Etude House AC Clinic

16 Feb

Hi Everyone!

I’m doing a review of my current Anti Acne kit from Etude House. Actually I’m finished with the toner and about to run out of cleanser. So before I change to a new kit I made sure I do this post first 🙂


The AC Clinic line actually has a lot of products. So I just copied my previous kits and got the Cleanser – Toner – Moisturizer Combo.

Cream Cleanser

Cream Cleanser

Nice lather and really cleanses face


Toner Php548 (150ml)

Gentle on face. Runs out way earlier than the other 2 products


Moisturizer Php548 (150ml)

It is a gel lotion so the formula is really lite and runny unlike moisturizer in cream form which are usually heavy. This baby is taking me a while to finish. It’s like when I hit 1/8 product left it became a flask of never ending oil just like the widow in the Bible only I have gel lotion instead of oil. Oh how happy would I be if similar thing happens with my debit card HAH!

What I Like:

  • Gentle on skin. No harsh skin reaction even the first time I used them
  • Nice packaging. Toner & Moisturizer are in glass bottle. Glass bottle is always neat, right =^.^=
  • Price is pretty decent
  • Like I said, the line has lots of products. Different cleansers from cream to foam, moisturizers from cream to lotions. and then there’s serum, emulsion etc. Really, there is a product for everyone’s skin needs.

What I don’t Like:

  • I still got breakouts once in a while. BUT it wasn’t as harsh as without using any product so I guess that could still be considered a “pro”
  • The product is generally minty…smell and feel, but not too drastic. So this can only be a con if you hate mints.

Will I get it again? – Yes, but the other products. I may try the foam cleanser and the serum next.

I also recently got the Pink Powder


I got this because I think it can be a dupe for Mario Budesco which I’ve been wanting try. It does dry up pimple faster but I don’t know if it will be on par with the MB’s overnight cure that everyone’s been raving about. It is 50% or 40% cheaper though. Not to mention you get a smaller bottle for travel (as if the actual bottle isn’t small enough) and some q-tips so I’m still really glad I got this. I’ll do a separate review on this.



Do you like kits like this? or prefer to use different products from different brands?

– rhen

**My past  Anti-Acne kits


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