Review: Cosmopolitan Magazine May 2012 issue

21 May

Storytime first…

I don’t really buy every single Cosmo PH mag. I just buy if the cover girl interests me. This is the first time I bought one this year. Last one I got was the September 2011 issue…

I don’t super love her but I think she has a great image recently. She can be bakya and a socialite at the same time. As far as I’m concern, she’s the only pinay that can do that:) Yellow dress on yellow background?? what a way to emphasize her pretty face and super hot bod…

I love her lip color here. Accdg to the mag, it’s Avon Moisture Rich Seduction. Gonna hunt that down 😛

I didn’t notice at first but this issue is Cosmo’s 15th Anniversary special so it’s packed with “15  of everything”…

this is 15 items mixed and matched to 15 fab get ups. Gosh I’m tempted to get everything!!!

this I’m not tempted to get as most of the items are pretty expensive 😦

now this one is inexpensive. All accessories are from SM Dept Store and I have my eye on that chunky orange-y coral necklace. Corals are in this season ^_^

and then they have this various personalities writting to their 15 years younger self. Among them they have Leah Salonga and my fave, Eugene Domingo….

she’s brilliant I loves her ^_^

so generally, this month’s episode is A-OK, but that’s just expected since it’s an anniv issue. I also noticed that they changed their editor in chief from last September so  perhaps the mag has gotten better. I’m still thinking of switching to “Preview” though. But I’ll probably not, Cosmo offers practical tips for any situations in a girl’s life so I guess I’ll be sticking around…let’s see….

here are my Cosmo stash over the last 7 years…

and there’s Gamakichi safely guarding it, hehe. Told you I don’t buy often…

So yeah, I’m pretty anxious who the next cover girl will be??

and speaking of Eugene Domingo…Kimmy Dora Part 2 on June 2012 WOO HOO!!!!


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