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Review: Shawill Cream Eyeshadow Palette

29 Apr



If you happen to be in a Shawill counter and ask the SA for their best seller I’d bet she will reach for this one first. I had this for a while now and I think it’s about time to do a review on this:)



  • very pigmented
  • has powder finish
  • super affordable. you get 12 colors for Php148
  • locally available
  • has clear expiration date




  • the pigmentation seems to lessen over time (I had this for a year now…probably more)
  • although cream shadow I don’t recommend this as a base on it’s own






For it’s price I can never ask anything more. This is really shimmery by the way so if you’re not into that, this isn’t for you. As you can see you have 6 fun colors on top and 6 neutrals on the bottom, that’s a lot of color to play around with. Actually the one that intrigued me most about this product was the packaging. Not only does it remind me of the cheap watercolor my mom used to buy me in elementary but also it reminds me of the laptop I drooled over like….3 years ago. The HP Pavilion in Espresso Black 😛



It’s gonna be crappy at work again tomorrow but at least there’s the May 1 holiday to look forward to 😛


How I Remove My Make Up

28 Apr

1. I start by removing my eye makeup first since it’s the toughest and kinda smudges all over. I use a Q-tip and any oil based eye makeup remover. I’m applying it the same way I put on my eye makeup (eye liner and mascara). Oil based makeup remover is most effective for removing waterproof eye makeup. Right now, I am using Etude House One Shot Clean (not really) Mascara Remover.

2. This is optional, if I happen to wear heavy eyeshadow that day I will use the same makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe my lids clean

about this much should do for both eyes

3. Now on the face. I start by blotting not just to remove oil in my face but also the left over oil from the eye makeup remover. I usually use the cheapest blotting sheet in the drugstore. I am using this brand called Fitness

4. And finally I apply  the classic Pond’s Cold Cream all over my face with clean hands then wipe away using a makeup removing sheet. Right now, I’m using Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissues. I looove Purederm makeup  cleansing sheets.

How do you remove your makeup??


Review: Watson’s Grapebella and H Bella..the Best and Worst.

27 Apr

This will be short and quick…


I believe I found the Best and the Worst Watson’s product ever..

Best: Grapebella Body Scrub and Shower Gel

I also had the shower cream before and I loved it as well. My favorite wld be the scrub. It has real grape seed like particle which is not too harsh on the skin.


Worst: H Bella Hand Lotion and Body Butter

Is it possible for a lotion to make your skin drier?? Yes, if there’s nothing in it aside from water. Ever notice how after wetting a dry skin with water just makes it worse?? same thing. Specially the hand lotion..arrgh I hate that! heck, I hate them so much I didn’t bother taking pictures of them.

that’s it, told you this is gonna be short,


Review: MBD Black Pearl Mask

22 Apr

My Beauty Diary – Black Pearl Mask


  • Currently the best fit to my face shape
  • makes skin smooth and bright after usage
  • cute packaging
  • very affordable, you get 10 masks for $9.6

only 4pcs left now ^_^


  • not available locally. Got this one from SASA
  • no English wordings except for the ingredients so i guess that’s not too bad 🙂

Overall I am loving this mask 🙂 I use it once a week. Each mask SOAKS with essence, I use some on my neck:) Actually, it does not differ much from my Beauty Buffet mask. It even have the same plastic thingy that holds the actual mask but because of the packaging and the better fit on my face..I got to say that I like this better. I will repurchase this ^_^

what individual packs look like

with this, I’ve concluded the review of all the stuff from my SASA haul (, hehe ^_^

– Rhen

Haul: Elf Studio

21 Apr

Picked up a couple of items from ELF’s stuio line from EBAY….

1. HD Powder (Php360)

remember how I always tend to buy makeup (specifically BB creams) that is too light for my skin?? so I got myself a translucent powder. I’ve read a lot of rave about this product. Haven’t used this yet though..

2. Daily Brush Cleaner (Php220)

I hate this. It smells aweful and the previous brush I used (HD Makeup Quick Drying Professional Brush Cleaner) whick worked SO SO MUCH BETTER than this.

