PhilPost/EMS…’Express’ my @$$

4 Feb

So in my previous post I did say that it took me a month before I was able to pick up my package..ok, to be fair, let’s remove a week since I had an AWESOME vacay at cebu with my HS friends WOOT! WOOT!

forgot to watermark this pic but this is mine so don't be just taking it, OK?? 🙂


AND.. a rediculous work load…anyway point is, their service SUCKS! Lemme tell you why…

First, they didn’t send notice. And I’m not an isolated case…when I finally picked up my package, I met people (not ‘person’) who did not receive notice as well

Second, and for me this is the root of all the shittyness in their system or the lack there of, NO AUTOMATED SYSTEM. and I will focus on this aspect in the hopes that my little voice will be heard..

when I got there they have to trace my tracking number from their stack upon stack of parcels. I bet they don’t even have a storage system. And since it was done MANually…yeah, a man literally went through box upon box…. And when they finally found it…they didn’t send it to customs right away because they have to fill out the cart with other parcels to save effort of MANually transporting it to customs..which is like 15meters if you have a guy pushing a cart loaded with boxes..that’s pretty far. So it took almost an hour to locate my package.

Customs finally. Since they line the box just’s your luck if your box was lined at the farthest eventhough you were there first. So when your box is up they call your name (there’s a waiting area outside..and outside means no AC). Your parcel will be opened up infront of you for inspection conducted by a Custom officer which can be an old lady or an elderly man…. (OK. I commend Customs for giving chance to our elderly to work, but man, their slow 😦 ). And then the computing begins………..

Computing but no Computer, FML. So they bring out a calculator, a piece of paper then compute.– Ok even before I came to pickup my package, I’m aware that there will be charges (tax and whatever) so I’ve made a mental note that “Php500+” that’s it! Higher than that, they can have my package.– when the nice lady handed me my “computation” surprise, surprise, its f@#$%^g Php1080. (forgot to mention that my parcel only cost HKD59, thats Php2k+). I only know that they based the taxes on the declared amount of the sender and the type of item (accdg to the officer, cosmetics is 7% of the amount which I have no way to verify since there’s just no way these percentage of whatever is posted…not even on their website). Then theres the Php500+ of postal and handling fee. Because of all the hours I’ve wasted waiting and the effort. I just paid it anyways :(…..then there’s a Php45 for “releasing” shheeez…

Once again. Good job Phil Gov’t. I know it’s embarrassing to post this since people from other countries might read this but I just have to let it out 😦 I mean, really?? this is just were my hard earned money for tax is going?? PhilPost is not a tiny organization that our gov’t shouldn’t take notice. If today’s administration is serious on setting a good image to our PhilPost a new face would be a perfect opportunity to do so.

– Rhen

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