Review: Rimmel Cool Touch Shadow

2 Mar

What they are, are liquid eyeshadows that I got for a while now. It’s not a very popular product. I haven’t seen or read a single review on them and I don’t see beauty gurus using them for tutorials.


  • lot’s of shades to choose from. I got 083 On Ice and 012 Icicle
  • really handy packaging
  • uber cheap. It’s Php75 each on ebay
  • excellent color give out

lighter one is 083 On Ice and dark one is 012 Icicle............obviously :P


  • not available locally
  • and since it’s not available locally I’m not sure if this product has been discontinued or not but you’ll still find it on ebay for sure
  • not blendable
  • the fomulation changes after not using it for a while but changes back once you give it a good..and I mean GOOD shake. weird though cause it only happens on 012 Icicle


Overall, I can’t say anything bad about this since their so cheap. It’s not blendable so this is good for quick single color eyemakeup looks. You can not use this as base either but I love using 083 On Ice for over all shimmer. Will I repurchase this??umm, probably not but again it’s not because I hate the product, I just don’t feel the need to buy another one. That’s it.



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