April 2012 Dislikes

11 May

1. Watson’s Foot Lotion

The product is OK but it’s freakin’ hard to squeeze out!

2. ELF Daily Brush Cleaner

it smells aweful. Doesn’t dry right away and makes my brush stiff.

3. Nanny Rose Hand and Elbow Salve

from foot to hand lotion. Salve my @$$! it’s just a little better than the Watson Grape Bella . The moisturizing effect lasts only for a few minutes. On the contrary to the foot lotion though, this one dispenses too nicely. I barely have to squeeze the product out.

4. Hengfang Beauty Angel EyeShadow Palettes

not pigmented. It has for 4 variants but really, the colors are all the same. If you want a full review with swatches. Please comment below ^_^

5. Pantene Night Miracle Serum

It’s not that bad. It’s just I’m comparing it to the L’Oreal ones which works better than this. Traces of the product stays till the morning unlike L’Oreal which dries after a couple of minutes.

Wow. I got 5 last month. Hope it get’s fewer this May.


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