cute is that?! It reminds me of the Paul n Joe cat lipsticks. So yeah I don’t think I will ever do a review on this. Can’t bring myself to swatch it more so, use it. It is 8000 krw plus the shade looks pretty TT.TT. The SA was not able to explain to me but I learned in the internet that a portion of the proceeds of this lipstick goes to an animal organization of some sort so that’s another good thing. Please don’t judge for buying something I’m not going to use, ever 😛

– Rhen

CC Cream…ready to take over BB Creams???

29 Mar

Review on Nature Republic’s CC Cream.

rsz_sam_4288 1

Yey for the 1st installment of my Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul Reviews =) I specifically chose this first as the SA told me, it’s the hot item in S. Korea right now, plus I’m not quite sure if this had hit Phil shores already. (Told you I haven’t been visiting Korean shops recently). I know the Juice brand found in Beauty Bars has it and I’ve been meaning to try it out but since I already got this one from NR, I think I can pass that 🙂

What is CC Cream?? – CC stands for Color Control so basically, its supposed to even out your complexion. This also, apparently is an IMPROVED version of BB Cream.

Thankfully, blotchy skin is not that much of my problem but acne scar is….

I’ve been using this the whole week and here’s what I think about it..


What I Like:

  • super light on the skin
  • no harsh smell
  • packaging is simple but hygenic
  • has SPF 30

What I Don’t Like:

  • may be a bit pricey. Got this one for 14000 krw but it was on 40% off…do the math
  • may feel a bit oily on the skin
half pump

half pump

This product is called Color Change…see how white that cream is?!?

no worries it blends out nice and perfect I think to most skin tone ^^


It has light to medium coverage….

ok, so the very first day I used this, I was super disappointed how oily my skin turned out. I know it’s summer now but I stay mostly indoors with AC. I wanted to write a review write then and there to bash on this product. But then again, sense came in…it’s just 1 day after all. With hesitation I still continued using this thinking maybe if I switched setting powder it will be OK. The second surprise came the next day. Without changing setting powder or anything else in my makeup and skin care routine, it looked OK. I thought maybe I’m just seeing things but then I got to admit it DID FEEL better on the skin than the 1st day. So I kept the same face routine the whole week. I wouldn’t believe this is actually a great product until a friend actually commented “What’s with you? Your skin looks blooming!”. Yey! finally! a product perfect for a “no makeup makeup look”!

Will this be the dawn of CC Creams? I honestly don’t know. This is just 1 CC cream after all. Even I can not say for sure that I will replace my BB Creams with this. I love this but I’m still tad bit uncomfortable with the lightness of the coverage — yes, I’m one insecure girl..sorry.

I hope this review was helpful somehow and will want you to try out CC Cream ^^

– Rhen

Korean Cosmetics Mega Haul :P

19 Mar


Not online this time… I’VE BEEN TO SOUTH KOREA last last week!! crazy!!! It’s one of the most awesome-st week of my life! I love SEOUL to bits! so convenient and progressive. Made me sad how far behind the Phils have fallen. To think it’s only 4hrs flight away 😦  So I don’t want to go on and on about the trip. But I might start to do some Travel Post about it. I just did our itinerary and in 5 days we we’re there, we’ve been ALL over the place ^^ Please comment if you’d like that. Please do…..:P


Back to shopping. I believe I have quite expressed my love for Asian cosmetics in this blog. But recently I kinda had a break with Asian makeup and went for Western brand from one to another…highend to drugstore. So when I was in Myeongdong (which is quite a popular shopping district, if you didn’t know) I was like reminded how in love I was with Korean cosmetics and went from one store to another like a mad woman! But there’s still some sanity left cause I made sure to only get 1 item from each shop and only get items on sale. Yes! I was also lucky enough to be there when Seoul was having this crazy sale on everything!! Plus when I realized I had way too much face products I kind of restrained myself from getting 3 more from 3 different store. But now I’m totally regretting because I can’t find them online:(

I won’t go thru all of the stuff I got because I want to make a separate review of them all. Sorry if I made you go thru all my babblings. So basically this is just a preview of what’s in store in this blog in the coming days. but I guess I can tell you which brands I got all these stash from…

Surprisingly I didn’t get anything from Etude House and Lioele and Skinfood. Etude House and Skinfood because they’re everywhere here in the Phils while I didn’t find Lioele shop in Myeongdong 😦

So yeah, I hope you’ll stick around for my reviews 🙂

– rhen

L’Oreal Shine Caresse in 702 Juliete

18 Mar


As promised I am doing a review on the L’Oreal Shine Caresse that I got I think last month and the reason for the delay is that I thought I’m getting another one 😛 If you haven’t read in my post here. I did mention that I got this on a sale promo. If you also don’t know, L’Oreal have some sort of membership tie up with Robinson’s Malls and as you guessed it I did sign up for membership so I get to be alerted every time they have promos. So the day after my purchase I did receive a text that they are on sale on makeup but when I checked out L’Oreal counter the next day they told me that the sale is actually over. Watdaheck was that all about L’Oreal?? so yeah, I guess I’m stuck with just this one for now 🙂 Wow, what a long intro..probably the longest one I’ve written..sorry. Let’s get on with the review 🙂


What I Like:

  • Awesome pigmentation. That 1 swipe is more than enough for your whole lips. No need for 2nd dip
  • Excellent staying power. If you look at the picture below, some color remains even after wiping with a tissue
  • not drying on the lips which is usual for lip stains
  • Uber fancy packaging

What I don’t Like:

  • The price. I believe this retails for Php695. For me that’s way too much for a lip product.


Sorry I didn’t take note how much this weighs and you really can’t see from the packaging how deep the product contains. But judging from the length of the applicator it’s probably not much.

Overall, I love this product. I’m really impressed of the staying power not just the color but the gloss as well. I haven’t own anything like it. Some complain that it fades unevenly but in the 7hrs I had it on that didn’t happen.

My other complain would be it only came in 8 shades here in the Phils. I know there’s 12. Not only that but the popular shades are also not available like Infinite Fuschia and Endless Red. What up with that L’Oreal Phils?

Some of the more natural shades tend to be too sheer. It may not show well on pigmented lips (like I have) so for a lippy this expensive you might want to go for the bolder shades 🙂

BTW. I can’t find a website for the L’Oreal – Robinson membership thing. It’s not even on their Philippine Facebook page so I’m really sorry I don’t have much info about it:( All I remember was, I made a purchase and was asked to fill up a form, that’s it.

Have you got your hands on one of these gorgeous lippies? What shade did you get?

– rhen