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Summer Ready? ^_^

23 Feb

Woohoo! 3 post in a day! somebody’s been blog crayzay!! 😛 While I know people accross the globe are probably now enjoying spring, us here in the Phils are about to hit summer 😀



We only have 2 seasons here. The “WET” and “DRY” season. Both extreme, no in between. Which kinda sucks (not much clothing options). But nevertheless we enjoy our summers because of the beach and long holidays. While I haven’t booked any trips to the beach yet I’d like to share some products I suggest you include in your stash for summer 🙂



1. Bright Nails. Hot Pink, Yellow, Mint Green. some colors I’d like to paint my nails this summer. Right now, I only got this hot pink one from OPI. But this is a pretty common shade that I’m sure you can find anywhere. I used to own one from Face Shop

2. Fun Lips: Last year, orange was my summer lip color. It was so fun that I think I’m going to do it again this year ^_^.

3. Hot Mama: OK, this one I will be specific with the brand. The Balm Hot Mama‘s peachy pink and loads of gold shimmer is perfect if you want to go for bronze-y look this summer.

4. Fresh Scent: This summer  you may want ditch the Eu de Toilette to body splashes 🙂 A fresh fruity scent like Victoria’s Secret Pink in Cucumber & Water Lily will be a perfect match for this summers hot and humid weather.

5. Brown Eyes: Finally you may want to swap your black and bold eyeliners to brown ones. Summer is the time to swap dramatic to bright and light looks. My only brown liquid liner now is from Majolica Majorca 🙂


Any items you have in mind just for this summer???


1st Impression: Power Perfect Pore

23 Feb

Look what came in the mail today 🙂


It’s my Power Perfect Pore Kit! ^_^



It’s a bit overdue actually. Purchased it via Metrodeal 3wks ago. There was no number given to contact the seller and she seems to be inactive checking her mails. But I don’t want to dwell in that hassle anymore, what’s important is, I finally got my package ^.^

unboxing :P

unboxing 😛

Kit comes with:

  • Face Care System Main Unit
  • Exfoliating Brush
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Face Suction Cup
  • Contour Massager
  • Holding Stand


I’m particularly interested with the brush because it’s like a dupe?? ummm probably not, let’s just say cheap version of Clarisonic which is $150 in Sephora and is not available here in the Phils. The bristles of the brush is really soft ^_^

The stand fits perfectly in small bathroom counters

nice <3

nice ❤

I haven’t used this yet because I don’t have a 2 AA batteries with me now T.T. I will update this post once I’ve tried this 🙂 The promo seems to be always available on Metrodeal. You may click the pic below if you are interested.


– Rhen

L’Oreal Lucent Magique Liquid Light Touch-Up Pen & (sneak preview) Shine Caresse

23 Feb

What a long title..phew.. Let me talk about the Robinson’s Promo first…


Buy any Lucent Magique makeup and get ANY L’Oreal Php200 off

Eversince these lip stains came out everyone has been going gaga over it. When it finally hit Phils drugstore, unfortunately all I can do is stare at them to my heart’s content : ( Php595 lip product is just too much for me T.T So when I saw the promo on L’Oreal counter it was like my queue to finally get them, since I also have my eye on the Lucent Highlighter for a while now ^.^

aren't they gorgeous ^_^

aren’t they gorgeous ^_^

and this ends my Shine Caresse appearance as I’m saving it for another review post 😛 Right now I’d like to do the Lucent Pen first 😀

What I Like:

  • obviously, the uber nice rose gold packaging ❤
  • nice highlight, no chunky glitters
  • very handy and easy to use. will fit to most makeup bags

What I don’t like:

  • compared to the Milani one, it’s a bit overpriced for Php695
  • product dries up to powdery finish so blend right away after applying

Will I repurchase: umm.. not so sure..

side by side Milani

side by side Milani




product requires a LOT of twisting the first time you use so be patient 🙂 and once you got the product out you might want to go easy twisting since this dispenses quite a lot product.

