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Review: Fanny Serrano Gel Liner and Eyeliner Brush

29 Mar

First of all I’m glad to be back using gel liner. I’ve been using the Wet n Wild cream liner since I got it last October. I’m not saying here that the Wet n’ Wild is a bad product. it’s  just that I’ve used it for so long. as a matter of fact it took 5months before it dried and I even still have 60% product left so, not bad right? anyway, before this turns out to be Wet n Wild cream liner review. Let me get on to the actual review which is the Fanny Serrano Long Wearing Gel Liner and Eyeliner Brush ^_^


  • super black
  • little goes a long way
  • available locally and is a local brand
  • nice packaging
  • affordable. gel liner  (Php225) brush (Php119)



  • Gel liner smudges just a little
  • a lot of product get’s picked up so there’s always excess
  • the brush is a little too harsh for my liking.
  • also, if you look closely, you’ll see there are few strands sticking out already.

overall I like the gel liner but I am not totally in love with it. The consistency is more of a mousse than a gel that’s why you have to dab on super lightly on the product else, you may want to have to dab the excess product on a tissue or something before applying it. That’s why sometimes I end up with dramatic eyeliner when I use this. But if I have to choose between this or my Maybelline one, I would definitely go with  Maybelline.

Now for the eyeliner brush. I wonder why this has been favorited by a lot of Filipina beauty gurus the bristles are freaking stiff. It hurts the corners of my eyes. Maybe it’s just the way I apply my liner…because when I get to the inner corners I would flip the brush making the pointed part touching the lash line then I drag it to the opposit direction than you would normally go with your angled eyeliner brush. BUT STILL, it shouldn’t be that bad. so yeah, the gel liner I MAY repurchase but the brush definitely not.

btw. FANNY SERRANO is a famous celebrity makeup artist here in the Philippines….juiceme, batang bata pa lang ako naririnig ko na ang Fanny Serrano na yan…LIPS candy pa lang minemakeup ko nun HAHA….and here he is…..



Review:Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream

27 Mar

This has been advertized by various beauty bloggers here in the Phils this past few weeks and I say it works because 1st time I tried buying this at SM Makati it was out of stock @.@. Luckily, I got this at SM MOA few days after 🙂 This was supposedly a gift for my cousin but since she’s in the states and the person who was supposed to bring this to her and I was not able to meet I just decided to keep this one for now for myself ^_^


  • Really lite in the skin
  • Does not oxidize
  • Keeps my skin hydrated but not oily
  • available locally. At all Neutrogena counters in all Watson stores. And lastly….
  • Uber nice packaging. Looks very highend

even the box looks nice and expensive

pump is always nice and hygenic


  • Very minimum coverage
  • Only 1 shade available and if I use a whole pump it would be too light for me. But that’s ok since the product is really sheer and I use only a little of it, the lightness of the shade is not a problem.
  • No harsh smell. It has a hint of chamomile scent, I think, but not too much
  • A little expensive for a 30ml product (Php725)
  • NO SPF

pea size of it should be ok

light swatch

Overall. It’s an OK product. Does it deserve the hype? Probably not. I personally like my BB creams with better coverage and with SPF since I use BB cream almost everyday. Will I repurchase? No.

off to work,


Review: Hanskin Classic a+1 Lotion

23 Mar

Hanskin Natural Science Classic a+1 Lotion

Hanskin’s a+1 Lotion utilizes extract from the willow bark to effectively regulate sebum production without creating unwanted stickiness and shine as well as extracts from Yeon (whatever that is…) a+1 Complex and Tea Tree Oil to smooth and protect dry and sinsitive skin by adding essential moisture. That’s the incription at the front that’s too small to take pic and post…can I get some love fro typing all those wordyshiz???HAHA!! anyway, in a nutshell, it’s a lotion/moisturizer for troubled skin :p


  • Natural ingredients
  • affordable. I think it’s around Php400
  • i like the simple and clean packaging
  • no harsh smell


  • Not available locally

the product is really runny....

