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Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios

23 Jun

in 384B On Cloud Nine,Β  380B Walking on Eggshells and 385B Dont Steal My Thunder

This came out WAAAAAAY before I started blogging and I have them (except for Walking On Eggshells) for a long time now and I’ve been super wanting to make a review on them eversince so here we go πŸ™‚

Each has 3 eyeshadows which are labled “Browbone”, “Crease” and “Eyelid” accordingly…

…and Each comes with 2 applicators. A sponge and a brush (which sucks…just the brush, the sponge is OK)..

1. 384B On Cloud Nine


I got this because I think the blues here are just pretty..they kind of remind me of the Earth..the Sky-Land-Sea πŸ˜› As you can see on the swatch all have pretty good pigmentation. The Crease is REALLY creamy and is kind of a matte finish and the Eyelid is a bit chalky..

2. 380B Walking On Eggshells

these are shimmery and kind of have metallic-y finish to it. I heard this is one of the most popular palettes and I can see why. The colors are soft and perfect for summer πŸ™‚ I bought and even mentioned in one of my posts that I love this because of the pink but now my favorite is the crease color which is a copper-y brown color πŸ™‚

3. 385 Don’t Steal My Thunder

The Browbone and Crease are REALLY chalky and you can hardly get any product from the Eyelid which kind of remind me of a pencil’s know when you were in gradeschool, you just swatch your pencil on paper like crazy so you can feel the smoothness of it the you kind of like it that some of the led went from your paper to your fingers….oh?you didn’t do that?? OK, I’m one wierd kid πŸ˜› — that’s the kind of color and “finish” it reminds me:P As you can see I’ve pretty much worn out the crease color which is a dark charcoal with silver glitters on it. I like topping my gel liner with it to soften the look.

So that’s it for the trios. Overall I am loving them. A lot say it is comparable to the highend ones so I really think it’s worth the money. You can get each, btw, at Watsons for Php299. I’m not sure I’m getting more. I’m kind of interested with Spoiled Brat but it also has the silver and charcoal color the Don’t Steal My Thunder have so I’m not so sure it’s gonna be worth it.

You think I should get Spoiled Brat?




Haul: Just G

17 Jun

I was in SM Megamall 2wks ago as I need to buy new clothes for something-I-need-not-to-discuss. I initially checked out Forever21 but AGAIN I never found anything there I like or at least I feel worth it’s price. I was looking for Jellybean but the stupid girl in the concierge told me they do not have Jellybean there. I went back to F21 again thinking maybe this time I’ll be more open minded…or open pocket-ed rather but really…I JUST COULDN’T it’s beginning to weird me out. So now I was in a dilemma since I don’t have the time to browe the whole freakin mall that day. Then suddenly I remembered a dress from Tricia Gosingtian that I really liked but never had a chance to get probably because I’m broke that time (no, that’s not even a probability…I’m always broke! haha!). I tried looking for that post in her lookbook but it was taking me forever coz she like got a gazillion posts…I just remembered that it was from Just Just G I went….

1. Polo Blouse Php679.75

“Polo Blouse” that kinda sound old school dontchathink?:P I could’ve just said “top” but I wanted to be bit more specific=) So it’s a short sleeved loose fitting (size 3) “polo blouse” with no colar. I don’t own a lot of blues so I’m glad I got this:) it’s made of really light material but not sheer. It’s darn comfy!! AYLAVET!

Sleeveless Cropped Top Php629.75

This one is really light and since it’s white it is kinda sheer as well. I got a size 2 because it kinda make me look big actually even size 2 make me look fatΒ  but I bought it anyways so I got to make it work somehow. What I liked about this is the lace details around the shoulders and color bones area that goes all the way down to the sides. I think it’s pretty. Here’s a close up..

Denim Shorts Php899.75

Since I was out of time I just went ahead and checked out everything I liked without checking the price so when I got home I was like HOLY$#!^!! Php900 for just denim shorts is just too much for me personally T_T. I still liked it though. It’s nice on the skin, the wash is just right and I think the jagged ends would look better after some time. It comes with this rope belt thingy that I probably wouldn’t use.

Blouse Php1,199.75

This is my favorite from all the stuff I got so eventhough it’s a little expensive I still got it. Plus it does look expensive on. AYLAVET!

DressΒ  Php1,199.75

Also the kind that I wouldn’t pick normally but I really wanted to get a dress that day =) it comes with a braided belt and it’s really nice if I wear the blue polo on top ^_^ It would be nice if it we’re cheaper though…

Cropped Shirt Php499.75

I almost forgot about this one…it’s just a simple cropped shirt but just look how cute it is!!!! =^.^=

So that’s it for the haul.. actually the main point of this haul is that all must look good with the topsider shoes I got as well. I forgot to take picture though so maybe I’ll share it some other time.

Like if you want OOTD with these ^_^


Review: Garnier Skin Renew The Brusher Gel-Cleanser

16 Jun

When I got home 2 Thursdays ago I was delighted to see this in my room…

this is from my aunt from the US along with other goodies that I’d like to review on but since I’ve been using this the most the past few weeks I decided to do a review on this first πŸ™‚

Why is it called ‘The Brusher’?? because of this πŸ™‚

It comes with a soft rubber brush tip that you twist counter clockwise to get the Gel Cleaner out into the brush. Twist back to close then hold the brush very quickly under running water then you can start scrubbing it all over your damp face.


