Review: Watson’s Grapebella and H Bella..the Best and Worst.

27 Apr

This will be short and quick…


I believe I found the Best and the Worst Watson’s product ever..

Best: Grapebella Body Scrub and Shower Gel

I also had the shower cream before and I loved it as well. My favorite wld be the scrub. It has real grape seed like particle which is not too harsh on the skin.


Worst: H Bella Hand Lotion and Body Butter

Is it possible for a lotion to make your skin drier?? Yes, if there’s nothing in it aside from water. Ever notice how after wetting a dry skin with water just makes it worse?? same thing. Specially the hand lotion..arrgh I hate that! heck, I hate them so much I didn’t bother taking pictures of them.

that’s it, told you this is gonna be short,


4 Responses to “Review: Watson’s Grapebella and H Bella..the Best and Worst.”


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