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this product 😦 I turned out allergic to it in all it’s “natural-ness”. I’ve tried this a lot of times using other products with it (because I was thinking, maybe it will turn out better if combined with the right product) but fail. I always end up with red blotchy and itchy skin after I use it. But it disappears after a few minutes that’s also the reason why I was able to use it a couple of times. But why go thru such when there’s soooo many moisturizers out there for me to try right?? So yeah, I hate this product and will not repurchase.

before I sleep…let me leave you an image of my irritated skin c/o Hanskin a+1 Lotion 😛

– Rhen


Battle: BB Creams (Missha x Skin79 x Liole)

17 Mar

Here’s the 2nd episode of my “Battle” post. If you’re like “WTF?”, you may want to check my first one here.  Today, I decided to do 3 of the most popular BB Cream brands today. They are:

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm and

Liole Beyond the Solution

1 = highest

**OK, I am sorry for having my own MSOffice. Did this “chart” in Google Docs which I cannot copy paste here so I just used snipping tool T_T

So which one’s my fave?? I would very much like to answer the MISSHA one since it’s my very first BB Cream and probably one of my first makeups — Getting emotional over makeups, eh??? watta loser 😛 — But I got to give it to SKIN79 (*imaginary applause from the SKIN79 manafacturers, staff, owners — another loser moment for me, noh? :P) although the coverage is not that much, infact it’s quite sheer actually. The lightness is perfect for everyday use. I use concealer anyway so it’s fine. LIOLE has the best coverage but the shade is, again, too light for me so I have to use very very little of it, hence it’s coverage is not that utilized for me but the big turn off is that IT HAS NO SPF! Now I have to include sunscreen in my morning routine (yes, I didn’t before.i did mention in one of my blogs that I rarely get in to the sun). MISSHA has the best sun protection..a whopping SPF42 PA+++, but that one oxidizes so bad I end up always muddy after like 4hrs. I love it’s smell though:) smells like baby powder but I know most girls prefer scentless products so that would be another win for SKIN79. I did a more detailed review of SKIN79 here. Let me know if you want me to review MISSHA and LIOLE. Meanwhile, heres some swatches.

Missha - Skin79 - Lioele

Missha - Skin79 - Lioele

oh, btw. If you look out the Skin79(middle) It’s kinda rouined now. It suddenly became very oily I don’t know why. That’s also the reason I am using Liole now. Would you know why it’s like that??

killer headache @.@


Review: TonyMoly Floria Youth Energy Sleeping Pack

16 Mar

So I showed in my recent haul post that I got the TonyMoly Floria Youth Energy Sleeping Pack. It’s my first ever sleeping pack actually and I love it ^_^


  • locally available
  • not too greasy and very light on the skin
  • doesn’t clog pores
  • brightens skin
  • has nice but not strong scent
  • nice packaging. Has english instruction and extra lid


  • the price. Php800+ though I got it on a discount price of Php500+

consistency is like a really rich melted chocolate ^_^

I was a bit skeptical at first because it says in the box that it is an “Anti Wrinkle and Whitening Functional Product” and I had bad experiences with whitening products so I stay away. Plus I really don’t want my face to be any lighter than it is now but this seems to not whiten but brightens up my face. I always have that “blooming look” when I wake up so this is not really bad for my first sleeping pack experience and this just made me decide to include this in my regimen.

short and sweet,


Review: The Body Shop Seaweed (toner & cream)

10 Mar

I recently got the Seaweed Clarifying Toner and Mattifying Day Cream from The Body Shop and I got to say, I’ve never been so excited to review something in a long time but I promise I’ll do my best to keep it simple and short cause I know you like that…~.^


  • gentle on skin
  • both does job (tone and mattify) really well
  • available almost everywhere (as long as there’s a TBS of course.)
  • smells cucumber…only better..really refreshing scent
  • packaging’s OK. Just like any other TBS products. The extra cover after the lid is always a plus ^_^


  • umm, I guess that wld be the packaging also. I know most people have issues with jars. How it’s unhygenic dipping your fingers on the product blah blah…..just make sure you have clean hands, you shld be OK. I a little “germ” wld harm you…the air you breathe and probably your pillows and sheets are “germ-ier”…

Overall, if it isn’t still obvious.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2. I love the mildness of the toner, no sting at all, but still removes left over makeup on my face. The cream…which is more like a gel… is not at all heavy and does mattify face AND moisturize it as well..AWESOME! It’s THE perfect day cream for me. It’s like a moisturizer and primer in one^_^. I was thinking of putting the price (Php695-Toner and Php500+??-Cream) in the “Cons” but decided not to because it’s soooo worth it. Really highly recommended.


