Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

12 Jun

A lot has been raving about them for a while now. Since I wouldn’t normally buy this many (yes, 3 of the same thing is ‘many’ to me..OK?!) lip balm in one go, I was like…meh, what the heck…and got it anyways…(I totally didn’t make any sense there, but anyways…here’s my review…)

btw. I got the Energizing Orange, Anti-Oxidant Berry and Relieving Menthol.


  • very cheap at Php71 each
  • available almost everywhere
  • moisturizing without the sticky feel. It does feel like the product gets absorbed by the lips and not just sit there on top.
  • has nice scent to it…the Orange one really smells like an orange candy


  • although they smell nice the taste does not match the scent. OK, so before you go, WTF, do you eat lipbalms?? NO I do not, but I just used up my EOS in Summer Fruit before this and that stuff is sweet, I tell ya…so I really can’t help but compare 😛

Overall I think this is a very good lipbalm. It promises to rejuvinate lips after 1 wk of using. eeehh, may–be it does since I haven’t been chapping my lips recently but a lot can be factored for that. Like drinking lot’s of water, the weather or maybe this lipbalm too. I have been applying this a lot thru out the day than my previous lipbalms since it is small and handy. The design is OK and fun. I feel like if I were in my teens I would definitely not miss this if I see it on counters. I’m not sure how many variants there are (where I got these only had these 3) but I’m definitely not buying anymore specially since there’s not much difference in effect between variants (except for the menthol, of course).



WARNING: Another wordy post ahead…

I just have to edit this after seeing “Posted June 12..” after I hit “Publish”…I almost forgot today we celebrate our 113th year of Independence (I hope that’s the right number for 1898 – present:P). Is it just me or is there less flags than last year? Is it because it’s raining? not sure, not even our house bought a flag for decoration this year…kinda sad now that I think about it…. Anyways, I could think of a lot of things to say about “Philippine Independence”…are we really “independent”? are we ready for “independence”? but…I kind of want to stay away from writing political stuff here because believe me, that would take an aweful lot of words and you don’t want to read that right??? so for my sort of commemoration to Philippine Independence Day, let me say these at least…

To all my kababayan it’s time to be free! it’s time to be independent. Free yourself from thinking this is all it for you…aim high, dream big. Do not think you can’t without even trying. You are talented, you definitely can! Free yourself from helplessness because you don’t have to be. No one can help you but yourself. Only when you free yourself from the cage that your family or the media or the world has set can you trully be free. It’s time to be’s time to shine..



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