Haul: Just G

17 Jun

I was in SM Megamall 2wks ago as I need to buy new clothes for something-I-need-not-to-discuss. I initially checked out Forever21 but AGAIN I never found anything there I like or at least I feel worth it’s price. I was looking for Jellybean but the stupid girl in the concierge told me they do not have Jellybean there. I went back to F21 again thinking maybe this time I’ll be more open minded…or open pocket-ed rather but really…I JUST COULDN’T it’s beginning to weird me out. So now I was in a dilemma since I don’t have the time to browe the whole freakin mall that day. Then suddenly I remembered a dress from Tricia Gosingtian that I really liked but never had a chance to get probably because I’m broke that time (no, that’s not even a probability…I’m always broke! haha!). I tried looking for that post in her lookbook but it was taking me forever coz she like got a gazillion posts…I just remembered that it was from Just G..so Just G I went….

1. Polo Blouse Php679.75

“Polo Blouse” that kinda sound old school dontchathink?:P I could’ve just said “top” but I wanted to be bit more specific=) So it’s a short sleeved loose fitting (size 3) “polo blouse” with no colar. I don’t own a lot of blues so I’m glad I got this:) it’s made of really light material but not sheer. It’s darn comfy!! AYLAVET!

Sleeveless Cropped Top Php629.75

This one is really light and since it’s white it is kinda sheer as well. I got a size 2 because it kinda make me look big actually even size 2 make me look fat  but I bought it anyways so I got to make it work somehow. What I liked about this is the lace details around the shoulders and color bones area that goes all the way down to the sides. I think it’s pretty. Here’s a close up..

Denim Shorts Php899.75

Since I was out of time I just went ahead and checked out everything I liked without checking the price so when I got home I was like HOLY$#!^!! Php900 for just denim shorts is just too much for me personally T_T. I still liked it though. It’s nice on the skin, the wash is just right and I think the jagged ends would look better after some time. It comes with this rope belt thingy that I probably wouldn’t use.

Blouse Php1,199.75

This is my favorite from all the stuff I got so eventhough it’s a little expensive I still got it. Plus it does look expensive on. AYLAVET!

Dress  Php1,199.75

Also the kind that I wouldn’t pick normally but I really wanted to get a dress that day =) it comes with a braided belt and it’s really nice if I wear the blue polo on top ^_^ It would be nice if it we’re cheaper though…

Cropped Shirt Php499.75

I almost forgot about this one…it’s just a simple cropped shirt but just look how cute it is!!!! =^.^=

So that’s it for the haul.. actually the main point of this haul is that all must look good with the topsider shoes I got as well. I forgot to take picture though so maybe I’ll share it some other time.

Like if you want OOTD with these ^_^



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