Review: TonyMoly Floria Youth Energy Sleeping Pack

16 Mar

So I showed in my recent haul post that I got the TonyMoly Floria Youth Energy Sleeping Pack. It’s my first ever sleeping pack actually and I love it ^_^


  • locally available
  • not too greasy and very light on the skin
  • doesn’t clog pores
  • brightens skin
  • has nice but not strong scent
  • nice packaging. Has english instruction and extra lid


  • the price. Php800+ though I got it on a discount price of Php500+

consistency is like a really rich melted chocolate ^_^

I was a bit skeptical at first because it says in the box that it is an “Anti Wrinkle and Whitening Functional Product” and I had bad experiences with whitening products so I stay away. Plus I really don’t want my face to be any lighter than it is now but this seems to not whiten but brightens up my face. I always have that “blooming look” when I wake up so this is not really bad for my first sleeping pack experience and this just made me decide to include this in my regimen.

short and sweet,



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