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Review: Cosmopolitan Magazine May 2012 issue

21 May

Storytime first…

I don’t really buy every single Cosmo PH mag. I just buy if the cover girl interests me. This is the first time I bought one this year. Last one I got was the September 2011 issue…

I don’t super love her but I think she has a great image recently. She can be bakya and a socialite at the same time. As far as I’m concern, she’s the only pinay that can do that:) Yellow dress on yellow background?? what a way to emphasize her pretty face and super hot bod…

I love her lip color here. Accdg to the mag, it’s Avon Moisture Rich Seduction. Gonna hunt that down 😛

I didn’t notice at first but this issue is Cosmo’s 15th Anniversary special so it’s packed with “15  of everything”…

this is 15 items mixed and matched to 15 fab get ups. Gosh I’m tempted to get everything!!!

this I’m not tempted to get as most of the items are pretty expensive 😦

now this one is inexpensive. All accessories are from SM Dept Store and I have my eye on that chunky orange-y coral necklace. Corals are in this season ^_^

and then they have this various personalities writting to their 15 years younger self. Among them they have Leah Salonga and my fave, Eugene Domingo….

she’s brilliant I loves her ^_^

so generally, this month’s episode is A-OK, but that’s just expected since it’s an anniv issue. I also noticed that they changed their editor in chief from last September so  perhaps the mag has gotten better. I’m still thinking of switching to “Preview” though. But I’ll probably not, Cosmo offers practical tips for any situations in a girl’s life so I guess I’ll be sticking around…let’s see….

here are my Cosmo stash over the last 7 years…

and there’s Gamakichi safely guarding it, hehe. Told you I don’t buy often…

So yeah, I’m pretty anxious who the next cover girl will be??

and speaking of Eugene Domingo…Kimmy Dora Part 2 on June 2012 WOO HOO!!!!

Haul & Dress For Less: Hug

19 May

Do you know this brand? Coz I only see this at the nearest SM where I live…

Mullet Dress Php849

Crop Shirts have taken over fashion kingdom for the last….probably when the year started so no surprise that mullet skirt have been making it’s way to every girl’s closet nowadays ^_^. I originally planned getting a skirt but changed my mind when I saw this (gosh..I have been in to dresses lately, it scares me @.@). WARNING. I saw the exact same dress at St. Francis Square few days after I got this but to my was priced higher!…Php900+ (o.o). I did saw a cheaper one (Php600+) but it’s shorter and in the most unflattering shade of orange. So it was a relieve that I still got  a better deal eventhough it’s from the mall, hehe.

Crop Top Php249.95

Sister says it’s ugly. Bf says it’s OK. I say it’s the most freaking comfortable thing to wear this summer so I’ll probably keep on wearing this the rest of the season 😛

another Crop Top Php249.95

Florals and pastels are usually in during summer but for the none girly girls animal prints is still here to stay ^_^. This one’s longer and will look good with leggings with your hair slicked back to a ponytail. Now who say’s animal prints are always hot and can’t be ‘fresh’ enough for summer 😉

Belt Php199.95

Isn’t the Bow detail cute??^_^. I just bought a neutral colored one coz I’m afraid the red, teal… I saw there would be over the top but now I think it probably wouldn’t since this is so….”subtle”(?). But anyways, I love this ^_^

Dress For Less

I decided to squeeze in a Dress For Less in this post since I did it with the Mullet dress I got here.

The whole get up costs Php1798. I’m not gonna go thru the whole thing since the dress is above (obviously), the shoes I already did a post here and the belt will be the 3rd time you are seeing (yeah, it’s kinda embarassing already..will buy another one, promise :P). But I do like to show you the necklace I am wearing…

<there was a picture here but I removed it because the mirror was so dirty I can’t believe I posted it>

It’s from Jelly Bean and its Php599. I personally think it’s pricey but if your looking for a chunky necklace that doesn’t SCREAM! then I highly recommend you get this. I am so loving this right now ^_^

One last thing before I end this post… I saw The Dark Shadows

last week and don’t you think Johnny Depp looks hot even as a 200y/o uber pale vampire??

oh Barnabas you can bite my neck anytime….

No, but seriously guys, it’s funny. Better see it if you haven’t.