3. Eyebrow Treat & Tame – Medium (Php220)

I’m planning to finally color my hair probably on September so I got a pretty light one 🙂 But I saw a beauty guru use this and she had black hair and it still looked nice so I might use this sooner I guess 🙂

4. Lip Stain and Gloss in Birthday Suit

OK, this one I did’t get on Ebay. Bought this from an Elf counter few days before I got the others. I got to say this is the best pale pink lip color I ever owned ^_^ The only downside to this is the packaging. Give a little harder twist when closing and this is what you’ll get..


that’s all. the sellers ebay name is **koko**. Our transaction went smoothly. She was able to ship my order immediately after I confirmed my payment. Check her store here.


Versatile Blogger Award Nominee

15 Apr

ok so katislaterszirom  nominated me for Versatile Blogger Award…that was a surprise:) Believe it or not when I created this blog site (and up to now actually) I couldn’t careless about awards and stuff. If you’ve read my about section you will kind of figure out that my love for beauty-stuff is sort of a secret to people close to me. There’s no one I could talk to about makeup and stuff…

so I decided why not just share it to the world….wide web. That’s why if you’ll notice I still haven’t paid too much attention on my layout and plugins (which I will, promise) and jump right away to product reviews and stuff…but of course I’m not gonna lie..every comments and specially followers I get makes me happy….

ok.."makes me happy" obviously is an understatement... the whole point of this post is really just to thank katislaterszirom for reading my blog ^_^.

Since I’m fairly new to blogging..I understand that this works sorta like a tag so here are the rules:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging (or whose blogs you enjoy the most).
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
4. Add the Versatile Bogger Award picture to your blog post.

7 Random Facts:

1. I probably have the weirdest palm lines you’ll ever see in your life

2. I can’t swim 😦

3. I rebond my hair yearly

4. I love anything that is kokeshi themed

5. I will never eat a banana if it came from the bottom layer of the whole bunch

7. I am terrified at cockroaches

wow…you know what.. I just realized there’s a lot more weird going on with me than I thought 🙂 7 is totally not enough haha!!!

Nominations: (this is far from 15…it will take me sometime before I come up with more but I decided to post now because I wouldn’t like to delay thanking the one who nominated for me later:) (I can include you, right?)

check them all out! they’re amazing ^_^


**sorry seems like I overused “stuff” here..and the use of ‘memes’ (which are from Google) just proves I probably spend too much time on the computer  T_T

Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover

14 Apr

Don’t you just hate it everytime you loose a lash or 2 everytime you remove stubborn mascaras?? Being Asian, I don’t have very voluminous lashes so every strand counts 😛 I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara remover and I believe I have a candidate here:)


  • Neatly removes mascaras, works great even with the waterproof ones
  •  Very nice packaging
  • Affordable = $10.6


  • Not available locally. Got this from SASA
  • No English translation. I have to google how to use this.

I got this because I thought it makes sense to remove your mascara the same way you put it so I was expecting a comb like applicator since the packaging has this pic…

…but lo and behold it’s just a rod with comb like dents on it…

so I thought I’m gonna hate it but to my surprise it works fine like that since you won’t need a lot of the formula. Just put a tiny amount wait 2-3 minute and wipe off with a tissue then voila!! no mascara and no mess ^_^. So overall I like this mascara remover…I like it a lot that I only use this for my toughest mascara. I don’t wanna run out soon since this is not available locally. I will repurchase this.

btw. another thing I don’t like about this is the brand itself…it reminds me of the cartoons I watched when I was little…CANDY CANDY!

HAHAHA! not really…I was just such a tomboy even when I was little so I hated shojo manga or shojo animes. The only reason I watched this (barely) is because my sister loved it and we only had 1 TV in the house then. So to end this post, let’s watch CANDY CANDY opening theme that irritated me so much then, HAHA!