Review: Fairy Drops Mascara

9 Mar


  •  Doesn’t smudge…absolutely
  • none clumping
  • waterproof but easy to remove
  • affordable for $12.6
  • does an ok job in holding curls
  • uber cute and stylish packaging


  • not available locally. Got this from SASA
  • does not volumize or lengthen dramatically..if you’re a fan of that

First thing I noticed with this was the formulation. It’s really liquidy unlike most mascaras. I don’t feel any significant effect with the applicator. If you look closely on the pic above, you’ll notice fiber-like stuff sticking out everywhere. At first I was like “WTF! stupid bristles are shedding @.@!! but upon inspection it’s not so don’t freak out like I did, ok?! 🙂 Overall, I am loving this mascara ^_^. It’s by far the only waterproof mascara that I would not mind wearing everyday. I will repurchase but given it’s not available locally…I’ll probably NOT…soon at least…

Hope this was helpful,


Muji Acrylic Drawer dupe?!?!?

4 Mar

I watch a lot of “makeup collections”, “makeup organization” videos on youtube. I like seeing how girls organize their makeups and I got to admit, those type of videos made me get into these whole “makeup trying” thing. I have a small “collection” (err..I don’t know if mine qualify as “collection” since I don’t really “collect”) and organizing them AND seeing them organized has been one of my favorite stress reliever. If you are a guy or just someone NOT vain DON’T even try to understand…just leave me be, key???

One thing I see a lot in these videos are the MUJI drawers such as this:

Those girls who have this would always talk how they have SAVED so much because it’s a dupe of another acrylic drawers that was popularized by the infamous Kardashian sisters (which I’m NOT and will never be a fan of in offense meant if you are).

But here in the Phils this MUJI drawers cost around Php1200 and that is still too much for makeup storage…at least for cheap people like me HAHA!.

But this weekend I found THIS!

This my friend cost me………..NOTHING as in 0.What is it??




wait for it….





2 empty Ferrero container stacked together hehe ^_^ OK so you may not really spend “0” since a box of this would cost around Php1000 but HEY, you like get, what..48pcs of yummy chocolates plus both of these were gifted to me so I really did spend 0 on this.

Since this container is not meant to be stacked on each other they kinda get detached easily so arranging the items in the bottom container can be a challenge. For me, I just put stuff that I don’t reach for all the time like samples, backups and travel stuff.

Not as pretty as the MUJI one, pero puede di ba??? ~.^

Hope you liked it,


Review: Careline Glitter Liners

3 Mar

I got the colors Silver, Gold and Clear


  • locally available and IS a local brand
  • uber cheap. Php105 each
  • fine applicator makes it easy to use


  • stings the eye if you get it too close to your waterline

swatched on my leg 😛

Overall, I love these liners specially the Clear one. I love using that for everyday look. I remember an officemate asked me “Why are you crying?”. So its (the Clear one) is really perfect for that teary eyed look that Asian girls like to wear. “But why would you like to look like you’re crying??” you may ask. My answer is…”Beats me! basta it looks pretty!”



Review: Rimmel Cool Touch Shadow

2 Mar

What they are, are liquid eyeshadows that I got for a while now. It’s not a very popular product. I haven’t seen or read a single review on them and I don’t see beauty gurus using them for tutorials.


  • lot’s of shades to choose from. I got 083 On Ice and 012 Icicle
  • really handy packaging
  • uber cheap. It’s Php75 each on ebay
  • excellent color give out

lighter one is 083 On Ice and dark one is 012 Icicle............obviously :P


  • not available locally
  • and since it’s not available locally I’m not sure if this product has been discontinued or not but you’ll still find it on ebay for sure
  • not blendable
  • the fomulation changes after not using it for a while but changes back once you give it a good..and I mean GOOD shake. weird though cause it only happens on 012 Icicle


Overall, I can’t say anything bad about this since their so cheap. It’s not blendable so this is good for quick single color eyemakeup looks. You can not use this as base either but I love using 083 On Ice for over all shimmer. Will I repurchase this??umm, probably not but again it’s not because I hate the product, I just don’t feel the need to buy another one. That’s it.