Plus you get to see a very pretty dalagita Chloe Moretz

almost didn’t recognize her. can you believe this is the same blood sucking vampire in Let Me In and foul mouthed ass kicking super girl in Kick Ass


Review: Kustie Body Scrub and Butter

14 May

When Kustie first came out here in the Phils I was not able to get it right away because I was not yet done with the products I had that time so now that I’ve finally tried it out here’s what I got to say about it ^_^


  • excellent scrub and body butter
  • affordable. scrub Php239; butter-Php215. both 200ml
  • available in all Watsons store
  • scrub has larger tub available
  • smells good and yummy
  • has extra seal upon purchase


  • when I got the scrub the seal is already removed, stuck on its lid cover
  • i personally like my scrub in tubes. It’s kind of hard to get the product since it’s not that “creamy”

I did not like the scrub at first. I was surprised it was way harsher than my H Bella before plus it kinda lacks the “soap-y” formula so I kinda doubt my body is getting cleaned but now that I’m used to it I am loving every single time I use this. The harsh beads just makes it more effective in removing dead skin cells.

Now for the body butter…. AYLAVET!!!! Really, I was floored! At touch it feels to thick that it may be not suited to Phil weather but it MELTS in your skin ones applied. It’s like how a body butter should be. I love my The Body Shop ones but sorry I got to say Kustie is better.

so overall I love love my Kustie products. These ones in Strawberry by the way and I can’t wait to try out their other variants.

even their website is really nice actually…check it out here:


Review: Eucerin Face Lotion

13 May

I’m so happy with my The Body Shop Day Cream that when I did a review on it I forgot to mention it has one MAJOR “con”. NO SPF. so when my dad went to Guam last April I asked him to get me the Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion. I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews on it.


  • really light weight
  • has SPF 30
  • very hygenic packaging



  • not available locally
  • it say’s in the cover that it’s “fragarance free”..that’s bull, this smells know those sunblock scent? that’s how this smells. That’s make feel this is more of a sunblock than a face lotion sometimes

I find this really handy if you are on a hurry during mornings coz you kinda squeezed sunscreen and moisturizer in 1. It’s really light weight and is highly recommended for those with sensitive skin. Since this is a pasalubong, i’m not sure how much this cost. sorry. So yeah, if you are not so picky with scents this is a really good face lotion ^_^


My New Anti-Acne Kit

12 May

I have been in to the Proactiv program for a long time so when I finally finished my 2nd kit I decided to look for a new kit. I originally wanted to gamble with Clean & Clear (yes, gamble, because I’ve read mix reviews on it) but I just couldn’t find it! the SAs told me they haven’t been getting stock for a while so maybe it’s discontinued. IDK. They were suggesting I get their individual anti acne products but I decided to look around for options.

And right there at the Celeteque counter I found this!

Celeteque DermoScience offers different kits for different skin needs. They have one for anti aging, brightening, sun protection…and of course the Acne Solutions. I have been using them for a month now and I’m almost OUT! so before that happens I decided to do a review on them. Let me show you first the products outside their boxes:P

1. Acne Cleansing Gel – 50mL – Php270

2. Oil Control Toner – 65mL – Php79.75

3.  Acne Clearing Facial Moisturizer Gel – 50mL – Php335

4. Acne Spot Corrector Gel – 5mL – Php169


  • very affordable
  • available in any Watsons store
  • you can buy the product separately
  • products are quite gentle, doesn’t clog pores
  • fragrance free but the gel corrector smells like apples..dipped in some sort of chemical


  • except for the toner, they don’t come in bigger sizes so this will last you probably a good 1 month if used regularly
  • toner stings like crazy
  • cleanser and moisturizer looks awefully the same. from the product to the packaging. so you have to be careful not to switch the product

cleanser and moisturizer side by side…the tiny dot above is the spot corrector

I use this day and night and the same order as I did my Proactiv. The moisturizer takes a while to set in the skin so I suggest you treat your face to a massage while applying. Verdict? well, all I can say is, sure I did have 2 or 3 tiny bumps while in the program but never those big nasty ones that I usually have. So I think this kit works well with my skin 🙂

btw. The main ingredient is Hydroxy Acid you may want to check out if you are allergic to that. And now I’m gonna copy and paste my disclaimer from my Proactiv post…..

Disclaimer Time: I am not a dermatologist and way far from being a skin expert. My opinions are personal and based on my OWN experience with the product. So what works for me may have other effects on you. And also I am not sponsored by Celeteque to do this review.


April 2012 Empties

11 May

1. Purederm and SkinLite Eyemasks

Love Purederm, Skinlite….well….not too much. I knew it wld somehow be similar as my Purederm Gingko one.

2. Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion

Didn’t work for my uber dry skin (shouldn’t gotten Jergens which usually works for me). I did like the smell. It kinda makes me think it’s a “happy smell” but my sister says it smells SOUR so I guess it’s not a really good scent generally 😛

3. Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

4. Pure Beauty Pomegranate Eye Serum

5. Watson’s Grape Bella Showe Gel and Scrub

6.  Victoria’s Secret Body Splash in Amber Romance

I don’t usually finish up body splashes because I collect them but this is so good I used up to the last drop…or spray.

That’s a little more than last month I hope I can keep this up ^_^


April 2012 Dislikes

11 May

1. Watson’s Foot Lotion

The product is OK but it’s freakin’ hard to squeeze out!

2. ELF Daily Brush Cleaner

it smells aweful. Doesn’t dry right away and makes my brush stiff.

3. Nanny Rose Hand and Elbow Salve

from foot to hand lotion. Salve my @$$! it’s just a little better than the Watson Grape Bella . The moisturizing effect lasts only for a few minutes. On the contrary to the foot lotion though, this one dispenses too nicely. I barely have to squeeze the product out.

4. Hengfang Beauty Angel EyeShadow Palettes

not pigmented. It has for 4 variants but really, the colors are all the same. If you want a full review with swatches. Please comment below ^_^

5. Pantene Night Miracle Serum

It’s not that bad. It’s just I’m comparing it to the L’Oreal ones which works better than this. Traces of the product stays till the morning unlike L’Oreal which dries after a couple of minutes.

Wow. I got 5 last month. Hope it get’s fewer this May.


April 2012 Favorites

6 May

1. Mentholatum Sunplay Watery Cool

2. Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Trio in Walking on Eggshell

This summer I’ve been experimenting (finally) on colorful eyeshadows. I’ve been loving this e/s because I find the pink very subtle for newbies like me plus it comes with beautiful 2 neutral colors which are my comfort zone. I recommend this trio for makeup beginners. I own 3 of these trios now. I will do separate review on them ^_^

3. My Beauty Diary Mask in Black Pearl

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask

Another mask?!? ^_^ I have this one for a while now and I just love it more this season since it’s freaking hot and this mask is mint-y. Of course, tea tree is always good for troubled skin…

5. Vaseline Lip Therapy

I looove this lip balm. It’s cheap, non sticky and almost available everywhere. That’s not hard to believe, right? I bet your all time favorite petroleum jelly is Vaseline..correct??? 🙂

Favorite Snack:

sorry for the crappy pic 😦

MILK TEA!!!!<3 not just Chatime, Serenetea, Happy Lemon, Gong Cha, Bubble Tea….I’ve practically tried every milk tea in the metro and each I have a fave variant. You should try it if you haven’t ^_^

Favorite Show:



I only saw 1 movie last April (\m/AVENGERS\m/) so it didn’t feel right to do a “Favorite Movie” like I did last month. I started watching Gintama late last year. Didn’t like it the first 3-5?? episodes but after that. I was addicted!! It’s f!@#$% hilarious!! but they just aired their last episode for season 2 late this March and will be gone probably for another year (like they did the 1st season).

Random Favorite:

I am insomiac since forever. I’ve tried every possible remedies out there. Some wld work, some not, some would work for a while, some longer. Right now I’m trying this Badger Sleep Balm and it’s working SO FAR. The scent reminds me of a spa…in Tagaytay or somewhere far so I guess that’s the calming effect that helps me sleep ^_^


I don’t think I have a Jam Of The Month for April. I just got an iPod adaptor for my car so I haven’t been tuning in the radio last month. But I do like Rihanna in this video I just saw yesterday…

She’s gorgeous and I think this video is where she dances the most. She should do this more often, she’s amazing!

Favorite Blogger:

Christine Mielke of Honestly, I don’t even visit her blog on a regular basis however I did mention that I’m experimenting with colors last month. There’s a lot looks from other beauty bloggers that I wanted to try but the makeup they are using are highend so I did refer to her dupe list a lot of times. It’s super helpful, you guys, you should check it out.


And that’s my favotites for April 2012.


Haul: Jellybean

4 May

I seldom buy clothes from the mall and if those rare “I-feel-like-shopping-for-clothes” feelings come to me. I make sure I check on Jellybean.

Heres what I got:

Sleeveless Top: Php699

cute ^_^

Dress: Php949

Purse: Php849

lovely ^_^

Earrings: Php249

Honestly, I’d rather shop at Jellybean for clothes instead in Forever21. They both have the same style only cheaper. Of course F21 offers WIDE range of clothes compared to Jellybean but I don’t think I’ll ever need that many choices since I don’t plan on buying that many at the first place, hehe.

Have you ever shopped at Jellybean??