The promo runs until the end this month. You still have time to catch it next wk 🙂 I had an awful experience buying though. It seems like the promo was so not advertised even the cashiers are not familiar to it. The discount is not yet automatically deducted so it took them awful lot of time to verify and whatnots. Anyways, a discount is a discount, I’m happy I got these 2 beauties and am excited to do a review on Shine Caresse 😀


Etude House AC Clinic

16 Feb

Hi Everyone!

I’m doing a review of my current Anti Acne kit from Etude House. Actually I’m finished with the toner and about to run out of cleanser. So before I change to a new kit I made sure I do this post first 🙂


The AC Clinic line actually has a lot of products. So I just copied my previous kits and got the Cleanser – Toner – Moisturizer Combo.

Cream Cleanser

Cream Cleanser

Nice lather and really cleanses face


Toner Php548 (150ml)

Gentle on face. Runs out way earlier than the other 2 products


Moisturizer Php548 (150ml)

It is a gel lotion so the formula is really lite and runny unlike moisturizer in cream form which are usually heavy. This baby is taking me a while to finish. It’s like when I hit 1/8 product left it became a flask of never ending oil just like the widow in the Bible only I have gel lotion instead of oil. Oh how happy would I be if similar thing happens with my debit card HAH!

What I Like:

  • Gentle on skin. No harsh skin reaction even the first time I used them
  • Nice packaging. Toner & Moisturizer are in glass bottle. Glass bottle is always neat, right =^.^=
  • Price is pretty decent
  • Like I said, the line has lots of products. Different cleansers from cream to foam, moisturizers from cream to lotions. and then there’s serum, emulsion etc. Really, there is a product for everyone’s skin needs.

What I don’t Like:

  • I still got breakouts once in a while. BUT it wasn’t as harsh as without using any product so I guess that could still be considered a “pro”
  • The product is generally minty…smell and feel, but not too drastic. So this can only be a con if you hate mints.

Will I get it again? – Yes, but the other products. I may try the foam cleanser and the serum next.

I also recently got the Pink Powder


I got this because I think it can be a dupe for Mario Budesco which I’ve been wanting try. It does dry up pimple faster but I don’t know if it will be on par with the MB’s overnight cure that everyone’s been raving about. It is 50% or 40% cheaper though. Not to mention you get a smaller bottle for travel (as if the actual bottle isn’t small enough) and some q-tips so I’m still really glad I got this. I’ll do a separate review on this.



Do you like kits like this? or prefer to use different products from different brands?

– rhen

**My past  Anti-Acne kits

Review: Hayan Korea Anti-Aging Emulsion

6 Feb

I was recently on the hunt for a cheap anti-aging serum/emulsion/cream/whatever for backup but it seems like I can’t find one in the drugstore. The cheapest one I think, was 700php from Olay. I was about to go for that since I’ve used that and actually like it. Luckily I stepped out the drugstore and come across this newly opened booth called Hayan Korea.


What I Like:

  • dirt cheap. Php 203
  • No strong scent
  • Nice and hygienic packaging

What I don’t Like:

  • does nothing for my skin
  • it would be nice if 1 pump will give out more product
here's 1 pump

here’s 1 pump

OK. I know reviewing skin products, specially the ‘preventive’ ones are kinda hard to do since the effect usually takes a long time so I can not really say if this indeed prevents wrinkles or not. However, I am used to feeling “something” after using. It may be a brighter complexion or my skin feels smooth to touch. With this, there’s just no reaction whatsoever. If you like trying out 1 product after another like me, you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s what Hayan Korea says in their website:


the price in the site is 2x higher than my purchase. Maybe because I got it on introductory price (Yay!) I even got this toner for free. Haven’t tried it though.


Will I repurchase? Maybe. I also would like to try their serum ^.^.

Check out Hayan Korea here.


Last weekend was pretty epic in the entertainment world


Great movies (I saw Hansel & Gretel and Chinese Zodiac), UFC 156 and of course Beyonce’s SuperBowl Halftime concert :p