Review: Sephora Buildable Cover Kit (Tan)

17 Dec

I had this for almost a year now and I’m about to hit pan so I decided it’s just about time I ‘feature’ this product in my blog ^_^

Kit Includes:

  • Mineral Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Primer
  • Concealer Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Double Sided Sponge

I’ll do my review collectively because it wld take a very long post to review each obviously. Just shoot me a comment if you have questions.

ok, i see that "about to hit the pan" earlier is an understatement -.-



  • Smooth coverage
  • I LUUURVVE the concealer. It’s my favorite EVURRRR!! love the matte-but-not-cakey finish. Excellent coverage ❤
  • If you’re from the US the price is definitely a pro because you are apparently getting $78 worth of products for $34…and that was a year ago. Now, its $22 $.$

  • I am also loving the primer ^_^ REALLY smooth and silky application but NOT AT ALL oily. Really mattifies my face and preps my face for smoother foundation application. It’s just travel size though (0.27 oz), but that just makes it perfect if you need a primer on the go ^_^




  • Not available locally
  • The foundation is a tad bit darker for my liking (I’m a morena but on the lighter side, kinda like Toni Gonzaga back in the days)
  • man, she's so white now. boo! hate bein kayumanggi, girl?? not cool

  • The brush are too small but that makes it OK for travel. Haven’t used mine though so I really can’t tell how they work, sorry

abt the sponge: you are supposed to use the light side for light coverage and dark one for fuller coverage

Overall, it’s a very good product. Just how you wld expect a high end product should be. However, I don’t see myself repurchasing this because aside from the fact that it’s not available here in the Phils, there was a time that I THINK I broke out from this…not sure though. But I’m quite curious how the “Light” color would look on me ^_^

Disclaimer Time:

  • Not sponsored by Sephora. You could learn more about this product and Sephora here
  • Toni’s pic from Google and “Sephora Collection” image from
  • I heart Toni. she’s talented and I wld die to have legs like hers 😛

– Rhen


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