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My Foundation Routine

8 Jan

Just sharing how I do my face (full) make up and products I’ve been using lately

yes, this many 😛


1. After my skincare routine I prime my face using Skinfood’s Black Egg Pore Primer to lock in the skin care products and also serve as a barrier between my skin and make up.

2. Conceal red pimples and pimple marks with the green concealer from Elf Studio‘s concealer palette using the concealer end of my Suesh back to back brush and Missha for my undereye (and some blemishes too ^_^), using the foundarion end of the brush to spread it out.

3. Dab on foundation using stippling brush from Elf. I love using Revlon Color Stay for full coverage. I’m in shade ‘Sand Beige’.

4. To rid off brush streaks, I spritz my Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finish on a sponge then dab it on all over my face. This is a matte type skin finish so it helps keep my makeup long lasting. It also gives an airbrushed effect ^_^

5. Finally, I set my makeup by swiping my stippling brush with a foundation twice then lightly swipe it on the T-zone first then use what’s left for the rest of my face. I’m currently loving Maybelline’s Angelfit foundation. I’m in shade ‘Light Ocre’.


6. This one’s optional but for ‘extra glow’ I apply Benefit High Beam on the bridge of my nose, the ‘C’ shape around my eyes and temple and a tiny bit on my cupid’s bow and the area below my lips.

That’s it!

What’s your foundation routine???


Review: Sophie Paris – Buglosse Bag

7 Jan

I don’t know in other countries but here in the Philippines, direct selling business is so popular that it wld not be a surprise if I get home with 3 or 4 catalogs waiting for me 🙂 And the latest among these wld be Sophie Paris or Sophie Martin Paris.

image from Sophie Paris website

Unlike the other popular direct sellers which is more on cosmetics or under garments, SP focuses on bags..

old catalog

Really. There are like hundreds of designs per catalog and the one that got my interest was this one…

After a couple of days after I placed my order here it is!…



  • Big and spacious. I carry a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis that’s why size was my first consideration

  • lots of pockets for better organization
  • hadle is sturdy

  • has extra long strap.

  • Affordable. Php1350. I even bought mine for 2 gives (I already have the bag even though I haven’t paid the other half of the price yet :P). The seller wld’ve given me 10% off if I paid straight.


  • Wld’ve been great if they’ve used a better quality zipper for the main opening of the bag

  • I don’t like the inner lining. The black color wld make it tougher for me to search my things and the type of the material used wld probably break on me after a couple of months use (based on experience :P)
  • The inner pockets are too small and it wld be nice to have a secret pocket at the back ^_^
  • This pocket is poorly made..keeps on opening. Wld definitely put my pepper spray there 😛

Overall, I like my new bag ^_^. I think its fairly cheap for it’s quality. I had doubts at first with the denim pockets on leather but it’s actually not bad. I saw someone from the office with a SP bag of different design and it really looks good and expensive so if this bag wld eventually give up on me. I might buy again from Sophie Paris 😀

Have you bought anything from Sophie Paris yet??


Christmas Gifts

6 Jan

It’s funny the first time I did not do Christmas shopping (all thanks to my crazy work schedule *rolls eye) will be the time I recieved lot’s of neat presents which I like to share with everybody. No bragging intended of course but I’m OK if you think otherwise…ah, the advantage of anonymous blogging HAHA! ok here I go 🙂

pouch from my landlady

fake nails –which I’ll never use prolly and Wet n Wild Lipstick in 502A from bf’s sister in law

cute post its from a cute co-worker ^_^

Hello Kitty comb from a friend from church

Mariah Carrey’s Lollipop Bling Perfume from my God Mother. OK, I don’t like this perfume from the name to the scent but this wld be great for my budding perfume collection ^_^

a book of prose titled “A Sister Always… A Friend Forever” by an author named Marci from my lovely sister. I was able to go thru it days ago and it’s just lovely…even the cover is lovely. And also a palette from Stila called Stunning in Sayulita which i looove. This is my first highend palette so thanks so much to my wonderful Ate ^_^ will do a separate review on this soon.

sleep wear from my favorite aunt. I love getting new one every year and I like it even more that it always come from her ^_^

and finally my favorite of all my Christmas present is again, the one from my beautiful bf…

its a 5g ipod touch 8gb in white. Thanks babe for always spoiling me with gifts ^_^

oh, I also got a 1hr body massage coupon for Wensha spa from my Papa. Sorry I can’t find it :-<

But I trully hope aside from the presents and festivities we remembered the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The greatest present I’ve received ever! and also to all mankind. Hope you have recieved Him too ^_^

so what did you get this Christmas??? =^.^=