Review: Mentholatum Sunplay Sun Screen

8 Apr

Sunplay Watery Cool by Mentholatum

If you have been reading my recent posts I did mention that the BB creams i’ve been using lately, Neutrogena and Liole, both don’t have SPF which made me incorporate sun screen in my morning routine. There were LOTs to choose from but I finally end up with Sunplay=)


  • SPF 65 PA+++. Excellent! 🙂
  • have UVA protection as well
  • like the name says, it is indeed watery making it very light on the skin

  • no scent
  • very handy packaging
  • available in all Watson counters

it all says it here 😛


  • that wld be the packaging as well.  Since this can be used for the body as well, this may not last you very long
  • leaves a white cast but only for a while…it’s gone like after a second or two..

Overall. I am loving this sunblock so far. It’s watery formula  make’s it perfect for everyday use. Not heavy and definitely no sticky icky feeling even after sweating. Actually there’s a Sunplay with SPF130 but I was kind of…..intimidated I guess, plus the ‘menthol’ intrigued me. I think it’s perfect for this hot hot weather although you can barely feel it. Put this on while skin is still a LITTLE damp to make the menthol a little more intense. It retails for Php385 and I don’t know whether to put in the “Pros” or “Cons”. Definitely it’s a ‘con’ given the amount of product but most of the sunscreen I liked is priced way higher plus I really think it’s worth it so you’ll be the judge ^_^.

(Mini)Haul: Pure Gold – Duty Free

6 Apr

**first, I apologize the pictures are dark 😦

I was at  Sunset Shore Beach in Bataan this Holy Week with my cousins and boy, I had fun ^_^ I have the coolest cousins, aunts, niece and nephews ever ^_^. On our way to the beach, we stopped by Pure Gold – Duty Free in Subic to get some stuff. For those who don’t know, Duty Free sells US products TAX FREE! That’s why I was excited to check out their beauty counters. There’s nothing much there actually just very few Maybelline and L’Oreal stuff (then some perfumes) but I did manage to buy a couple of items 🙂

1. Maybelline Falsies Mascara ($8)

my current mascara is “due” next month but since this is like Php200 less (actually, everything there was like Php200 less that mall price) plus my cousin got one so I was like, what the heck and got myself also ^_^.

2. L’Oreal Rebitalift Double Lifting Eye cream ($18)

I’ve been meaning to have this eversince I saw my pictures in my Tiffany Tutorial. I hate how my eyes looks saggy and old so I’ve been in the search for a good eye cream and I have a good feeling about this ^_^

3. Revlon French Manicure Kit ($12)

Actually, I got this for my sister because I don’t do manicures and she is crazy about them so I’m pretty excited to give this to her ^_^

The price tags are in US $ so since I’m horrible at math I constantly have to ask the sales lady for the peso conversion of everything T_T

That’s it, I told you it’s “mini” but I’m good. There’s nothing more there that I need. It would be nice if they have more brands and products but that’s OK since I RARELY go there ^_^ But to end this post let me show you a pic I took of the beach from the balcony of the villa we rented ^_^

and also my cousin’s gf’s cute doggie Zion 🙂


Monthly Report: March 2012 Dislikes and Empties

5 Apr


1. Hanskin Classic a+1 Lotion

2. St. Ives Fresh Skin Make-up Remover & Facial Cleanser

barely removes makeup. I understand eyemakeup but concealers!! at least it should be able to remove that right??

Those are the only “Dislikes” I have for this month and I doubt I’ll be able to produce say more than 5 in the next months. You see I give a lot of thoughts to the stuff that I buy that’s why I always (almost) end up liking them=)


1. Olay Total Effects

It took me a while to finish this since I’ve been trying a lot of skin care stuff lately but this is definitely my holy grail skin care product. One of my first and I’ve done bottles and bottles of this. I love this so much.

2. TonyMoly Mini Bunny Hand Cream

Very handy and very moisturizing. I noticed bf plays with my hands more after I just applied this. I kinda don’t like the smell though.

3. Angel Fit Foundation

OK, I know there’s still a lot more product in there but I had this for soooo long I probably wldn’t use it again..but there’s a “pan” just look closely 😛

4. Hair Treats Hair Spa in Lavander

This is an OK product. I don’t exactly love it but it’s so cheap (Php75) I really can’t say anything bad about it 😛

5. Monea Hair Serum

Does it’s job and has a really good smell. I just hate the packaging. so messy…

That’s it for now. This is a discipline that I should finish the products I have now before buying a new one:)