How I Remove My Make Up

28 Apr

1. I start by removing my eye makeup first since it’s the toughest and kinda smudges all over. I use a Q-tip and any oil based eye makeup remover. I’m applying it the same way I put on my eye makeup (eye liner and mascara). Oil based makeup remover is most effective for removing waterproof eye makeup. Right now, I am using Etude House One Shot Clean (not really) Mascara Remover.

2. This is optional, if I happen to wear heavy eyeshadow that day I will use the same makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe my lids clean

about this much should do for both eyes

3. Now on the face. I start by blotting not just to remove oil in my face but also the left over oil from the eye makeup remover. I usually use the cheapest blotting sheet in the drugstore. I am using this brand called Fitness

4. And finally I apply  the classic Pond’s Cold Cream all over my face with clean hands then wipe away using a makeup removing sheet. Right now, I’m using Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissues. I looove Purederm makeup  cleansing sheets.

How do you remove your makeup??


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