Review: Fanny Serrano Gel Liner and Eyeliner Brush

29 Mar

First of all I’m glad to be back using gel liner. I’ve been using the Wet n Wild cream liner since I got it last October. I’m not saying here that the Wet n’ Wild is a bad product. it’s  just that I’ve used it for so long. as a matter of fact it took 5months before it dried and I even still have 60% product left so, not bad right? anyway, before this turns out to be Wet n Wild cream liner review. Let me get on to the actual review which is the Fanny Serrano Long Wearing Gel Liner and Eyeliner Brush ^_^


  • super black
  • little goes a long way
  • available locally and is a local brand
  • nice packaging
  • affordable. gel liner  (Php225) brush (Php119)



  • Gel liner smudges just a little
  • a lot of product get’s picked up so there’s always excess
  • the brush is a little too harsh for my liking.
  • also, if you look closely, you’ll see there are few strands sticking out already.

overall I like the gel liner but I am not totally in love with it. The consistency is more of a mousse than a gel that’s why you have to dab on super lightly on the product else, you may want to have to dab the excess product on a tissue or something before applying it. That’s why sometimes I end up with dramatic eyeliner when I use this. But if I have to choose between this or my Maybelline one, I would definitely go with  Maybelline.

Now for the eyeliner brush. I wonder why this has been favorited by a lot of Filipina beauty gurus the bristles are freaking stiff. It hurts the corners of my eyes. Maybe it’s just the way I apply my liner…because when I get to the inner corners I would flip the brush making the pointed part touching the lash line then I drag it to the opposit direction than you would normally go with your angled eyeliner brush. BUT STILL, it shouldn’t be that bad. so yeah, the gel liner I MAY repurchase but the brush definitely not.

btw. FANNY SERRANO is a famous celebrity makeup artist here in the Philippines….juiceme, batang bata pa lang ako naririnig ko na ang Fanny Serrano na yan…LIPS candy pa lang minemakeup ko nun HAHA….and here he is…..




6 Responses to “Review: Fanny Serrano Gel Liner and Eyeliner Brush”

  1. WithLoveShmon March 29, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Can I get this in Canada? do you know?

    Another great affordable gel liner is the Maybelline Eye Studio lasting Drama!
    I’m in love with it – it also comes with a liner brush but its smaller than the fanny serano!
    Try it 🙂

    • Sharon March 30, 2012 at 6:37 am #

      Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog :). This brush is stiff but it doesn’t really bother me. It doesn’t hurt either because I use it with very light hand and it works for me 🙂

    • beautyanon April 1, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

      most probably not,unfortunately.

      yes, I got that and I love it too ^_^

  2. Apol Marie Duque April 2, 2012 at 9:19 am #

    Great review! ♥ I am totally inlove with it, as well. Thanks for visiting my blog, dear!

    xx Apol :*

    • Kat May 25, 2012 at 7:57 am #

      thanks for this review! 🙂 I’m planning on trying this one out after I finish off my e.l.f gel liner kung hindi siya magdry ng sobra. try using a bent liner brush para mas madali yung application. try Suesh or Charm they carry that kind of brush. Pero kung gusto mo ng sosyal, yung Sonia Kashuk maganda din. 🙂

      • beautyanon May 26, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

        thanks for the recommendation sis 🙂 Update lang…the Gel Liner is starting to dry out now 😛

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