  • really gentle
  • gives a nice lather even with little amount
  • it’s like giving your face a very light face massage while cleansing
  • no strong scent (come to think of it, I don’t remember if it has scent or not so probably it’s just not that noticeable)


  • Since this is still fairly new so it’s still heavy with products my arms get tired easily when I use this
  • although it comes with a scrubber…umm, for some reason I don’t have that feeling that its cleansing my face so I still use my hand after
  • and I may be right that maybe it’s not that cleansing enough since I’ve been gettingΒ  small pimple bumps all over my face recently

Overall, I am not loving this cleanser and it was kind of disappointing since it kinda reminds me of the L’Oreal 360 cleanser that I’ve been meaning to try since forever. But I do like to thank my aunt for giving this to me…I am still using it since I don’t want to waste it and I’ve been using a new anti acne kit now WHICH I will do a review also ^_^

before I end I’d like to share you this..


MY CUTE GARNIER FAMILY ^^!! sorry for the messy vanity…please tell me if you want a review on Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfection Roll on (that blue thing over there)…

Tomorrow’s Father’s Day you guys! Make sure you greet your dads and make tomorrow a bit special for him. And eventhough there’s no way in earth my dad would see this but I’d like to give him a shout out anyways because he is just the most awesomest!!:P




Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

12 Jun

A lot has been raving about them for a while now. Since I wouldn’t normally buy this many (yes, 3 of the same thing is ‘many’ to me..OK?!) lip balm in one go, I was like…meh, what the heck…and got it anyways…(I totally didn’t make any sense there, but anyways…here’s my review…)

btw. I got the Energizing Orange, Anti-Oxidant Berry and Relieving Menthol.


  • very cheap at Php71 each
  • available almost everywhere
  • moisturizing without the sticky feel. It does feel like the product gets absorbed by the lips and not just sit there on top.
  • has nice scent to it…the Orange one really smells like an orange candy


  • although they smell nice the taste does not match the scent. OK, so before you go, WTF, do you eat lipbalms?? NO I do not, but I just used up my EOS in Summer Fruit before this and that stuff is sweet, I tell ya…so I really can’t help but compare πŸ˜›

Overall I think this is a very good lipbalm. It promises to rejuvinate lips after 1 wk of using. eeehh, may–be it does since I haven’t been chapping my lips recently but a lot can be factored for that. Like drinking lot’s of water, the weather or maybe this lipbalm too. I have been applying this a lot thru out the day than my previous lipbalms since it is small and handy. The design is OK and fun. I feel like if I were in my teens I would definitely not miss this if I see it on counters. I’m not sure how many variants there are (where I got these only had these 3) but I’m definitely not buying anymore specially since there’s not much difference in effect between variants (except for the menthol, of course).



WARNING: Another wordy post ahead…

I just have to edit this after seeing “Posted June 12..” after I hit “Publish”…I almost forgot today we celebrate our 113th year of Independence (I hope that’s the right number for 1898 – present:P). Is it just me or is there less flags than last year? Is it because it’s raining? not sure, not even our house bought a flag for decoration this year…kinda sad now that I think about it…. Anyways, I could think of a lot of things to say about “Philippine Independence”…are we really “independent”? are we ready for “independence”? but…I kind of want to stay away from writing political stuff here because believe me, that would take an aweful lot of words and you don’t want to read that right??? so for my sort of commemoration to Philippine Independence Day, let me say these at least…

To all my kababayan it’s time to be free! it’s time to be independent. Free yourself from thinking this is all it for you…aim high, dream big. Do not think you can’t without even trying. You are talented, you definitely can! Free yourself from helplessness because you don’t have to be. No one can help you but yourself. Only when you free yourself from the cage that your family or the media or the world has set can you trully be free. It’s time to be’s time to shine..


Review: Home Spa by Watsons Lotion and Shower Gel

10 Jun

OK so my supposedly EPIC SUNDAY is officially an EPIC FAIL, due to Boston Celtics loosing to Miami Heat…

I am a HUGE Celtics fan πŸ™‚ eversince Ray Allen joined the team but now, Rajon Rondo’s my absolute fave player πŸ™‚

and of course..(you’re seeing this coming don’tcha?:P) Manny Pacman Pacquiao loosing to Timothy Bradly (**big sobs T_T)

…but don’t worry I will not talk about it here although there is a lot to say, coz this is not a place for that but let me just say one thing…THE PEOPLE KNOW WHO WON.

so the review…. You know I loved my Watson Grape Bella shower gel and that I already finished it since I included it in my April empties. I was browsing thru Watsons again for a replacement and I found this “cozy looking” duo…


  • dirt cheap! only Php79 each
  • available at all Watson’s stores. you just have to take a littttle more time looking since this is usually in the corner or the sections of the store you usually don’t notice.
  • nice packaging. Expiration date visible..

  • works well. I love the lemon and ginger smell of the shower gel. The name’s very true to itself. It does kind of feel like i’m in a spa everytime I use it


  • Just 1…the lotion smell toooooo Ginger-y…para akong naglalakad na salabat lol

– Rhen